BOOKS RECEIVED (Contitnuied fro1tm page 473) New Developments in Electromyog- rapliy and Clinical Neurophysiology. John E. Desmedt, Ed. Karger, New York, 1973. 3 vols., illus. Vol. 1, New Concepts of the NMotor Unit, Neuromuscular Dis- orders, Electromyographic Kinesiology. xii, 710 pp. Vol. 2, Pathological Conduc- tion in Nerve Fibers, Electromyography of Sphincter Mluscles, Automatic Analysis of Electromyogram with Computers. viii, 514 pp. Vol. 3, Human Reflexes, Patho- physiology of NMotor Systems, Methodol- ogy of Human Reflexes. xiii, 870 pp. Boxed, $240. Plate Tectonics and Geomagnetic Re- versals. Readings, selected, edited, and with introductions by Allan Cox. Fieeman, San Francisco, 1973. x, 702 pp., illus. $17. A Series of Books in Geology. Principles of Environmental Physics. John L. Monteith. Elsevier, New York. 1973. xiv, 242 pp., illus. $20. Contempo- rary Biology Series. Problems of Our Physical Environment. Energy, Tiansportation, Pollution. Joseph Priest. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass.. 1973. xviii, 390 pp., illus. $10.95. Addison- Wesley Series in Physics. Psyclhoanalytic Schools from the Begin- ning to the Present. Dieter Wyss. Trans- lated from the German edition edition (Gottingen, 1961) by Gerald Onn. Aron- son, New York, 1973. iv, 568 pp. $15. The Psychophysiology of Thinking. Studies of Covert Processes. F. J. Mc- Guigan and R. A. Schoonover, Ed. Aca- demic Press, New York, 1973. xvi, 512 pp., illus. $26.50. Radiotracer Studies of Chemical Resi- dues in Food and Agriculture. Proceedings of a meeting, Vienna, Oct. 1971. Inter- national Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1972 (U.S. distributor, Unipub, New York). viii, 166 pp., illus. Paper, $6. Panel lProceedings Series. Rampage. The Story of Disastrous Floods, Broken Dams, and Human Falli- hility. Peter Briggs. McKay, New York, 1973. xii, 212 pp. + plates. $6.95. Rubber Technology. Maurice Morton. Ed. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, ed. 2, 1973. x, 604 pp., illus. $18.50. Statistical Tables. For Science, Engi- neering, Management and Business Studies. J. Murdoch and J. A. Barnes. Halsted (Wiley), New York, 1973. 40 pp. Paper, $1.50. Reprint of the 1970 edition. Statistics and Society. Data Collection and Interpretation. Walter T. Federer. Dekke.-, New York, 1973. xiv, 400 pp.. illus. Paper, $14.50. Statistics, Vol. 3. Stereochemistry and Mlechanism. David Whittaker. Clarendon (Oxford University Press), New York, 1973. viii, 96 pp., illus. Cloth, $9; paper, $4.95. Oxford Chemistry Series. A Strategy for Evaluating Health Ser- vices. David M. Kessner and Carolyn E. Kalk, Eds. Institute of Medicine, Wash- ington, D.C., 1973. xvi, 220 pp., illus. Paper, $6. Contrasts in Health Status, Vol. 2. Strengthening Navajo Education. Navajo I ribe, Window Rock, Ariz., 1973. viii, 48 pp., illus. Spiral bound, $6. Structure and Bonding. Vol. 14. J. D. 2 NOVEMBER 1973 Dunitz and seven others, Eds. Springer- Verlag, New York, 1973. iv, 176 pp., illus. $22.50. Surface and Colloid Science. Vol. 6. Egon Matijevic, Ed. Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1973. viii, 312 pp., illus. $22.5 0. Techniques of Autoradiography. Andrew W. Rogers. Elsevier, New York, ed. 2, 1973. xii, 372 pp., illus. $23.75. Technology, Mlan and the Environment. Daxvid Hamilton. Scribner, New York, 1973. 358 pp., illus., + plates. $9.95. lThematic Origins of Scientific Thought. Kepler to Einstein. Gerald Holton. Har- vaird University Press, Caimbridge, Mass., 1973. 496 pp. Cloth, $10): paper, $3.95. Theory of the Earth's Gravity Field. ,N1Ii10s Pick. Jan Pich.i, and Vincenc Vys- ko0il. Elsevier, New York, 1973. 538 pp., IlLIs. $34. Titanium Science and Technology. Pro- THE SEXUAL CODE The Social Behavior of Animals and Men WoVtqng Wjckl/r, vntliodtctlon by Knnc id Lonren7 A prmnionent r-9hncli- vst q1 c bey(md the bind of specula- tive analor isc tyi prernt an integrated view of oc ial rattern s, foc rn o n the role of family ard sex in cementin relati onshipc) Il i strated, Paperbound 33 50 THE COSMIC CONNECTION An Extraterrestrial Perspective C lc! SIrln: pf3 duced bd Jerome A(ct?_ With thi bok, extraterrestrial life emergs a an idea wvhose thioe has com0 Writter by astronomy s and exo- biolgy's most articulate spokesman. this non-technical, richly illustrated book persuasively breaks dov.n o.r re- sistance to the urthinkable'' Hard- cover S7.95 THE NATURAL HISTORY OF MAN J. S. ¼Ve,ner, The author of The Plltdouvn Alan surveys man's adaption to the varied environments of his evolutiornary history di (Lussing how the genetic structure of the humwan population de- veloped ainc v,.n it exPiibtIDr broad go- qraph cal div-ra It\Y, khistr rted Pa11(-r zocirrI4 2 95 ceedings of a conference, Cambridge. Mass.. May 1972. R. 1. Jaffee and H. M. Burte, Eds. Plenum, New York, 1973. Four vols., illus. Vol. 1. xxviii + pp. 1- 768. Vol. 2. iv + pp. 773-1428. Vol. 3. iv + pp. 1433-2122. Vol. 4. iv + pp. 2127-2740. $115. The Metallurgical So- ciety of AIME Proceedings. Treatise on NMaterials Science and Tech- nology. Vol. 2. Herbert Hermnan, Ed. Aca- demic Press, New York, 1973. xii, 398 pp., illus. $28. Visual Aids and Photography in Educa- tion. A ViSuLal Aids Manual for Teach- ers and l earners. Michael Langford. Hastings. New York, 1973. 350 pp.. illus., + plates. $13.95. W!ater Quality'. NManagement and Pol- lItion Control Problems. JerLusdlem Work- shop Palpers. S. H. Jenkins, Ed. Pergamon, New York, 1973. xx, 352 pp.. ilIs. $45. Pi-ogress in Water Technology, Vol. 3. THE HOPE OF PROGRESS A Scientist Looks at Problems in Philosophy, Literature and Science Pe!er B 11Icr] 'aor. The internat' valix restpecod bfl host ar d Nobel laurc ato has iri ught together hi most receor ossays and lec .re, exan-inino the re- latIIl hip betwev en rc!cen rc ( -IId Socivt, and deferrdirig thr h1 pe Of fttire scierl tific progress An Anchor Orn inal Paperbound, Si195 SEEING AND THE EYE An Introduction to Vision G. Ho Jbh Bejbie Usirg a series txf op- tical illusions the book leads thc reader step-by-step throuigh the co01 plex aspects of the visual SsItem ex- plaining the roles of liqgt the eye and the brain in corobining to produce cUr visuiaI av arnoess IIUstrrarte P pePr- bDound 32 95 EXPERIMENTS IN METEOROLOGY Investigations for the Amateur Scientist Les!le W. Trowbr,dqe. Bas ,ic xperi ments. u1In9 easily obtainable equip- rent which ccver every aspect of rmeteorologyc weathcr cli iLe, rairtfall huridity, cloud ft rrlat ions tempera- ture, snowflake photographs and miuch more. Hardcover, $6.95 Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City. New York 11530 511

