Both Success and Failure are Choices Choose wisely AND LET ... Because the “designer hand bag promotion

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Text of Both Success and Failure are Choices Choose wisely AND LET ... Because the “designer hand bag...

  • To the Awesome Bair’s Millionaires; HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s a brand new Mary Kay Year and NOW is the perfect time to re-evaluate

    your Mary Kay business and set your goals and dreams for the next 12 months.

    DREAM BIG!!! What is it that you would like to accomplish in your business this next year?!? YOU are the

    only thing that stands in the way of making all of your Mary Kay dreams come true. Mary Kay has given us

    an awesome product, fabulous training and support and a proven track to run on – now you just need to

    decide if you are ready and willing to RUN☺

    Here’s a thought on how to build a SUCCESSFUL Mary Kay business. There are two c’s in the word

    success, but to be successful in Mary Kay, we add another c . . .

    Commitment – promise to yourself to work your business; a pledge to do your best; obligation to yourself,

    your family, your unit, your company, to Mary Kay herself; dedication to do what you set out to do when you

    signed your agreement. Commitment is not quitting, not giving up – but going forward always to reach your

    dreams and goals.

    Consistency – a steadiness, evenness, regularity, stability, consistency in which you work and conduct your

    business. It means attending Success Meetings and functions to learn and grow. It means doing something

    for your business every day and therefore holding regular parties and facials and team-building appointments

    and offering your customers “Golden Rule” customer service. This will bring in the income and the results

    and personal rewards. Not start and stop.

    Communication – it is important for growth to have open communication with me, your Director. I am your

    business coach, mentor and partner. Convey any problems, questions as well as success with me. Know that

    I wants the best for you and can do my job best by being in touch with you. You will receive on-going

    education through communication with me.

    And as we kick-off this new Seminar Year I am looking for some W.I.L.D. (Women in Leadership

    Development) Women who want to play full out and make a difference in their lives and the lives of the

    women they will be privileged to work with this year!!! Are you a W.I.L.D. Woman….OR do you want to

    become a W.I.L.D. woman this year?!? Please let me know asap if you want to run with me to build the

    H.O.P.E. National Area by becoming charter members of the Leadership Team!

    Because the “designer hand bag promotion” is such a fun incentive to get potential team members to

    hear a little more about our phenomenal marketing plan you can continue to use this incentive to book

    interviews with prospective recruits! Just have your customers listen to the highlights of our business

    opportunity at 641-715-3900 access code 95528# (this is a pre-recorded call by Leigh Ann David) or watch

    Amy Kemp’s video at, call or text you with the password that they share at the end of

    the call or video and then be willing to give me her quick opinion over the phone (so even out of town

    consultants and customers can participate as well) to be officially entered. Check out these awesome new

    REVERSIBLE Coach Bags for this quarter

    Both Success and Failure are Choices – Choose wisely






    From 6/1/17 to 6/30/17

    Fay Ruppert $727.41

    Lisa Mathews $683.00

    Winnie Fox $622.00

    Danidza Cruz $602.55

    Kathy Herr $559.00

    Wendy Bricker $325.00

    Tabi Wendler $313.00

    Stephanie Szigethy $286.50

    Karen Huber $284.60

    Nancy Rudy $243.60

    Linda Loeffler $232.00

    Adrienne Jung $192.00

    Sharon Soto $183.00

    Lynne Kastor $175.00

    Tara Winters $169.00

    June Kohl $158.00

    Vinet Smith $108.00

    Teresa Thompson $104.80

    Peg Shober $94.00

    Jessica Tearney $82.00

    Laura Vlasak $67.60

    Christina Bender $66.00

    Bekah Leaman $52.00

    Rose Carlino $50.00

    Pampering Parties

    ($100 and greater)

    From 6/1/17 to 6/30/17

    Lisa Mathews $665.00

    Danidza Cruz $602.55

    Winnie Fox $178.00

    Teresa Thompson $104.80

    Fantastic Facials

    ($50 and Greater)

