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Notes from a webinar on Boolean Searching for Resumes

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Notes from the free webinar:

Learn how to build search strings for finding resumes .And then I show you how to automate the process using a cool (and free) tool ReferYes!

Ryan LearyRyan Leary is an executive talent acquisition consultant with Kenexa Technologies. Leveraging knowledge based recruiting, Ryan has been recognized for his expertise in developing priority talent communities, strategic/tactical planning, and competitive intelligence gathering. Ryan is a documented search specialist responsible for the development of key social media and social recruiting strategies for Kenexas RPO services group. Ryan has been featured as the Ambassador of the Virtual Handshake and has been written as an Emerging Industry Leader in Search 2.0 and recently published in the UAEs 24/7 business journal for his leadership in Social Media and Recruiting. His reputation for re-energizing search techniques has him frequently sought after for industry training and speaking engagements. Ryan is the author of, a social media blog dedicated to deciphering the world of Talent Acquisition through the eyes of social media. CruiterTalk examines recruiting search tools and software providing hands-on analysis and unbiased reviews. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Global Communications and Marketing from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. To network with Ryan Leary:


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Jim StroudJim Stroud is a "Searchologist" (someone adept at online research) with an expertise in the full life-cycle placement of Executive and Technical personnel, Recruitment Research and Competitive Intelligence. He has consulted for such companies as Google, Siemens, MCI and a host of start-up companies. During his tenure with Microsoft, he served as a Technical Sourcing Consultant and was a regular contributor to Microsofts Technical Careers Blog. When not engaged in Recruitment Research, Competitive Intelligence and Training projects for the aforementioned organizations, Jim created and sold two online properties while managing the award-winning blog The Recruiters Lounge of which he still contributes. Recently, Jim launched The Searchologist website where he teaches Recruiters resume sourcing and lead generation strategies via articles, a video series and a bi-monthly print magazine. When Jim Stroud is not online, he suffers severe withdrawal pains that can only be soothed by chocolate chip cookies and family time. To network with Ryan Leary:


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WEBINAR NOTES [1] Refine your searches to lesser known domains such as .info, .name, .cc and others. By doing so, you get access to resumes that you would most likely overlook. Here are a few examples: intitle:resume education programmer java site:cc -example -sample -apply intitle:resume education programmer java site:info -example -sample -apply intitle:resume education programmer java site:name -example -sample apply [2] Refine your searches by country TLD (Top level domain) to find resumes hosted in a certain country. The example below is for finding java resumes in Australia.

site:au intitle:vitae education programmer -your -submit apply

Find a list of countries sorted by their TLD, go to:

[3] Search for resumes based on the various spellings of the word resume.

intitle:resum | intitle:rsum C++ education -submit apply You can add the accent mark a few ways:

[4] Search for passive candidates based on how they speak. (Natural Language Searching) I am a Software Developer we made an iphone app Why I love Linux

[5] Ask Google to fill in the blank on your search. I worked with * at Microsoft * was my manager at Microsoft according to * of Microsoft

[6] Use the Tilde ( ~ ) to search for a keyword and words synonymous with that keyword. For example, search for ~CV. You will notice that certain words are highlighted. These are words that Google thinks is synonymous with CV. Those words are: CV, Curriculum, vitae and curriculum vitae. A search for ~job is a search for jobs, salary, career, employment, recruitment and vacancy. For example: intitle:resume intitle:~job education submit apply The above search string is asking Google to: Find documents with resume in the title. Do not return results that have the word job, jobs, salary, career, employment, recruitment or vacancy in the title. Find the term Verification Engineer. Do not return the words submit or apply.

We discussed 2 very important Firefox extensions: First if you do not have Firefox on your system, you can download the browser here: Down them All: Download Link: Down Them All: Video Demo:

Simply run your resume searches on any search engine. Click Down them all under the tools tab on the menu bar. Its self explanatory, but all you need to do is select the folder you want to download all of the files and choose the specific files you want to download. Its recommended that you stick with any file that mentions the word resume or CV, etc. as well as any file that is a DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, etc. Tip: You can also use this to download mass MP3s. Cool Preview: Cool preview is a great app that will allow you to hover over any link and view the file without clicking the link and leaving the results page. Depending on how you have your settings you will be able click the next or previous arrows to browse all of the results through one box.

When using ReferYes Sourcer: 1. Its important to understand that automated sourcing tools should compliment and not replace your best practices. 2. ReferYes currently allows you to source dozens of practical ways to help uncover talent that you may not have found otherwise. 3. Its important to remember that when running profile search, business searches and university searches that you pay attention to the various fields ReferYes imports. This is a great feature as ReferYes attempts to customize significant search options right through their interface. 4. I recommend using Firefox and leverage the Firefox add-ons mentioned above.

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