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BONGO PEOPLE - The Seed Company ?· The Bongo language group has the Gospel of ... Help bring the Bongo…

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    Local translators will produce the Book of Genesis in the Bongo language. Theyll receive training at workshops. Community members will become involved too. This group has Lukes Gospel and the JESUS film. They have a church presence, but many still practice traditional animism. About 45 percent claim to be Christians.


    Meet the

    Expected Impact


    Quick FactsLocation: South SudanNumber of Speakers:

    10,100Expected Completion:


    RisksPartnersStrengthsPrinted copies of the

    Book of Genesis, stories taken from Genesis for audio and online access

    and the Genesis Film.

    This project will lay the foundation for producing New Testament

    epistles in the Bongo language. The team has a reliable and trusted field partner and supportive local

    churches. Scripture will have relevance for their culture.

    SIL (an international linguistic organization),

    local churches,National Bible society,

    Faith Comes By Hearing.

    Civil war is ongoing. Devaluation of the currency

    results in high cost of transport, lodging and

    food. Theft of equipment when traveling to and from

    workshops is a possibility. The area has poor infrastructure.

    01 02 03 Genesis in print and audio will be available for use in churches, Bible study groups and the community.

    Gods Word will change in-name-only Christians to Jesus-followers and lead others out of animistic beliefs to the Lord.

    Scripture will transform lives and increase peoples understanding of the Bible, resulting in visible growth of the church.


    [ B O H N - G O H ]

  • The Bongo language group has the Gospel of Luke, the JESUS film, some Bible stories and discipleship materials. But without more of Gods Word, the church suffers from spiritual poverty. Lack of interaction with the biblical message leads to undue emphasis on ritualism. Churches deal with a mixture of Christian truth and animistic beliefs that traces back to their ancestors. Traditional religion has a significant effect on many, including church members.

    The people need the Bible to show them the one true God and the only Savior, Jesus Christ. Many dont know that the Lord alone can bring to life the faith of church members and deliver those bound by long-held futile superstitions.

    The nation is unstable due to the civil war. The local economy experiences wild fluctuation and the cost of living is astronomical. For example, a chicken can cost $25 and monthly rent can vary from $2,000 to $5,000. Electricity is scarce, requiring heavy reliance on local power sources.

    Subsistence farming provides the livelihood for the Bongo people group. Living in remote areas, they have little use of cash. Skirmishes such as cattle raiding happen between neighboring groups. Forgiveness isnt easily granted among these people. Some can hold grudges for generations.

    PRAYER | Lord, You see the deep needs of the Bongo people group. We ask that the foundational teachings of Genesis in the language of their hearts will break through their false ancestral beliefs. Deliver church members from mere in-name-only allegiance to You. May people see from Genesis that You have the power to meet all of their physical needs.

    God, please empower Your workers to produce an accurate, clear and natural Bible translation. Watch over and protect them as they serve You.

    Gods Word will change the lives of those who first experience the Lords great forgiveness. Then they, in turn, forgive others. The Scriptures are full of Gods promises to take care of those who love and obey Him. Believers will receive comfort and relief as they trust Him for great physical and spiritual needs.

    Genuine believers in the Bongo group are seeking to make their congregations vibrant and Christ-centered. Theyre engaged in church planting, discipleship, evangelism and trauma counseling. Christian leaders have been using the few available portions of Gods Word in their ministries. This is a strong sign that theyll put to good use the additional Scriptures the Bongo project will provide.

    The plan is to work with part-time Bible translators chosen from the community. The Bongo group has formed a language committee and appointed translators for the project. The team will use a workshop approach to produce the Book of Genesis in their mother tongue. The training they receive will ensure an accurate, clear and natural translation. Partner organizations will instruct some community members in translation and language development. Extra training will expand the pool of translators, bringing Gods Word to the Bongo all the sooner.

    The Challenge

    How You Can Make a Difference

    The Solution

    Visit or call 1-866-663-8377 to join the team today.


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    FINANCIAL INVESTMENT | Help bring the Bongo people group Scripture they can understand. Your investment will give the Bongo churches the tools they need for personal spiritual enrichment as well as effective outreach to their people.

    As an investor, you will help the Bongo translators receive training, equipment and a livelihood as they work to bring Gods Word to their people in their own language.

    Call The Seed Company at 1-866-663-8377 or visit to make your commitment to the Genesis Cluster today.

    Pray With Us

    Father, speak words of life to these people through Scripture. May the message of Genesis penetrate hearts as they learn of Your faithfulness to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.