Branded Journalism: Becoming a Multimedia News Network

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Branded Journalism: Becoming a Multimedia News Network. Slide 2 Karl Oestreich, Manager Media Relations, Mayo Clinic News Network Slide 3 Ron Petrovich, Manager Center for Social Media, Mayo Clinic News Network Slide 4 What is Mayo Clinic News Network? A Go To Source for TV, radio, newspaper and blog journalists to download health, science and research information. Here is a link to a video to a video description Slide 5 Why did we launch? Slide 6 Slide 7 Opportunities Media Technology Public Slide 8 How Do We Operate? We function like a news dept. & built a newsroom Beats Clinical Media Outlets Slide 9 Daily Leads Meeting- What will we do today? Slide 10 Pipeline Maximizes PA Content Funnel raw content into the pipeline Building a Multimedia Content Pipeline Ingest customizable multimedia content Shape & deliver content based on audience 1 3 2 Slide 11 Content Delivery Platforms Slide 12 Content Delivery Tools Slide 13 Slide 14 #fluchat: Chat with HealthDay where we reached 1.6 million people #abcDrBchat: Chat with ABC News Dr. Richard Besser where we reached 6.5 million people Slide 15 Built on same platform as Same Platform Slide 16 Customized and enhanced to fit our needs SMHN and NN have some functionality Wordpress is the base Slide 17 WordPress: What is it ? Free open source content management system (CMS) Used to create millions of websites/blogs Slide 18 Why we use WordPress Familiar Interface (just like Microsoft word) Slide 19 How it works for the media Slide 20 How it works for the public Same Story Just no embargo or download option Slide 21 Slide 22 Slide 23 This videoThis video will show you what we do every day. A Day in the Life of the News Network Slide 24 Keys to Our Success: Keep it Simple Implement in increments Point out the wins Set clear expectations and provide training Today: Hundreds of Members Technically Stable Main platform of distribution Members Its clean Its easy Its news Slide 25 Examples of Our Success Real News, Proactive, Reactive, Evergreen Several posts a day Work ahead: Flu Season Alert in July Embargoed material every day Developed processes Slide 26 10 Challenges 1.Cultural change/clashes between teams 2.Lack of buy-in, credibility from our teams, others 3.Technical instability 4.Staffing constantly repositioning 5.Working differently Slide 27 10 Challenges Continued 6.Goals and process did not align(evolving) 7.Weak planning (improving, remains a priority) 8.Communication breakdowns 9.Pace increased as outreach expanded 10.Sharing the vision-needed to show multiple platforms Slide 28 10 Tips To Building a Brand Journalism Newsroom 1.Understand what the media and public need. Base plan on reliable multimedia content. 2.Jump In: Even if it is ugly at first, be open to change and adapt. 3.Constantly sell it, internally at first, then externally. 4.Accept that there will be a lot of failures. 5.Build foundation of process and communication. Slide 29 10 Tips To Building a Brand Journalism Newsroom Continued 6.Try to keep it simple (people dont read). 7.Take every opportunity to explain the latest plan. 8.Include as many people as possible (everyone has contributed). 9.Prepare to tell your story on as many platforms as possible. 10.Commit to grinding through it. Slide 30 Questions?