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  1. 1. By Zachary Kaylor, Halie Maass, Johnathon Williams, and Lewis Harvey The story of a world where they take everything right off the top. Except its not a story M I N I N G Scratching the Surface.
  2. 2. ScratchingtheSurface. O V E R V I E W Products: Coal, gravel, iron ore, gemstones. Coal: Usable in power plants, coal firing engines and is produced on site or in refineries. Gravel: Fills driveways, potholes, ect. And is produced on site or after processing. Purchased by construction and companies. Dirt: Available for purchase by construction and consumers Iron Ore: Refined into usable iron ingots in refineries and then made sold to the consumer.
  3. 3. ScratchingtheSurface. B O R N E O Borneo is the third largest island in the world and is shared by the countries of Indonesia and . On the map:
  4. 4. ScratchingtheSurface. A N I M A L S Major loss of habitat Direct mortality (reptiles, small mammals, amphibians) Deforestation
  5. 5. ScratchingtheSurface. A N I M A L S Bornean Gibbon Proboscious Monkey Bornean Sun Bear Arowana Orangutan
  6. 6. ScratchingtheSurface. E N V I R O N M E N T Compaction Erosion Chemical alteration of nutrients Alteration of surface and groundwater systems. Creation of acidic drainage Transport of toxic substances to the surface Alteration landscapes and geological profile. Blasting causes a temporary shaking of the rock and results in new rock fractures near working areas of the mine. Causes old preexisting rock fractures to become more open or permeable Loosens mineral debris in the fractures oThis could affect nearly vertical fractures located up to several hundred feet away
  7. 7. ScratchingtheSurface. E N V I R O N M E N TAcid pollution occurs when pyrite or marcasite is exposed to air and water during the mining process. Rainwater mixes with the pyrite to form sulfuric acid which is washed into streams and ponds below the mine. Acid Pollution In Water Kills fish and other aquatic life Eats away metal structures Destroys concrete Acid also may leak out highly toxic metals or cause them to be released from soils. Kill aquatic life Contaminate water supplies causing serious adverse human health effects.
  8. 8. ScratchingtheSurface. P E O P L EWater: Mining contaminates the water because the excess chemicals they use to extract the minerals and wash equipment leaches away from tailing ponds and into drinking water. Livelihood: Many of the people in the region depend on the surrounding water which is contaminated and the forests that are cut down in order to feed themselves. Contaminated groundwater also leads to widespread crop failure. Working: Workers are paid slave wages and have to work long shifts. Child labor laws are loose if not non-existent and speaking out only leaves you dead or starving
  9. 9. ScratchingtheSurface. M O N E Y Bakrie family: Owns large parts of Bumi Resources and Bumi Mining. Bumi Resources: buys Kaltim Prima Bumi Mining: Charged with numerous human rights violations. Workers: attempt to strike and are shot. At least 6 workers killed. Nathaniel Rothschild: Invests in Bumi mining company Board: Splits after the Bakrie family and Bumi mining misplaces approximately 1 billion dollars. Rothschild attempts to protect investors and is kicked off board. Split: Board decides to remove Bakrie family and rename company Asia Resource Minerals Meanwhile: Protesters show up in London and are ignored.
  10. 10. Scratching the Surface. M O N E Y Sidjoro Mud Flow: A volcano of hot spewing mud forms due to unsafe exploratory drilling. Begins in 2006 and is estimated to stop somtime around 2017. Displaced 30,000 people and get little to no compensation. The mud has been behind levees since 2008. Bakrie Family: Aburizal Bakrie is currently running for president and is regarded as the most successful businessman in Indonesia. Nathaniel Rothschild: One of the wealthiest families in the world with an estimated net worth of 400 billion dollars. Have dominated the banking industry since the 18th century.
  11. 11. S O U R C E S content/uploads/2013/01/2013-01-25- 142403_599x422_scrot.png nature/the-worlds-muddiest-disaster-1603529/ strip_mining_of_coal.htm ndbook/chapter-2-1