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(Contitnuied fro1tm page 473)

New Developments in Electromyog-rapliy and Clinical Neurophysiology. JohnE. Desmedt, Ed. Karger, New York, 1973.3 vols., illus. Vol. 1, New Concepts ofthe NMotor Unit, Neuromuscular Dis-orders, Electromyographic Kinesiology.xii, 710 pp. Vol. 2, Pathological Conduc-tion in Nerve Fibers, Electromyographyof Sphincter Mluscles, Automatic Analysisof Electromyogram with Computers. viii,514 pp. Vol. 3, Human Reflexes, Patho-physiology of NMotor Systems, Methodol-ogy of Human Reflexes. xiii, 870 pp.Boxed, $240.

Plate Tectonics and Geomagnetic Re-versals. Readings, selected, edited, and withintroductions by Allan Cox. Fieeman, SanFrancisco, 1973. x, 702 pp., illus. $17. ASeries of Books in Geology.

Principles of Environmental Physics.John L. Monteith. Elsevier, New York.1973. xiv, 242 pp., illus. $20. Contempo-rary Biology Series.Problems of Our Physical Environment.

Energy, Tiansportation, Pollution. JosephPriest. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass..1973. xviii, 390 pp., illus. $10.95. Addison-Wesley Series in Physics.

Psyclhoanalytic Schools from the Begin-ning to the Present. Dieter Wyss. Trans-lated from the German edition edition(Gottingen, 1961) by Gerald Onn. Aron-son, New York, 1973. iv, 568 pp. $15.The Psychophysiology of Thinking.

Studies of Covert Processes. F. J. Mc-Guigan and R. A. Schoonover, Ed. Aca-demic Press, New York, 1973. xvi, 512pp., illus. $26.50.

Radiotracer Studies of Chemical Resi-dues in Food and Agriculture. Proceedingsof a meeting, Vienna, Oct. 1971. Inter-national Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna,1972 (U.S. distributor, Unipub, NewYork). viii, 166 pp., illus. Paper, $6. PanellProceedings Series.Rampage. The Story of Disastrous

Floods, Broken Dams, and Human Falli-hility. Peter Briggs. McKay, New York,1973. xii, 212 pp. + plates. $6.95.Rubber Technology. Maurice Morton.

Ed. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York,ed. 2, 1973. x, 604 pp., illus. $18.50.

Statistical Tables. For Science, Engi-neering, Management and Business Studies.J. Murdoch and J. A. Barnes. Halsted(Wiley), New York, 1973. 40 pp. Paper,$1.50. Reprint of the 1970 edition.

Statistics and Society. Data Collectionand Interpretation. Walter T. Federer.Dekke.-, New York, 1973. xiv, 400 pp..

illus. Paper, $14.50. Statistics, Vol. 3.Stereochemistry and Mlechanism. David

Whittaker. Clarendon (Oxford UniversityPress), New York, 1973. viii, 96 pp., illus.Cloth, $9; paper, $4.95. Oxford ChemistrySeries.A Strategy for Evaluating Health Ser-

vices. David M. Kessner and Carolyn E.Kalk, Eds. Institute of Medicine, Wash-ington, D.C., 1973. xvi, 220 pp., illus.Paper, $6. Contrasts in Health Status,Vol. 2.

Strengthening Navajo Education. NavajoI ribe, Window Rock, Ariz., 1973. viii,48 pp., illus. Spiral bound, $6.

Structure and Bonding. Vol. 14. J. D.


Dunitz and seven others, Eds. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1973. iv, 176 pp.,illus. $22.50.

Surface and Colloid Science. Vol. 6.Egon Matijevic, Ed. Wiley-Interscience,New York, 1973. viii, 312 pp., illus.$22.50.Techniques of Autoradiography. Andrew

W. Rogers. Elsevier, New York, ed. 2,1973. xii, 372 pp., illus. $23.75.Technology, Mlan and the Environment.

Daxvid Hamilton. Scribner, New York,1973. 358 pp., illus., + plates. $9.95.

lThematic Origins of Scientific Thought.Kepler to Einstein. Gerald Holton. Har-vaird University Press, Caimbridge, Mass.,1973. 496 pp. Cloth, $10): paper, $3.95.Theory of the Earth's Gravity Field.

,N1Ii10s Pick. Jan Pich.i, and Vincenc Vys-ko0il. Elsevier, New York, 1973. 538 pp.,IlLIs. $34.

