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Edition Magz. July


  • P I C O 2 F A S H I O N

  • Selviafinla

  • Important News!To know where the place is it.

    Just ask me in fb or picoFb : Selvia Finla

    Chi Peyem

  • Strip Casual Street

    Suede Boots/blDaily Gacha 300GM

    Side Bow double headband 80 AG

    UK Traditional Glasses

    Marine Border DesaignT-shirt/nv 3000GM

    High-School Ribbon/nv-yw 10000GM

    Floral Designed Pierce 70 AG

    Old Fashion Denim Overall 2800GM

    Finely Tailored Chino pants with Scarf/bg

    Face paint tear drop50AG Gacha bad bunny

  • Pop Modern Cap Slot Challnge

    High School Glasses/br -10000GM

    Stylish Denim Vest

    Western Cowgirl Outfit 50AG Chocolate Color

    Boots/br 3000GM

    Dont mess with ma girl! Big Hoop Earings/sv


    Stylish Metal Headphones/sv 120AG

    Cowgirld Civilian Street

  • Ready for Summer Vacation!

    Vivid Color Polcodotdress/yw

    Heart Designed Pierce/gn

    Skater Sunglasses -10000GM

    Weaven Tote 300GM

    Hawaiian Hibiscus straw Hat/pr 100AG

    2Colors flip-flops/gn 1800GM

  • Teen Sleep and stylish cute

    Kneat Beanie Hat/wh

    Fluffy Bunny Slippers/wh 2000GM

    Little Hand-Hold Mister red noosed reindeer

    Pastel color border Knit/gn 3200GM

    Pastel color skirt/gn 2800GM

    Face paint tear drop50AG Gacha bad bunny

  • Knit Beret/kh

    High School Glasses/br-10000GM

    Academy Checkered skirt/yw 80AG

    Academy Blazer w/ Ribbon/yw 230AG

    Dream to be a rap star! High-cut dance sneakers/bk -


    Allpurpose casual backpack/bk - token

    Dont mess with ma girl! Big Hoop Earings/sv


    Tomboy School Girl

  • Hippie style long shirt 3000GM

    Weaven tote

    Fluttery Bohemian skirt/bk

    Sunny coast rasta color sandals -2000GM

    Bohemian Belt/yw 1300GM

    Bandana with single line/rd

    Bohemian Hippie style

  • Pink prom peacock night

    Prom Moody Gloves/pk token

    Prom Colorful wreath/pk - token

    Suede Boots/pk

    Cat Music Dress/pk 50AG

    Burgeouis Peacock Design Earrings C$10000

    Gamblers big lens sunglasses/pk

  • Gamblers big lenseGlasses C$8000

    Lolita Double layer big bow hairdress/pk 80AG

    Heart paint face/pk 14AG

    Lolita Enamel Ankle strap Shoes/pk 2500GM

    Pastel color skirt/pk 2800GM

    Retro camera with neck strap/pk 1800GM

    Fairy tale basket with ribbon/bg 1800GM

    Black-ribbon slevelessshirt/pk

    Pure pink cute ribbon

  • Kitty Ears/bk 180AG High School Glasses/br 10000GM

    Dont mess with ma girl! Big Hoop Earings/sv 30AG

    Gothic Color wristband/bk -50AG

    Classic Attachecase/bk -

    Vintage Engineer boots/bk - token

    Classic ribbon blouse/bk

    Ruffles skirt/gn

    Elegant stylish asistent

  • Skater Sunglasses/yw 10000GM

    Floral Desaigned Pierce 70AG

    Bon Voyage! Sailors neck scarf/bl

    Finely Tailored Chino pants with scarf /bg

    Pastel Color sneakers/bl- token

    Academy shirt w/tie /gn 3000GM

    France modern sailor style

  • Phantom Monocle Slot Challange

    Rose Corsage with ribbon/rd C$5000

    Floral desaigned pierce 70AG

    High School ribbon/rd-yw 10000GM

    Goth santa dress/rd-bk

    Gergeous Bare Top dress/bk

    Goth Santa royal night

  • Exotic Arabian Slot Challange

    Tips :Use some accsessoris or wig

    Arabian Princess