Bowen Island Undercurrent March 13 2015

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Bowen Island Undercurrent March 13 2015

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    FRIDAYMARCH 13, 2015

    VOL . 4 2 , NO . 0 9

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    Bowen givesStudents fundraise for homelessness,Islanders donate to womens shelter

    Howe Sound perspectiveOrcas, LNG and raising kids withconscience

    More on heart healthSimple first aid training can be a life-saver

    Close to 130 people packed Collins Hall on Monday for a meeting on the proposed Woodfibre LNG export facility nearSquamish. The evening was hosted by Concerned Citizens-Bowen.Ruth Simons, photo

    Council hears of benefits LNGdevelopment offers to Bowen Island


    In three weeks time, Bowen Islanders will experi-ence yet another increase in the cost of their ferrytrips this time, by 4.1 percent. Many coastalcommunities are organizing protests and strate-gies to show their dissatisfaction with the situation.Councillor Melanie Mason wants the TransportationAdvisory Committee (BIMTAC) to be offered somedirection in terms of engaging the community onthis issue, and measuring the impact of this nextround of fare increases. However, Councillor AlisonMorse delayed the discussion of this matter untilMarch 23 by being the only council member to voteagainst putting the item on Mondays council meet-ing agenda.Asked why she voted against tabling Councillor

    Masons resolution at Mondays meeting, Morse saidit was simply a matter of procedure.Council should be given 24 hours notice if some-

    thing is going to be on the agenda, and that is a pro-cedure I always follow, says Morse. There was noth-ing urgent about that resolution, it did not need to beaddressed immediately.However, councillor Maureen Nicholson, who

    helped draft the resolution, believed there was someurgency in the matter.Ferry fare increases are coming April 1. It is

    important that Bowen stand with other coastalcommunities on service cuts and ferry hikes, saysNicholson. I think that BIMTAC needs a higherprofile in the community and to be more active infulfilling terms of reference. The motion was aimedat those two things.For Mason, this delay exemplifies the need to

    change both BIMTACs structure and terms of refer-ence.

    Right now, BIMTAC is short one member butcouncil has been consistently delayed on voting find-ing someone to fill that space. Because of that, wehave not been able to hold a vote on who shouldbe the chair and co-chair of BIMTAC, says Mason.The Committee Chair has been away for the pastmonth, and the co-chair, seems to drag her heelson every issue making it nearly impossible for us toaddress issues in a time-ly manner.

    Councillor pushesfor TransportationCommittee reform


    On Monday afternoon, mayor and council heard from two del-egations who spoke in defense of the development of the LiquifiedNatural Gas (LNG) industry in British Columbia. In separate pre-sentations, Gordon Wilson, an advocate for LNG Buy BC andCaptain Stephen Brown, president of the BC Chamber of Shipping,offered up facts on the safety record of the LNG Industry, its highenvironmental standards and also, potential benefits Bowen Islandmay enjoy by the growth of this industry.In the first presentation, Wilson told council that his role as an

    advocate for LNG BC was initiated by the Premier to work with BCbusinesses to make sure they are properly informed and positionedto take advantage of emerging opportunities.In travelling the province and Ive travelled the province exten-

    sively now, speaking with most of the proponent companies andthe more than 800 companies that are directly engaged in thisindustry, the number one issue that comes up over and over again,is the fact that such a large portion of the population of BritishColumbia really doesnt know whats going on, said Wilson, addingthat by offering facts on the LNG industry, he hoped to effectivelydispel the myths around it.

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  • Members requested for Bowen Island Municipal Committees

    Committee PurposeAdvisory Design Panel Advisory Design Panel The provides Council with recommendations

    with respect to the design, environmental compatibility and finishingmaterials with respect to siting and landscaping of all plans in theVillage Revitalization Area, Village Periphery Development Area, orany other major development with significant community -wideimpacts as directed by Council.

    The Advisory PlanningCommission

    The Advisory Planning Commission advises Council on all mattersrespecting land use, community planning or proposed bylawsand permits.