Titanium Science and Technology. Pro-

THE SEXUAL CODEThe Social Behavior ofAnimals and MenWoVtqngWjckl/r, vntliodtctlon byKnnc id Lonren7 A prmnionent r-9hncli-

vst q1 c bey(md the bind of specula-tive analor isc tyiprernt an integratedview of oc ial rattern s, foc rn o n therole of family ard sex in cementinrelationshipc) Il i strated, Paperbound33 50

THE COSMIC CONNECTIONAn Extraterrestrial PerspectiveC lc! SIrln: pf3 ducedbd Jerome A(ct?_With thi bok, extraterrestrial lifeemergs a an idea wvhose thioe hascom0 Writter by astronomy s and exo-biolgy's most articulate spokesman.this non-technical, richly illustratedbook persuasively breaks dov.n o.r re-sistance to the urthinkable'' Hard-cover S7.95

THE NATURAL HISTORY OF MANJ. S. ¼Ve,ner, The author of The PlltdouvnAlan surveys man's adaption to thevaried environments of his evolutiornaryhistory di (Lussing how the geneticstructure of the humwan population de-veloped ainc v,.n it exPiibtIDr broad go-qraph cal div-ra It\Y, khistr rted Pa11(-rzocirrI4 2 95

ceedings of a conference, Cambridge.Mass.. May 1972. R. 1. Jaffee and H. M.Burte, Eds. Plenum, New York, 1973.Four vols., illus. Vol. 1. xxviii + pp. 1-768. Vol. 2. iv + pp. 773-1428. Vol. 3.iv + pp. 1433-2122. Vol. 4. iv + pp.2127-2740. $115. The Metallurgical So-ciety of AIME Proceedings.

Treatise on NMaterials Science and Tech-nology. Vol. 2. Herbert Hermnan, Ed. Aca-demic Press, New York, 1973. xii, 398pp., illus. $28.

Visual Aids and Photography in Educa-tion. A ViSuLal Aids Manual for Teach-ers and l earners. Michael Langford.Hastings. New York, 1973. 350 pp.. illus.,+ plates. $13.95.

W!ater Quality'. NManagement and Pol-lItion Control Problems. JerLusdlem Work-shop Palpers. S. H. Jenkins, Ed. Pergamon,New York, 1973. xx, 352 pp.. ilIs. $45.Pi-ogress in Water Technology, Vol. 3.

THE HOPE OF PROGRESSA Scientist Looks at Problems inPhilosophy, Literature and SciencePe!er B 11Icr] 'aor. The internat' valixrestpecodbflhost ar d Nobel laurc atohas iri ught together hi most receorossays and lec .re, exan-inino the re-latIIl hip betwev en rc!cen rc (-IId Socivt,and deferrdirig thr h1 pe Of fttire scierltific progress An Anchor Orn inalPaperbound, Si195

SEEING AND THE EYEAn Introduction to VisionG. Ho Jbh Bejbie Usirg a series txf op-tical illusions the book leads thcreader step-by-step throuigh the co01plex aspects of the visualSsItem ex-plaining the roles of liqgt the eye andthe brain in corobining to produce cUrvisuiaI av arnoess IIUstrrarte P pePr-bDound 32 95

EXPERIMENTS INMETEOROLOGYInvestigations for theAmateur ScientistLes!le W. Trowbr,dqe. Bas,ic xperiments. u1In9 easily obtainable equip-rent which ccver every aspect ofrmeteorologyc weathcr cli iLe, rairtfallhuridity, cloud ft rrlat ions tempera-ture, snowflake photographs and miuchmore. Hardcover, $6.95

Doubleday & Company, Inc.Garden City. New York 11530


Page 2: BOOKS RECEIVED Cambridge. Mass.. Jaffee Burte, Plenum, New … › content › sci › 182 › 4111 › ... · 2013-03-07 · THE COSMIC CONNECTION An Extraterrestrial Perspective


||||||||||||||POSITIONS WANTED 1||||||

Behavioral Neuroscientist, Ph.D. 1968, 14 years'experience in primate research, brain neurochem-istry and behavior; research experience in brainmechanisms of sleep and arousal, morphine andalcohol addiction, food and water intake, thermo-regulation, drug-induced lesions and cerebralblood flow; 30 publications. Seeks academicteaching/research position or industrial researchposition. Box 521, SCIENCE. X

Ph.D. Biochemist. Experienced in natural productisolation and characterization, fungal physiology,differentiation in higher fungi, fermentation tech-nology; 12 years of teaching and 4 years of in-dustrial research position. Box 522, SCIENCE. X

Biochemist-Chemist, 32 years; Ph.D. 1966; re-search in chemistry and biochemistry of lipids;membranes; natural products; wide experience inanalytical methods; I.R.; U.V.; N.M.R.; T.L.C.;gas-liquid chromatography. Mass spectrometry.Other chromatographic methods and their appli-cations to chemical and biochemical problems;publications; teaching experience; presently hold-ing faculty position. Box 523, SCIENCE. X

Cardiovascular Physiologist: Atherogenesis, elec-trolytes, endocrinology, SEM, TEM. Grants, con-tracts, publications, administrative experience. De-sires challenging research opportunity, someteaching. Box 524, SCIENCE. X

Cytogenetics Technician, M.A., with 6 years' ex-perience involving tissue culture. Seeks researchposition. Box 526, SCIENCE. X

Expert in Environmental Diffusion seeks oppor-tunity to work on organism dispersal. Book onmathematical ecology (animal dispersal) in prepa-ration. Broad background. Publications. Dr. AkiraOkubo, Chesapeake Bay Institute, Johns HopkinsUniversity, Baltimore, Maryland 21218.

