Boy Scout Badge Descriptions - Heinz History Scout Badge Descriptions ... American Heritage Badge: Find out more about the heritage of your family, ... Merit Badge counselor

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  • Boy Scout Badge Descriptions All Cub Scout, Webelos Scouts, and Boy Scout Belt Loops, Pins, and Badges can be worked on individually or in a group. Badges marked with an asterisk (*) have prerequisites that must be completed before Scouts come to the History Center.

    Cub Scouts

    Collecting Belt Loop or Pin: What do you collect? How do you display it? Learn more about the care of collections and explore the History Centers collections. Activities include learning about coin collecting and stamp collecting and learning how to organize your collection.

    Communicating Belt Loop or Pin: What are different ways you communicate? Explore exhibits and find out how communication has changed through time. Activities include writing your own story and learning words in sign language.

    Geography Belt Loop or Pin: How does geography affect us every day? Activities include making a map, tracing the route of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery, and making a travel poster for a country that you would like to visit.

    Heritages Belt Loop: What is your family history? What is your citys history? Find out more about immigration and the history of the city. Activities include starting a family tree and designing your own poster showing where your family lived before it came to the United States.

    Webelos Scouts

    Citizen Badge: How can you be a good citizen? Discover more about responsibility and helpfulness. Activities include learning how to properly fold the flag and exploring how Pittsburgh citizens have influenced the nation in the past and still do today.

    Communicator Badge: What are different ways you communicate? How has communication changed over time? Activities include starting your own Den newspaper and learning different communication codes.

    Boy Scouts

    American Cultures Badge: Learn more about the African Americans, Italian Americans, and Jewish Americans who have lived in Western Pennsylvania! Activities include creating a poster welcoming new immigrants to the city and learning about religious and social customs Western Pennsylvanians throughout the years.

    American Heritage Badge: Find out more about the heritage of your family, city, state, and country. Activities include learning about individuals and organizations that positively influenced Western Pennsylvania, learning about the history of the American flag, and exploring careers in American heritage.

    *American Labor: Explore the concerns of American laborers throughout history. Activities include discussing the effects of globalizations, learning about the history of labor unions in Pittsburgh, and making a timeline of key events in American labor history.

  • Prerequisite: Requirement 2 of the American Labor Badge requires Scouts to visit the office or attend a meeting of a local union, a central labor council, or an employee organization, or contact one of these organizations via the Internet. This must be completed before attending badge day at the History Center.

    Scouts should be prepared to discuss what the organization does, what issues are of greatest interest and concern to the organization and why, and diagram how the organization is structured, from the local to national level, if applicable.

    *Collection Badge: What do you collect? What do museums collect? Why do museums collect what they do? Find out more about preserving, exhibiting, and growing your collection. Activities include designing your own exhibit and analyzing museum artifacts.

    Prerequisite: The Collections Badge requires a pre-existing collection that is not composed of stamps or coins. Bring your collection or photographs of it to badge day.

    *Genealogy Badge: Explore your family history! Learn more about the types of sources used in exploring genealogy. Activities include making a family tree and discussing how technology has changed genealogical research.

    Prerequisite: Requirement 3 of the Genealogy Badge requires Scouts to interview a relative or family acquaintance in person, by telephone, or by email or letter. This should be completed before attending a badge day at the History Center. Bring your record of the information to share with the Merit Badge counselor. Scouts should also bring a genealogical document pertaining to an ancestor to the badge day to fulfil requirement 4b.


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