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Camera work, editing and sound

Camera work, Editing and Soundin the Body Horror GenreCameraCommon Camera Techniques in Body Horror:Close upsMedium Close upsPanLong ShotZoomTiltDutchEye Level

While to man begins to mutate into the fly the camera cuts to close ups at different angles such as low and high angle showing the stages of the mutation with great detail. An example of from the film is when his feet split open as his skin rots. The reason for this camera shot is to exaggerate the detail of the gore and gruesome of this genre. This is typically found in body horror as the audience expect to see clear detail in mutation/change of the human body.

SoundSound Techniques Used in Body HorrorParallelContrapuntalDiegeticNon-DiegeticSound BridgePleonasticAmbient

During the end of the film (the fly) the woman in danger screams (diegetic) multiple times to send across her emotion of fear to the audience and that she is a dangerous environment. This is always found in all horror genres.Secondly during the ending scene the non-diegetic music starts to create tension and suspense. There is a crescendo in the non-diegetic music as the man mutates into the fly to make the narrative more dramatic and more thrilling for the audience.

EditingCommon Editing Techniques In Body Horror:Match on ActionShort Shot DurationShot Reverse ShotSpecial EffectsOrder of ShotsContinuity

The duration of each shot as the man mutates into the fly decreases (short shot duration) as each body part either rips off or rolls off. This is to exaggerate he extent of the transformation to the fly. This makes the narrative a lot more exciting for the audience to watch and enjoy.

Character types and Mise En SceneCharacter TypesThroughout a horror film and any film, all the characters making up the drama and the plot all have different characteristics. Furthermore this is how a particular film is identified by the audience.Examples- Main and stereotypedThe protagonist- this is often the female role, they are usually the most morally standing and smartest of the group, who end up surviving.

The antagonist- The character who manages to escape death through fear and cowering away. This is also quite set up mainly to prove a point.

The irritating guy- In films such as Jurassic park although not a horror, as the team are slowly eliminated, this person is one of the first to go, portraying the irony of the character.

The shy/Unlikely hero- This character during the film almost opens up towards the end of the film.

Mise En SceneThe depiction of a characters attributes other than sound is their physical appearance and Mise En Scene.An example could be the knife and mask in the Horror film Scream(1999)

Body horror Plot and narrative structureElliot searsPlot This is the typical plot of a body horrorThere will be a group of friends(in most cases) and they will take a risk of going somewhere dangerous or creepy and they get trapped.

Once they get trapped something weird starts happening and maybe a deformed human like creature will stalk/attack them or maybe they turn into something bad

After all of that usually there will be a lot of gore and limbs being cut off, at the end of the body horror plots usually 1 or 2 people survive or maybe they all die

Narrative StructureThe narrative structure of body horror has a linear structure (i.e. the story follows a strict pattern mainly formed 3 areas. Equilibrium, disequilibrium and conclusion. An example of this could be a fairytale.

In the body horror genre it is structured in a 3 act structure.

1st Act ( equilibrium)2nd Act (disequilibrium)3rd Act ( conclusion)

Examples of three act structureThe first act(equilibrium) is usually the characters getting introduced to the viewers and seen in a threatening setting.

Disequilibrium& conclusionThe 2nd act is where the characters should start to encounter the villain and then some characters will die.The 3rd act is the final part of the film where they should come face to ace with the villain and kill it or die.

Themes and SettingsThemesThe most common theme in body horrors are mutations as body horrors are usually people who have been mutated into other beings through science or naturally. Example The FlySettingsIn body horrors the settings are usually isolated locations to allow the antagonist to commence the body horror (removing body parts and creating fear with the parts). Also these may be isolated laboratories as the mutation is usually because of a failed experimentEXAMPLEThe film The Fly seems to be set in an abandoned/isolated laboratory, this can be seen as the colours are dark, low key and gloomy. This looks to be a laboratory due to all the scientific equipment around

Body Horrors PurposeThe body horrors purpose is to scare the viewer by using body parts, this also disturbs viewers as some scenes in body horrors will show limbs being cut off (these scenes will also be gory) Sub Genres Within Body Horror Body / Action

Body / Slasher

Body / Thriller

Body / Si - Fi


See No Evil

Wrong Turn

Repo MenQuestionnaire As a group we asked people to guess our subgenre (body horror) by looking at the collage we created.

Iconography InterviewsName: AlistairGenre Guessed: Body HorrorCorrect or incorrect: CorrectIf incorrect, why?What else comes to mind when you think of the body horror subgenre: Lots of blood and body parts.Name: SalmonGenre Guessed: Body HorrorCorrect or incorrect: CorrectIf incorrect, why?What else comes to mind when you think of the body horror subgenre: Murder, body parts, blood.

24Name: CallumGenre Guessed: Body HorrorCorrect or incorrect: CorrectIf incorrect, why?What else comes to mind when you think of the body horror subgenre: Blood and sawn off limbsName: Tom BGenre Guessed: Crime HorrorCorrect or incorrect: IncorrectIf incorrect, why? Never heard of the genre.What else comes to mind when you think of the body horror subgenre: Mutation, blood and gore

Name: KaiGenre Guessed: Body HorrorCorrect or incorrect: CorrectIf incorrect, why?What else comes to mind when you think of the body horror subgenre: Human Centipede, Crazy Scientists and Body parts