General Manager, V.P., director. Ph.D. micro-biology. Experience: production, quality control,R & D, marketing. Health fields: biologicals,diagnostics, pharmaceuticals. Desires management,R & D, quality control, or academic administra-tive position. Box 514, SCIENCE. 11/9

Immunology Research Group in a university, con-sisting of one M.D.-Ph.D., several Ph.D.'s, andPh.D. candidates, desires relocation in a uni-versity medical center department or in a re-scarch institution. Research interests include theimmunology of cancer; the role of the macro-phage, T and B lymphocytes, and lymphokines incell-mediated immunity; and antigenic competition.Numerous publications. Box 527, SCIENCE. X

Microbiologist-Immunologist. Ph.D. Extensive in-dustrial experience in directing, planning, andcoordinating the development and testing of hu-man biologicals. Desires challenging position thatallows greater responsibility and participation inpolicy-making decisions. Box 528, SCIENCE. X

Microbiologist-Molecular Biologist, Ph.D. Seeksteaching/research position. Six years' teaching ex-perience at college level. Numerous publications,and postdoctoral training in microbial genetics.Available January or September 1974. Box 529,SCIENCE. X

Microbiologist, Ph.D., overqualified/unemployed;17 years of research, development, and produc-tion. Experience in strain development, genetics,phage, sterilization, and control. Desires research,production, control position. Relocate anywhere.Box 530, SCIENCE. X

Protein Immunochemist (33, Ph.D. Engineer-5years industry). Research abroad or United States;English, Dutch, German, French; methods de-velopment-fractionation-Laurell immunoelectro-plhoresis-radioimmunoassay (RAST). Box 517,SCIENCE. X

Virologist, 3 years molecular biology postdoctoral,2 years medical school junior faculty, experiencein animal bacterial virology, tissue culture, can-cer research. Five publications. Available Janu-ary. Judith Truden, 545 Elm Grove Road, ElmGrove, Wisconsin 53122. 11/2



AVAILABLEin the Department of Biological Sciences. Ap-pointments are for (i) a geneticist (I January1974) and (ii) ecologist with botanical experience(I July 1974). A second ecology appointmentmay be made for 1 July 1974. Send completeresume with names of references to Dr. A. H.Houston, Professor and Chairman, Department ofBiological Sciences, Brock University, St. Cath-arines, Ontario, L2S 3A1, Canada.

ASSISTANT PROFESSORSHIP: INORGANICCHEMISTRY, Fall 1974. A new faculty member,capable of developing a vigorous and imaginativeresearch program, is being sought. The preferred

area is inorganic photochemistry, but others willbe considered. The appointee is also expected to

have a strong commitment to teach at the gen-

eral chemistry level. Letters from three referees,a resume, an outline of proposed research, andrequirements should be sent to: Dr. J. J. Eisch,Chairman, Department of Chemistry, State Uni-versity of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton,New York 13901. An affirntative action/equal op-

portitnity employer.


Three vacancies at the Assistant Professor levelfor strongly research oriented persons. Probablyone analyst, one algebraist, and one topologi5t.Send resume to Prof. 0. G. Harrold, Chairman,Department of Mathematics, Florida State Uni-versity, Tallahassee, Florida 32306.


sition immediately available in our Research In-stitute-Division of Biochemistry for a Ph. D. or

equivalent. Excellent opportunity present to de-velop own program as well as to interface with

diversified dental research program. Comprehen-sive benefit program includes several noncontribu-tory plans. Please direct resume with salary re-

quirements to: Michael Salemme, Personnel Di-rector, 211 East Chicago Ave., Chicago, Illinois60611.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

BIOCHEMISTPostdoctoral position open for lipid enzyme

studies. Strong background in enzymology. Noteaching, $8500 to $9000 for 12 months. Women and

minority persons are encouraged to apply. Send

resume, list of publications, references by 15 De-cember to H. Schlenk, The Hormel Institute, Uni-versity of Minnesota, 801 16th Ave. N.E., Austin,Minn. 55912.


Applications and nominations are invited for the

position of Chairman, Department of GeologicalSciences, State University of New York at Buffalo,starting September 1974. Send resume to

Chairman, Geological Sciences Search Committee,Office of tile Provost, Faculty of Natural Sciencesand Mathematics, State University of New Yorkat Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 14214.

An equial opportunity/affirmnative action employer.

CELL BIOLOGISTDepartment of Biology

Emory UniversityApplications are invited for a position in cell

biology at the Assistant Professor level effectiveI September 1974. Broad training in biology isdesired. Interest in both undergraduate and gradu-uate teaching is necessary, and the developmentof a program of significant research is expected.

Send curriculum vitae and names of three ref-erences to Dr. A. C. Clement, Chairman of SearchCommittee, Department of Biology, Emory Uni-versity, Atlanta, Ga. 30322.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

The Department of Chemistry, Stanford Uni-versity, is seeking assistant professorial candidatesin EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY.Preference will be given to areas of research inrelation to the department's interests and needs.All applicants should provide evidence of trulyexceptional accomplishment and future potentialin both independent scholarship and teachingaptitude. Three confidential letters of reference,

graduate and undergraduate academic transcripts,research publications, and a one- to two-pagesynopsis of future research plans are required to

complete each application and should be sent toProfessor James P. Collman, Chairman, Canvas-

sing Committee, Department of Chemistry, Stan-

ford University, Stanford, California 94305, by15 November 1973.

All candidates who mtieet the above quialificationsare turged to apply irrespective of race, sex, or

ethnic origin.

|||||||||||||lll!lPOSITIONS OPEN il!|!||!||!|!||||BRYOLOGIST

Applications are invited for a position madeavailable by a retirement. The appointee will beexpected to continue the active graduate teachingand research program in bryology now in thedepartment and will have curatorial responsibili-ties for the large bryological collections. Therank and salary of the appointee are open to nego-

tiation. To ensure consideration, an applicationand curriculum vitae should reach Dr. A. MurrayEvans, Chairman, Screening Committee, Depart-inent of Botany, University of Tennessee, Knox-ville, Tennessee 37916, by 15 November 1973.


Interdisciplinary program in Environments andPeople, concentrating on the interaction of humansocieties within natural ecosystems, has a positionfor a cultural ecologist with training in environ-mental archaeology and an interest in social pre-history. The position is primarily a teaching posi-tion. In addition, there should be a commitmentto applying knowledge to current environmentalconcerns and relating one's competencies to publicaffairs. Rank and salary dependent on qualifica-tions. Sangamon State University is an affirmativeaction/equal opportunity employer. Submit fullresum6 to: Jerry L. Wade, Environments andPeople Program, Sangamon State University,Springfield, llinois 62708. Telephone: 217-786-6790.


