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  • 1. WH0O WE1 ARE

2. CLIENTS10+ individual top remote banking projects 3. WH0AT WE2 OFFER 4. Internet bankfor retailPRODUCTSInternet Bank forcorporateclients & SMEMobile Banking+ + 5. BENEFITSBrand Awareness Simplicity Acquired Tolerance 6. TEC0HNO3LOGIES 7. WEB SERVICES APIWEB APIWindows 8 Phone iPhone AndroidWindows 7 Phone Windows 8 SurfaceiPadWPF ClientWeb browser 8. GLOB0AL F4EATURES 9. INTEGRATIONSoftware is integrated with KISBs CRM, ABS, Processing, Call Center;SMS-gates, Payment Systems, Payments Aggregators, InternationalTransfers Systems (incl. SWIFT) etc. 10. FOR BUSINESSYou can create a number of applications:BlockingOpeningcards depositsLoansSetting limits ...and more! 11. FOR CUSTOMERSA customer will see all data from CBS: balances, statement, deposits,loans, et. Export all data to xml, pdf, excel. 12. MOB0ILE B5ANKING 13. 0SECU6RITY 14. SECURITY FEATURESSSL SecurityElectronic digitalsignatureSSL***** Password+One TimeTwo FactorsAuthentication 15. A0DDITI7ONALBONUSES 16. MODERN HANDMADE DESIGN 17. SUPPORT1 2 3 4Start FinishAmicable support as during developmentso in pre-production stage 18. DOCUMENTATIONComplete set of documentation 19. LICENSE-FREEWe don't intrude in bank's business butgive a tool to develop it 20. OPEN CODEAll sources are transferred to the bank 21. THANK YOU!