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  • Books Without Words: using wordless picture books to stimulate young highly able readers

    Dr Margaret Sutherland FRSA

  • The understanding of the meaning of visual images around us

    21 century children possess rich understanding of visual imagery

    Moving images and still images Becoming visually literate Storytakers and storymakers construct meaning

    (Crawford and Hyde, 2000) Reading is a meaning making experience

    Why visual images?

  • Develop vocabulary and language skills

    Develop creativity and story telling skills

    Encourage book usage skills

    Wordless Picture Books

  • Narrative structure Distinct setting A plot

    Features of a good wordless picture book

  • Model how the picture tells a story

    Coach and collaborator Observe Listen Interact Prompt

    Role of the teacher

  • Use of dialogue Setting development Character descriptions Sequencing of events Story development

    Skills Development

  • Detecting sequence Identifying details Noting cause and effect

    relationships Making judgements Determining main ideas Making inferences

    Skills Development


  • Lindauer (1988) we need to learn in safe and supportive situations

  • Chalk

  • Questions of Childhood List adapted from Roedel, W.C., Jackson, N.W. and Robinson, H.B. (1980)

    First they make you button your own shirt, then they make you tie your own gotta ask yourself.wheres this all heading?

  • Richmond Park School

    The E approach Expect Enhance and enrich Extend Empower Excite Enjoy