Stockton State College is a growing, 2-year-old,innovative member of the New Jersey system,located in the coastal pine barrens, and empha-sizing teaching excellence. The 35 present mem-bers of the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathe-matics are distributed loosely through seven pro-gram areas: Biology, Chemistry, EnvironmentalStudies, Geoscience, Marine Science, Mathematics,and Physics. Among other duties, the new Deanwill lead a young, vigorous, and individualisticfaculty, as well as continue the development ofextensive outdoor facilities and a single, multi-disciplinary open laboratory. Please reply withcurriculum vitae and three confidential referencesto: W. G. Thrombley, Vice President for Aca-demic Affairs, Stockton State College, Pomona,New Jersey 08240. Stockton State College is anequial opportunity employer.

DEAN, SCHOOL OF SCIENCES, to direct ex-isting science programs and lead development ofnew programs to fulfill urban and regionallyoriented University missions. The School containsthe Biology, Chemistry, Dental Hygiene, Mathe-matics, Nursing, Oceanography, Physics and Geo-physical Sciences, and Psychology departments.B.S. degrees in 13 fields, M.S. degrees in Biology,Chemistry, Oceanography, Physics, and Psychol-ogy, and a recently approved Ph.D. in Oceanog-raphy are offered. Responsibilities of the newDean would include promoting further curriculumdevelopment and innovation, promoting research,and providing leadership in working with theurban community. Salary competitive. An equalopportunity/affirmative action employer. Sendresumes by 15 December 1973 to Dr. RaymondH. Kirby, Chairman of Search Committee, Psy-chology Department, Old Dominion University,Norfolk, Va. 23508.

DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGISTThe Georgetown University Department of Biolo-gy has an assistant professorship open for ascholarly scientist active in research. Applicationsare sought from specialists well trained in classi-cal embryology and developmental biology whotise molecular biology techniques in their research.Research should be in developmental biology atthe cellular or supracellular level. (Own researchfunding necessary.) Faculty members teach a one-semester laboratory course each year for under-graduates and one for graduate students. Pleasesend curriculum vitae, sampling of publications,and references to:

Dr. Otto E. LandmanGeorgetown University

37th and 0 Streets, NWWashington, D.C. 20007

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Department of Botany, University of North Caro-lina, Chapel Hill, invites application for a posi-tion at the Assistant or Associate Professor levelfor a DEVELOPMENTAL PHYSIOLOGIST(preferably with active research interests in higherplant systems). Graduate and undergraduate teach-ing. Rank and salary determined by qualifications.Send curriculum vitae, bibliography, and com-plete list of references to: Tom K. Scott, Chair-man, Department of Botany, University of NorthCarolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514.The University of North Carolina is an equalopportunity employer with an affirmativ-e actionprogram.


Page 3: BOOKS RECEIVED Cambridge. Mass.. Jaffee Burte, Plenum, New … › content › sci › 182 › 4111 › ... · 2013-03-07 · THE COSMIC CONNECTION An Extraterrestrial Perspective


scnemes . NEX-041 -As sodium sulfate in 1 ml water solution.A Ph.D. in organic or physical chemistry is

10-1000mCi/mmole sulfur. (Available carrier-free or atAPrefereD withorganicsrongp ick dcminsth Ihigher specific activity at a small surcharge.)preferred with a strong background in the $35/0-2mCi $45/5mCi $50/10mCi $60/15mCi

$80/25mCiThis position offers ample opportunity for growth, NEX-042-As sulfuric acid in 1 ml water (HCI-free)an excellent salary and a comprehensive fringe solution. Carrier-free. $25/0-2mCi $30/5mCibenefit package. It is ideally suited to a pro- $35/10mCi $40/15mCi $50/25mCifessional with ability and desire to make his/her NEX-057-As elemental sulfur in benzene solution.own decisions. 1-15mCi/mg sulfur. $50/0500-ACi $65/1mCiPlease send rLcsume' to: L. H. Bentley, Personnel

$85/5mCi $110/1 OmCiManager, Pfizer Central Research, Eastern Point Shipped in combi-vial, or combi-V-vial if requested.Manadgeroto,P

Connecticut 06340. Numerous 35S labeled compounds also available asRoad, Groton, Connecticut 06340. well as a 35-Sbeta reference source for nuclear instrument


I_3 New England NuclearAn Equal Opportunity Employer, m/f 575 Albany Street, Boston. Mass. 02118

Customer service 617-482-9595

NEN Canada Ltd.,Dorval, Quebec; NEN Chemicals GmbF1, Dreieichenhain, Germany.



RESEARCH SCIENTIST COASTAL OCEANOGRAPHER The Marschall Division of Miles Laboratories, Inc.,

Salary up to $24,262 with its expanding role as a major supplier of qual.ity ingredients to food processors has recently

Bedford Institute of Oceanography diversified to meet today's food needs. As a result

B edfo rd in stituteofie s O an ography there exists now an excellent opportunity for aMarine Sciences Branch Research Scientist.

Department of the Environment

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia The candidate is required to have a Ph.D. in Chem-istry or Biochemistry plus a strong interest to do

Duties: To undertake research on the coastal processes such basic research on separation and study of Physico-as dynamics, exchange mechanisms, heat budget, estuarine Chemical properties of proteins from cereals and oilflushing and residence times. Present activities of the Divisioninvolve research into physical processes in the coastal zone seeds.of the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard including marginal areasand Eastern Arctic.

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, a community of 50,000

Qualifications: Include a doctorate degree or equivalent in population, we offer excellent educational and rec-areas related to the research activities of the Division, and reational opportunities as well as convenient ac-demonstrated related research experience. Knowledge of thelanguage is essential for this position. cessibility to the Chicago area. Excellent starting

salary commensurate with experience plus a superiorbenefits program. Relocation expenses paid by the

To ensure consideration, interested parties should forward company. Please send complete r6sum6 includingaoplication (PSC-367-401) or detailed resumes including a listof publications and references before November 16, 1973 expected salary in confidence to:to the:

Sciences and Technology Program Curtis A. Brown, Senior Placement Representative,Dept 676-A

Public Service Commission of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A OM7 1ta1 1 MILES LABORATORIES, INC.Please quote reference number 73-110-68 in all correspondence. ELKHART INDIANA 46514

Appointments as a result of this competition are subject tothe provisions of the Public Service Employment Act. An Equal Opportunity Employer

2 NOVEMBER 1973 's e513

FERMENTATIONPRODUCTSRECOVERY CHEMISTThe Biochemicals Development Department atour Groton, Connecticut, Research Laboratories,has an immediate opening for a Natural ProductsRecovery Chemist. This position offers the op-portunity to assume the recovery responsibilityfor a fermentation program, and would allow thecandidate an interesting opportunity to developnew and novel recovery procedures, and to imple-ment these ideas into production recovery

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11111SCIE ISI k

E SCETSThe Ortho Research Foundation

currently has an opening for a Ph.D.biochemist to work in our MolecularBiology Section. The position re-quires training and/or experience inthe areas of Enzymology and ProteinChemistry. Exposure to Pharmacol-ogy and/or Organic Chemistry wouldbe a plus.