    From 6/1/17 to 6/30/17

    Lynne Kastor $130.00

    Karen Huber $129.60

    Winnie Fox $127.00

    Sharon Soto $124.00

    Winnie Fox $106.00

    Kathy Herr $95.00

    Winnie Fox $93.00

    Jessica Tearney $82.00

    Stephanie Szigethy $76.00

    Winnie Fox $76.00

    Kathy Herr $64.00

    Outstanding Customer Service

    From 6/1/17 to 6/30/17

    Fay Ruppert $727.41

    Kathy Herr $400.00

    Wendy Bricker $325.00

    Tabi Wendler $313.00

    Linda Loeffler $232.00

    Nancy Rudy $213.00

    Stephanie Szigethy $210.50

    Adrienne Jung $192.00

    Tara Winters $169.00

    June Kohl $158.00

    Karen Huber $155.00

    Vinet Smith $108.00

    Laura Vlasak $67.60

    Christina Bender $66.00

    Peg Shober $60.00

    Bekah Leaman $52.00

    Rose Carlino $50.00

  • Save the Date 12th Annual Ladies Tea

    to benefit the Mary Kay Foundation Sun Oct 22nd 2-4:30pm

    Lancaster Farm & Home Center 1383 Arcadia Rd Lancaster

    Tickets are just $20 per person


    From 6/1/17 to 6/30/17

    Roseanne Bair $4,284.00

    Winnie Fox $2,406.00

    Peg Shober $719.00

    Fay Ruppert $601.00

    Lisa Mathews $449.00

    Karen Huber $432.00

    Danidza Cruz $382.00

    Lisy Ramos $340.00

    Abbie Reed $314.00

    Rachael Herman $313.00

    Aidxa Marquez $289.00

    Samantha Rodriguez $262.00

    Susie Hess $261.00

    Anita Burleson $260.00

    June Kohl $251.00

    Lorrie Westenhoefer $241.00

    Jessica Bohanick $240.00

    Alba Zambrana $235.00

    Sarah Brogunier $234.00

    Linda Loeffler $233.00

    Mary Hicks $229.00

    Tara Winters $229.00

    Arianna Lay $228.00

    Adrienne Jung $228.00

    Nicole Myers $226.00

    Megan Krepps $226.00

    Lacey Van Dalen $226.00

    Sharon Soto $214.00

    Gladys Miranda $131.00

    Deb Hicks $114.00

    Vinet Smith $104.00

    Valerie Clegg $88.00

    Stephanie Szigethy $50.00


    ($100 AND GREATER)

    From 6/1/17 to 6/30/17

    $600+ Weeks

    Lisa Mathews $683.00

    Danidza Cruz $602.55

    $500+ Weeks

    Fay Ruppert $565.81

    $300+ Weeks

    Kathy Herr $380.00

    Tabi Wendler $313.00

    Winnie Fox $305.00

    $200+ Weeks

    Linda Loeffler $232.00

    Nancy Rudy $219.60

    Karen Huber $215.60

    $100+ Weeks

    Winnie Fox $199.00

    Adrienne Jung $192.00

    Kathy Herr $179.00

    Wendy Bricker $176.00

    Tara Winters $169.00

    Fay Ruppert $161.60

    Wendy Bricker $149.00

    Karen Huber $141.80

    Lynne Kastor $130.00

    Sharon Soto $124.00

    Stephanie Szigethy $123.50

    Winnie Fox $118.00

    June Kohl $109.00

    Vinet Smith $108.00

    Teresa Thompson $104.80


    Quarterly Contest 1 June 16th thru Sept 15th

    Current To reach To reach Number of Production Sapphire Ruby STARS

    Jessica Bohanick $240 1560 1

    Sarah Brogunier $234 1566

    Anita Burleson $260 1540

    Danidza Cruz $381 1418 2

    Rachael Herman $313 1487 1

    Susie Hess $261 1539

    Mary Hicks $229 1571 36

    Karen Huber $432 1368 5

    Adrienne Jung $228 1572

    June Kohl $110 1690

    Megan Krepps $226 1574

    Ari Lay $228 1572 1

    Lisa Mathews $449 1351

    Lisy Ramos $318 1482 3

    Fay Ruppert $601 1199 26

    Peg Shober $719 1081 4

    Sharon Soto $214 1586

    Lacey Van Dalen $226 1574 1

    Lorrie Westenhoefer $241 1559

    Alba Zambrana $235 1565

    4th Quarter STARS

    Roseanne Bair

    Pearl STAR

    Peg Shober

    Ruby STAR

    Winnie Fox

    Ruby STAR Tara Winters

    Diamond STAR


    1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter

    June-Sept. Sept.-Dec. Dec.-Mar. Mar.-June