    Board of Variance The Board of Variance authority is limited to provide minor varianceswith respect to buildings, structures and land use.

    Community GrantsAdvisory Committee

    The Community Grants Advisory Committee providesrecommendations to Council on Community Grants, Grants -in -Aidand Permissive Tax Exemptions that will enhance the quality of lifewhile delivering services economically to Bowen Island residents.

    Finance AdvisoryCommittee

    The Finance Advisory Committee is a select committee thatacts in an advisory capacity to Council, and acts as a source ofsupport and advice for Council and the CAO with respect to financerelated matters.

    Fire Hall Facilities SteeringCommittee

    The Fire Hall Facilities Steering Committee was created to providerecommendations and advice to Council on the development ofa new main Fire Hall/Emergency Operations Centre and provideoversight on the process in regards to the siting, cost andconceptual design.

    Infrastructure AdvisoryCommittee

    The Infrastructure Advisory Committee provides objective, non- political overview of Bowen Islands infrastructure needs andpriorities.

    King Edward Bay WaterSystem Local AdvisoryCommittee

    The Kind Edward Bay Water System Local Advisory Committee isa sub -committee of Council, it has advisory powers to Councilregarding water system issues, and also reviews the operating andcapital budget for the utility.

    Parks, Trails & GreenwaysAdvisory Committee

    The Parks, Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee provides adviceand recommendations to Council and/or municipal staff on planningfor parks, trails greenways and outdoor recreation opportunities.

    Tunstall Bay Water SystemLocal Advisory Committee

    The Tunstall Bay Water System Local Advisory Committee is asub -committee of Council, it has advisory powers to Councilregarding the water system issues, and also reviews the operatingand capital budget for the utility.

    Snug Cove Sewer LocalManagement Committee

    The Snug Cove Sewer Local Management Committee reviews theoperating and capital budgets for the utility.

    For more information on each committee and to view the Terms of Referenceplease visit the BIM website at the following link:

    Those interested are asked to fill out an application form:

    Please submit your completed application via email, fax or regular mail by Monday, March 16, 2015 at4:00 p.m. to:

    Hope Dallas, Committee ClerkBowen Island Municipality

    981 Artisan LaneBowen Island, BC V0N 1G2

    EMAIL: hdallas@bimbc.caPHONE: 604-947-4255FAX: 604-947-0193

    Bowen Island Municipal Council is requesting applications from members of the public interested inserving on the following Municipal Committees:

    For more information call 604-947-4255


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    Councillor Mason points to repeated incidents where she feels her efforts toaddress Bowens transportation issues have faced some unnecessary hurdles..In the council meeting on February 10, with Councillor Morse as acting Mayor,

    Mason says she used a Notice of Motion to ensure that transit issues made itonto the agenda. Mason says this was the right way to go because it resulted in aCouncil discussion and two important resolutions were unanimously passed. Thefirst asked council to meet with TransLink to discuss the possibility of extend-ing the service of the downtown Express Bus beyond the period of the Queen ofCapilanos midlife refit. The second requested that CAO Kathy Lalonde set up ameeting to discuss the Express Bus with operator Peter King. This meeting willoccur on March 17th and will hopefully be followed by a meeting with MLAJordan Sturdy.At our January meeting BIMTAC did not seem to be taking much leadership

    in exploring the possibility of extending the Express Bus service. They showedlittle interest in sending a request to council on the matter. I felt it was importantenough to do whatever I could to get council to address this in a timely mannerand before the window of opportunity closes.Also in the January 10 meeting, council unanimously passed a resolution ask-

    ing staff to work with BIMTAC on a survey to collect information from BowenIsland transit users.But even moving this forward has been slow. Ken Simpson and I wrote a draft

    of that survey. When the draft survey was included on the Jan 10th agenda tocouncil members, councillor Morse voiced her desire to make some amendments,and they have been slow to come through.Mason also points to comments made by Morse on CBC Radios call-in show

    BC Almanac several weeks ago, where the BIMTAC co-chair commented on apetition with more than 20,000 signatures asking for BC Ferries to