Responsibilities will include work-ing with a broad spectrum of drugs,primarily in therapeutics, developingin vitro models for disease statesand identifying biochemical mecha-nisns 'of drug actions. The individ-ual selected will join a rapidly ex-panding group and should possessthe potential to assume increasinglygreater responsibilities.

This is an excellent opportunityto join a leader in the ethical drugfield. Ortho is located in centralNew Jersey and offers a solid salary& benefits program, complementedby an atmosphere geared to pro-fessional growth.

Interested parties LA;should forward theircurriculum vitae com-plete with present salaryto Robert T. Moran. ,.Manager, Employment.

ORTHOPtiARMIACEUJTICALCOR13ORATIONIli )Llk 202 R.iriltn. N(c%% IirrC) 08869

'rA $ W4shCompany}

An Equal Opportunity Employer M, F

I I I I I I I I I I I514


DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGISTFaculty position available at Bryn Mawr Collegein Fall 1974. Candidates with doctoral degreesshould have an active interest in undergraduateteaching, in the direction of masters and doctoralresearch, and in the pursuit of a vigorous re-search program. Rank and salary open. Sendresume to

Box 531, SCIENCEAn Equal Opportunity Employer


The Department of Biochemistry of the Univer-sity of Miami is seeking an established investi-gator to join the Endocrine Laboratory, whichis oriented to biochemical aspects of reproductiveendocrinology. Please submit curriculum vitae andnames of three references to Dr. J. Marsh,University of Miami School of Medicine, P.O.Box 875, Miami, Florida 33152.

An equal opportunity employer

ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGIST. BiologicalSurvey, New York State Museum and ScienceService. Senior staff position. Conducts statewidestudies and research projects, evaluates environ-mental impact statements, provides natural re-source information to state agencies and localgovernments. Requires doctorate, 4 years of ap-propriate experience. Competitive salary and ex-cellent fringe benefits. R6sum6s to George Dela-mar, Personnel, State Education Department,Albany, New York 12224.


GEOPHYSICSA vacancy is anticipated for an Assistant Pro-fessor whose research interests lie in the genesisof metamorphic rocks. In addition to teachinggraduate and undergraduate courses in meta-morphic petrology, the successful candidate willbe required to teach field mapping techniques, in-cluding from time to time, the summer fieldcourse. Candidates, who should have receivedtheir Ph.D. degrees within the last 4 years (orexpect to do so in 1974), should send their ap-plications, together with copies of their publishedresearch to: Professor 1. S. E. Carmichael, De.partment of Geology and Geophysics Universityof Calffornia, Berkeley, Califonia 94320. Closingdate for applications is 1 December 1973. TheUniversity of California is an equal opportunityemployer with an agirmative action program.

DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY of MedicalSchool at major eastern university invites inquiriesfrom suitably qualified M.D.'s and Ph.D.'s to fillcurrent and projected vacancies at the rank ofAssistant Professor or Associate Professor. Majorareas of research interest and clinical laboratoryexperience should be in: (i) tissue typing and im-munohematology, (ii) endocrinology and radio-assay, and (iii) clinical microbiology. Applicationsincluding curriculum vitae and three referencesshould be sent to Box 532, SCIENCE. The uni-v'ersity is an equal opportunity employer.

PALEOMAGNETIST/GEOMAGNETISTThe University of Arizona has an opening for afaculty member in the Department of Geosciences.The successful candidate will be responsible forconducting investigations into the paleomagnetichistory of rocks, developing the necessary facili-ties, teaching courses on these subjects, and as-sisting in developing the present programs ingeneral geophysics. Rank and salary depend onbackground and experience. For new doctorates,an outstanding academic record is essential; forpeople with experience, a record of publicationsis desired. The position is for September 1974;all applications should be in before January 1974.Further information can be obtained from: Dr.Edgar J. McCullough, Jr., Head, Department ofGeosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ari-zona 85721.DIRECTOR OF PSYCHOMETRIC LABORA-TORY. The Department of Psychology, L. L.Thurston Psychometric Laboratory of the Uni-versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is search-ing for a director, with academic rank of fullprofessor. The Laboratory offers a graduate pro-gram in quantitative psychology including uni-variate and multivariate statistics, scaling, decision-making, and cognition. Director is expected to beinvolved in administrative activities and teaching,and to maintain active research in one or moreof these areas. Commence September 1974. Salarynegotiable. Send complete resume and relevantinformation to Prof. John Thibaut, Chairman ofSearch Committee, Department of Psychology,University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NorthCarolina 27514.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICSApplications are sought for the joint position asChairman of the Department of Pediatrics, WayneState University School of Medicine and Pedia-trician-in-Chief, Children's Hospital of Michigan.Send curriculum vitae and references to

Dr. L. M. Weiner, Deputy DeanWayne State University School of Medicine

540 East Canfield AvenueDetroit, Michigan 48201

An Equal Opportunity Employer

PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHERThe Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie

University, Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada, has anopening at the assistant professor level for aPhysical Oceanographer. Applicants are requestedto submit a curriculum vitae by 30 Novemberand to solicit two letters of recommendation, tobe addressed to P. J. Wangersky, Acting Chair-man.

