Bone Growth

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Bone Growth. Early in development, the human fetus is made entirely of cartilage. . Ossification. The process of turning soft cartilage into hard bone. Mineral deposits replace the cartilage. Ossification. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Bone Growth

Bone Growth

Bone GrowthEarly in development, the human fetus is made entirely of cartilage.

OssificationThe process of turning soft cartilage into hard bone.Mineral deposits replace the cartilage.

OssificationIn long bones (arms and legs), ossification begins at the center and moves toward the ends.

OssificationAt birth, cartilage remains in the skeleton, including at the end of long bones.This cartilage will grow as the long bones grow, so the skeleton can increase in length.OssificationIn the late teens/early 20s, all the cartilage becomes replaced by bone. This is called skeletal maturity.No further growth in length is possible.

Bone Formation through X-Rays

Bone Formation through X-Rays

Bone Anatomy

SpongyBone MarrowCompact BonePeriosteumBone MarrowRed Marrow- Makes red blood cells, platelets, most white blood cells.

Yellow Marrow- Makes only white blood cells. (Only found in adult bones)Skeletal DisordersGiantismAcromegalyPituitary DwarfismOsteoporosisOsteomalaciaFibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) aka Stone Man SyndromeGiantismHypersecretion of Growth Hormone during childhood.Excessive Growth

AcromegalyHypersecretion of Growth Hormone as an adult.Overgrowth of face, feet, hands.

Pituitary DwarfismDeficiency of Growth HormoneShort long bones

OsteoporosisBone is degraded faster than it can be replaced.Results in porous bones.Fractures in vertebrate and femur become common.

OsteomalaciaSoft bones- lacking mineralsIn childhood, called Rickets- more detrimental because bones are still growing.

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP)AKA Stone Man SyndromeBone replaces muscles, tendons and ligaments.Ossification spontaneously or when injured.