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Piano music


<ul><li><p>27UNBREAKABLEWords and Music by ALICIA KEYs,HAROLD LILLY, ]R,, KANYE WEST</p><p>ANd GARRY GLENN</p><p>Moderate groov</p><p>Clap your hands Clap you</p></li><li><p>in/B c:hbeEd m'</p><p>- N -</p><p>We could fighl llke . _..----r</p><p>- -N ^</p><p>ffirf,)ffi'-</p><p>c*tbgf f i 'iin</p><p>fii,'</p><p>brck like Bill Crnl</p><p>cf.ria,.H14+</p><p>Be rlch Like rnd Sled - 'naD</p><p>iffi,'c;fr"tbs</p><p>J</p><p>pfig</p><p>ffi'</p><p>r</p><p>T'</p></li><li><p>29F?9crnT</p><p>iffi,.c:#tbgCtm/B</p><p>x iH ffi,"</p><p>She</p><p>J</p><p>J</p><p>dif 'fren! from youdif 'fren! from mc</p><p>dif - lrentdif - ent il; i *</p><p>ffi</p><p>^ 1 . ^ c;#tbsf f i r+Hn</p><p>..-'*</p><p>Jgol Io lr\'e like lhe peo plc</p><p>pfgclrbs cn'z</p><p>J</p><p>c,T- t '</p><p>s M ffi-'cause there s mofe to see.</p><p>..---=--/</p><p>cfrbs</p><p>Thou!h tech ni cal dif fi cult</p></li><li><p>30cl'n/B . , t t -cfTbe</p><p>f f i , .Hr{ ffi-i,.</p><p>We might have to lake be back next rveck. l'm sing 'n</p><p>Glbef f i .</p><p>lole rs uD DreaK</p><p>To Coda I +ro coaa uffi</p><p>Fi9</p><p>ff i '^l,i ^</p><p>cfTbeEg"</p><p>Ffet u .</p><p>C$m7</p><p>c#rbe cfmrffi" ffi-</p><p>r ' l t+7</p><p>C1p your hands - Clrp you hnds</p><p>F19</p><p>ffi,"+ ^</p><p>m 'ffi"</p><p>r</p></li><li><p>CVB G7b9f f i f f i . .</p><p>cfmr -+^t u .m' .</p><p> - mor sell1 ana nus</p><p>^tl -alfn/Bffi ffi:a</p><p>like lhe Jack - sonr . l ike c Jrk</p><p>^l+ .^</p><p>Hftdciib9</p><p>EE"F9ffi</p><p>cfmriffi" D.S. l Cod I</p><p>'..--:/'</p><p>\ea</p><p>Fle</p><p>And have e-nough kids to nake a band like Joe and Cath</p><p>ODA I</p><p>E .G#1bef f i , . ffi'</p><p>h !</p></li><li><p>+ ^ c$rblr cfrnrf f i . .tu, '</p><p>J - r</p><p>Ffeffi"</p><p>_ , , , / t , i - - - - - . - - _ -Were l iv jn on t l reanr. # \ \erc l i ! - in on</p><p>r-J-</p><p>a - -=,{ )</p><p>a I</p><p>Yeah. we got 1o</p><p>cfrn/a G1bs r4efri. "ffi+i f f i f f i</p><p>m ' f</p><p>CODA II</p><p>++</p><p>un. - wr mrght ju \L bc br l f nr \ t week.</p><p>Fle</p><p>ffi'ffi"cn,r i"1e citbu</p><p>M f f i -ct-7</p><p>ffi- f f i , .</p><p>Nu rh in! . n l r</p></li><li><p>c#ibs33</p><p>cfrnr Fq</p><p>ffi- ffi,''</p><p>I m talk ln 'bouL noih</p><p>l.7e#</p><p>Ffetur</p><p>U| break' a ble. yeah, yeah. ye, )eah. yeah. vern' ve'th, veah, ve,- un- brerk - a -b]e</p><p>r r</p><p>cfm/B c|lbe F9ffi-</p><p>we just might be up. bnt y'all know we'll be back next week lnl ling in</p><p>r----1</p><p>tr T</p><p>,,rffi,'^ + ^</p><p>ffi Hi4+</p><p>1 - - \ . , -this love is un-b.eak a - b1:</p><p>a)</p><p>:.</p></li><li><p>34 HOW COME YOUDON'T CALL ME</p><p>Words and Music byPRINCE</p><p>Moderately tastD BD6fr G#ffi</p><p>G/ABD6</p><p>G#ffF</p><p>D#</p><p>G</p><p>f,i+</p><p>.--</p></li></ul>