RESEARCH ASSOCIATETo help conduct physiologicallpharmacologicalresearch of the cardiovascular system. Ph.D. de-gree and laboratory experience required. Annualsalary approximately $15,000. Applications withcurriculum vitae and two letters of recommenda-tion should be sent to: Dr. B. K. Yeh, AssociateDirector, Division of Clinical Investigation, MiamiHeart Institute, 4701 North Meridian Avenue,Miami Beach, Florida 33140.


Environmental ProjectManagement

NUS, Los Angeles and Rockville,Maryland locations, is growing tomeet the expanding needs of do-mestic and international industryin the fields of energy and the en-

vironment. Due to our expansion,we have openings for project per-

sonnel with a minimum of 5-10years of relevant experience, to co-

ordinate multi-disciplinary efforts inthe preparation of site selectionstudies, environmental impact re-

ports, safety analysis reports, stateand federal permit applications,air and water pollution control, andthermal discharge programs. Pleas-ant suburban surroundings andliberal fringe benefits. Please sendresum6 to:

Vice President,Corporate Development


4 Research Place Rockville, Md. 20850An Equal Opportunity Employer


PHARMACOLOGISTWe have an excellent opportunity in our Pharmacology Group atthe Senior Investigator level for a Ph.D. graduate, preferably with1-3 years of industrial experience and with a strong backgroundin cardiovascular pharmacology. Experience and knowledge in thefield of autonomic and renal pharmacology are highly desirable.The position will involve defining the cardiovascular activity ofpotential therapeutic agents.

Early availability is desirable. We offer liberal fringe benefits.Salary is commensurate with qualificlitions.

Send Curriculum Vitae in confidence to:Dr. Wendell W. Meyer, R & D Personnel.

DOW CHEMICAL U.S.A.2020 Dow Center Midland, Michigan 48640

S4_- An equal opportunity employer m/f J







'1% PI

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A position is available for Night Shift Supervisorin chemistry laboratory. Extensive experience ingeneral chemistry, enzymes, electrophoresis andradioisotopes helpful. Califomia license required.Reply in confidence with starting salary, history,and requirements to:


Van Nuys, California 91405


The New York State Research Institute onAlcoholism seeks senior Research Scientists for amulti-disciplinary research program in alcoholism,alcohol abuse and nonmedical drug use. Seniorpositions are available in the areas of medical/clinical research on the prevention of the chronictoxicities of ethanol and in the development ofvalid instruments for the evaluation of treatmentefficacy. The Research Institute is affiliated withthe State University of New York at Buffalo; ajoint appointment with an academic departmentis encouraged for qualified candidates. Send cur-riculum vitae and bibliography to Cedric M.Smith, M.D., Director, Research Institute on Al-coholism, 1021 Main Street, Buffalo, New York14203.An equal opportunity, affirmative action emplover


Senior Microbiologist wanted with fermenta-tion research and pilot plant bioengineeringexperience will organize and manage a com-prehensive program to discover novel prod-ucts of natural origin that have anti-neo-plastic properties. Will supervise a staff ofapproximately 18 scientists and technicians,and have available well-equipped laboratoryand pilot plant facilities. Opportunity for acreative individual to develop an importantfacet of cancer research.

Candidates should have 5 or more years ofresponsible experience beyond the Ph.D. Com-petitive salary, excellent fringe benefits, at-tractive location.

Please send resume, including salary require-ments, to:

Mr. Don Loker, Personnel Manager

LITTON BIONETICS, INC.Frederick Cancer Research Center

P.O. BOX BFrederick, Maryland 21701

Li An Equal Opportunity Employer A


Ph.D.'s with experience in methods developmentin clinical chemistry and related specialities (endo-crinology, cellular immunity, toxicology) neededfor Research Department. Strong background inone or more of the following areas: enzymology,protein chemistry, lipid chemistry, tissue culture,GLC, instrumentation, automation, etc., are de-sirable. Facilities and chemists available forinvestigator. Reply in confidence with startingsalary, history, and requirements to

Dr. R. E. ThiersBIO-SCIENCE LABS7600 Tyrone Avenue

Van Nuys, California 91405

RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGISTFaculty position. Strong research program andteaching competence in mammalian physiologyrequired. Rank dependent on qualifications. Ad-dress inquiry to Dr. H. D. Patton, Department ofPhysiology and Biophysics, SJ-40, University ofWashington, Seattle 98195.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

VETERINARY PATHOLOGISTDVM, Ph.D. or equivalent experience, Board cer-tification desirable. Pathologic evaluation of ratsand mice on long-term chemical carcinogenesisstudies for neoplasia and lesions of chronic toxic-ity. Diagnostic support for the other researchunits and collaborative investigations. Opportunityfor publication and some individual research. Sendresum6 to Don Loker, Personnel Manager,LITTON BIONETICS, INC., Frederick CancerResearch Center, P.O. Box B, Frederick, Md.21701.

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F

VETERINARIANDVM, M.S. with two or more years of experi-ence with laboratory animals of all species;knowledge in Oncology, Virology, Immunologyand Pathology desirable. Send r6sume to DonLoker, Personnel Manager, LITTON BIONETICS,INC., Frederick Cancer Research Center, P.O.Box B, Frederick, Md. 21701.

An Equal Opportunity Employer MIF

X-RAY DIFFRACTION OF MEMBRANESPh.D. for permanent position ($12,700 per annum)in November 1973 in small and wide angle dif-fraction. Good physical and mathematical under-standing of diffraction and computing essential.Also, involves purification and E.M. of cancermembranes. Position will develop in salary andresponsibility to independent unit with own grantsand students. Send curriculum vitae to: Dr. D. F.Parsons, Rosweli Park Memorial Institute, 666El= Street, Buffalo, New York 14203.

||||||||||||||||||||||||I ELLOWSE U ||||||||||||||||||||||POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIIP

Applications are invited for the C. H. BestFoundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Bant-ing and Best Department of Medical Research.The position is tenable on approximately 1 July1974 for 2 years with a taxable stipend of$10,225 for the first year, plus traveling anddependent allowance. The fellowship is designedfor candidates with less than 2 years of postdoc-toral experience. Research-motivated candidateswho are interested in furthering their training inresearch areas being investigated by departmentstaff should submit their applications before 1February 1974. Applications should include: cur-riculum vitae, special research interest, and thenames of three references. A list of staff mem-bers and their research interests will be sent onrequest. Applications or inquiries should be sentto:

Dr. L. B. Fritz, ChairmanBanting and Best Department of Medical Research

University of Toronto112 College Street

Toronto, Ontario, Canada MSG 1L6


Applications invited for admission into diversi-fied Ph.D. program. Faculty with wide researchinterests. Stipends. Contact Director of GraduateStudies, Department of Biochemistry, College of

Medicine, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.


