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Brave Ants

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COMPLETE BOOK TOTALLY FREE Interesting and entertaining story of brave ants that shows the teamwork and what they do to get rid of their aggressor, share some pleasurable moment with your children reading this epic story and enjoying the excellent illustrations that accompany it.

Text of Brave Ants

  • The bright morning started one more day for the working ants, many were walking around the forest collecting food.

  • Their anthill was a big mountain of sand near the river, with many roads that formed a large maze in within, this beautiful place was a home for our little friends.

  • All of them were cheerful and very happy, each of them had a function assigned within the group and they were taking

    care of doing it with great care and precision.In their way to the anthill, they were forming

    long lines through the forest doing a great march to their home.

  • Their march had an enormous sound: Chuucu chucu chucu chucu chucu and this sound was heard by all the beings in the forest.Chuucu chucu chucu chucu chucu was still being heard in many places; little by little this sound became stronger, until it was not like the one of the ants - warning the other animals in the forest that something was happening.

  • A terrifying noise that caused chills in the surroundings had turned the rhythmic "Chuucu chucu chucu chucu chucu" of the ants in a strong "fuufff truffsss, raarttghh ragrrghh" emitted by a large creature that was scratching the walls of their anthill.This large creature was feared anteater that unexpectedly destroyed the house of all those ants with its sharp claws and its large tongue.

  • Within the anthill the confusion was incredible; the small ants ran between

    the narrow paths of the colony to escape from the enormous tongue of

    the anteater.The overwhelming panorama for all the

    ants was not leaving hope in the horizon, a few of them had stayed for

    the defense of the colony and many others had fled.

  • Sel, the head of the working ants, worked hard to close the walls of the colony where

    its aggressor was trying to enter.

  • He carried large rocks at the maximum possible speed without stopping, just to tell his friend

    Ved to run and hide from the scope of the rough tongue of his enemy, while he was trying

    to hold the assault of the beast and give him time to get out.

  • Effy, the strongest of the colony, fought alongside their fellow warriors, his courage was as great as its strength and he endeavored the utmost to expel the threat of his anthill.

  • The Queen of ants ordered the Princess Oriana to carry all the babies of the anthill to the safest and more distant possible place; she, along with other ants who accompanied her carried all the small hatchlings of the colony to a safe place.

  • Run, run, ruuuuuuuuun - shouted the thin Erek, while waving his small arms as a sign of progress. Erek, the fastest of the colony, guided the escape of the ants through the safest route of the anthill.

  • While Erek was escaping of the anthill with his partners, few warriors who were still remaining were without forces for the battle, there were no longer traces of the princess and Sel was defeated in his task.

  • The walls of the anthill began to fall by the scratches of the evil anteater. In the meantime, its large tongue took all what was in its way.

  • It faaaaaaalls Was shouting Sel when going out from the anthill, while the walls of his home were collapsing on his step and a big cloud of dust raised up around the colony and the anteater.

  • After the cloud of dust disappeared, the celebration and happiness of the ants was immense since they had escaped from the threat.

  • The anteater ran away from the anthill to avoid being swamped by the cloud of dust released by the collapse of the colony.

  • Among the rubble of the anthill Effy lifted a bit injured and faltering, the other ants began to lift the remains of the home and help others who were hurt, by that time the sun was just starting to set and the night would cover what remained of the anthill.

  • Erek, along with the other survivors of the colony were following the orders of the Queen and picked up what remained of the

    colony while searching for the missing ants.

  • Sel looked among the ants that were coming from the refuge and among the rubble for his friend Ved but he didnt appear anywhere, he

    got lost along with the others and the only hope left was that he was along with the


  • The princess had fulfilled her mission on guiding all the small hatchlings of the colony to a hidden

    and far enough place to stay safe.An old trunk lying on a huge rock at the top of

    the hill seemed like the perfect place to hide themselves from the threat and

    build a new colony.

  • At the end of the afternoon, Sel arrived along with the latest ants that came from their destroyed anthill. He looked again among all the ants for his friend, but he had disappeared and assuming the worst he became sad.The sadness of Sel contagion to the other ants and called the attention of the Princess Oriana who attempted to encourage him, Erek and Effy joined her who also helped him to feel better.The help of his friends was calming Sel little by little and the other members of the colony

  • The March of the ants started to be heard in the forest and its surroundings; all the ants were gathering materials and food for their home, but this time with more strength and enthusiasm.A narrow road in the middle of the immense rock was the only entrance to the hill, the anthill had been built in the highest part of the old trunk to be protected against any threat so nothing could damage it.

  • Effy, Erek, Sel and the Princess planned a strategy to be prepared in the future...Many nights and days passed so that the colony was built totally, lucky for all the inhabitants of the colony the threat didnt return and they were able to complete the colony.

  • The moon and the sun illuminated many times more the colony which continued growing and the happiness returned to take part in the lives of the working ants.

  • As daily afternoon disappeared with the arrival of the moon and the cold of the night, while the darkness gave advantage to an immense shadow that was trying to climb the giant rock.In the narrow road toward the anthill a terrifying sound became to hear again; much time had passed since the last time it was heard something like that, but still was remembered the tragedy.

  • As well as in the past, the fear was present and gave rise to chaos within the colony, but this time was different, there was not only fear but also courage in the small bodies of the members of the colony.The strategy had been planned long time ago and everyone knew its work and knew that the time had come to make it out.

  • The darkness disappeared with the flash of the small torches of the ants and left to see the large anteater who was trying to climb up to their anthill.

    Effy was the first to strike from the entries in the colony, many spears fell on the anteater who was slipping attempting to climb the steep rock, leaving its scratches

    marked on the stone.

  • At the top of the colony there were built hundreds of small lumps constructed with small stones. Erek ran along the anthill pulling levers made with branches of wood to release the lumps so the rocks will roll down to the anteater.Sel led the group of working ants responsible to close all of the entries of the anthill, making possible that nothing could come in and devour them.

  • There were several attempts on climbing the great rock and reach the anthill, but all of them were stopped by the spears and stones falling to the anteater.The small branches that carried the Princess along with the other members of the colony to be used by the warriors were running out, Erek and his fellows were slowly running out of strength to continue releasing the lumbs of stones.

  • But his opponent was still trying to climb up to the anthill. Once again, the hope was running out in the hearts of the ants and the end seemed to be close, as close as the anteater that was climbing up with more strength and its claws appeared to be sharper.

  • The last illusions of victory were in Erek, who was trying to climb the steep rock to activate the levers that were left and stop the advance of the vast creature. But the little energy that he still retained was not enough and in front of the astonished eyes of the other ants fell down rolling around the large stone wall.

  • With the fall of Erek the lamps that had lighted the night were shutting down as well as the expectations of the small ants; there was nobody to climb up the vast wall of rocks, nothing to throw at the anteater to stop its advance and the walls of the anthill wouldnt last much.

  • Among the screaming and the running of the ants, mysteriously were dropped all the lumbs of stones remaining, all of them rolled

    with great speed breaking the claws of the creature that was attacking the anthill and making it fall from the great rock

  • The sound of the final fall was shocking, causing great commotion among the ants - these peeped out their heads through the holes of the broken walls to see the failed attempts to stand up of the tired and defeated anteater.

  • Undeniable victory for the little ants, the anteater could not get up moreA huge celebration was held between all the ants, who danced happily

  • and the colony was liberated from the threat of attack. the rest of the night.

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    Title the Book: Brave AntsISBN: 978-0-9853592-2-5

    Alejandro Montes

    Miguel Rivera

    Walter Chamorro


    Drawing & Illustration


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