Available December 1973:


Accounts of the principal conceptions of modern physics, in historical perspective,by some of their most distinguished creators and exponents - an internationalsymposium on "The Development of the Physicist's Conception of Nature in theTwentieth Century", held in Miramare, Trieste, Italy, 18-25 September 1972.

Contents: Space, Time and Geometry: Contributions by D. W. Sciama, S. Chan-drasekhar, P. A. M. Dirac, P. Jordan, J. Ehlers, J. Mehra, A. Trautman, J. A.Wheeler. - Quantum Theory: Contributions by L. Rosenfeld, W. Heisenberg,B. L. van der Waerden, P. Jordan, J. M. Jauch, E. P. Wigner, F. Rohrlich, R. E.Peierls, G. Wentzel, S. Tomonaga, J. Schwinger, A. Salam, C. N. Yang, V. L. Telegdi,H. B. G. Casimir. - Statistical Description of Nature: Contributions by G. E. Uhlen-beck, M. Kac, W. E. Lamb, Jr., E. G. D. Cohen, I. Prigogine, M. Eigen. - PhysicalDescription, Epistemology and Philosophy: Contributions by C. F. von Weizsacker,L. N. Cooper, J. M. Jauch, J. S. Bell, R. Haag, I. Prigogine, G. Ludwig, D. Finkel-stein, B. d'Espagnat, C. F. von Weizsacker.

Cloth, approx. 820 pages Price: Dfl. 200,-/US$ 75.00 (approx.)

"This symposium brought back the past and put the great achievements of physicsin clearer perspective than any conference have ever attended. What a marvellouscollection of speakers and topics! John Archibald Wheeler (Princeton University)

D. REIDEL PUBLISHING COMPANY\%iIW} Dordrecht-Holland/Boston-U.S.A.


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ik &,

Ah ~~I




F-NCFRG': A DIA1xi i, C. Is at series ot 12 audiotapesdealing in depth with the energy dilemmas we nowface in the United States. They were c-eated tromlong hours of interviews with people in thiscountrv who know about the energy problem. Theseries focuses on three major themes: The energycrisisx what it is and how it got that way the tech-nological options and thei- relative merits: and theinterrelationship of energy with life stxles. environ-ment population. resources. trade policy. politicsand the famil1 buLdget.

$39 95 (S34.95 Members' Price)

THoi [NiR(o'. (CRISIS: \1 I is \Ni)RiAlxiIItSWHAOI lI HiS liii LIG(HiISI tit NiPORARY [Ni RI,'Nixv I- ONi()I) [I IIs

'I I xRNISHi 1) l)RFA.'.I (in Ni( R POx)xiERAN FNi RGN 'I ii iABI I-i N ( I AR Pow)FR VSF ossil u'l'I

H[DxiRo ii[NiE Ri,' [\iiii( S: (ji-IHI Rx1Ii [Ni^RC ".i)i x\RI Ni-Ri. . N,xC.NiN O(H'. CiROI)' N.xNIiC x, I lID i Pow SR.H\'. )RO(iNloTHi [i 11 RI OR rUSION(HOlI Sx (OR tii Fu IL RI: FNFRi.' NIANNAG -M NT

TAKI- iiF BuiStinm Poi ii i(sx i [FNFRGYRi PRisi

( ON RIUi i)RS:NIORRIS A. A i)I N1AN. N I 1Josiix BHARNIA,xUnited NaitionSN1xANSON Bi Nitu i, M1-N -

Di- xNi (t oxiix'(.morneFllLcnixci ioxDuNo xi 0) C ooi.K Nmer Can Ievtih ix.iNix ( oCnp.in'

S. DxAxii) FRI ixiN.xF nergx Policx ProjectROiBiRi I. HIRSC(, Atoniic [Fncrgx CommisxionhIi)iiN H(Ii i)Ri N. C ilifoil-nia Inxtitute of Technoloigy.I xi K HOxW RD. NI Ithi NR,R W. KiNE'Dx NIIIlIxNii s IBRSR - AtoMiC Fneigx ( iommisxion

l xARi NiI I ii)KS N.lFIITNiIC HAxiI Nh( (i Osini . Sier-i (CluihWNxIIi R J. xIIm), Fnergx Polc'. PiojectN IINN iN iUnlixeri.t of* Ari/onuBRL C. NI Si Hi R I. National Fconomic ReseaiI-chNxociatex. IncJiiiiN 0. I xR'. Atomic Fnci-gy ( ommixsionHi RNIxx PoxS I A.xOak Ridge National l ahoratoril)xvir) Rosii. NuITMuII FON SiHiAWx Atonic Energx ( ommixsionRI H xRD (Ji .Si IN. Richi rd Stein ANssciatiesN\RIHi R NI. SU RIRxS.( ixtV LUniersitxv Nex rNoi-kNi x IN WI INRBFRGFR IOak Ri'dge Natiional LahoratoriIi RROi\L WI IN(-,AR) C alifornia Institute oi fechnologNI)xx ID (. WHI NlIIR x\xN iND) WRI(fii I. Amrneric.an Per ti-oCleul Institutc

0~~~~~~~em s_~~~~~~~ENERGYANDTHEFUTURE


ENERGY AND THE. FUTUIRF, a new and authoritativeAAAS book, takes a long-range look at energy.Based in part on the recent series in Scien e, thisbook surveys current and future sources of energyand describes the relevant technologies. It also as-sesses their potential environmental problems andidentifies the technical obstacles to their develop-

ment. The broad scope and balanced perspective ofEniergx otid t/r(e Futurre make it a valuable resourcefor anyone wishing to explore the scientific andtechnological basis of the energy dilemma.

$3.95 ($2.95 Members' Price) PaperboundS7.95 ($6.95 Members' Price) Casebound









A AAS Dept. FA