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Bodington & Sakai. Dr Adam Marshall (adam.marshall AT Learning Technologies Group, Oxford University & Tetra Collaboration. Tetra Collaboration. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Bodington & Sakai Dr Adam Marshall(adam.marshall AT Technologies Group,Oxford University&Tetra Collaboration

  • Tetra CollaborationThe Tetra Collaboration will work together on projects that address the needs of education, research, technical infrastructure, service oriented architectures (SOA), federated systems, and application frameworks.

    Oxford, Cambridge, UHI and Hull (UK). Others welcome:

  • Tetra Regular developers meetings Regular Board meetingsWill bid for projects, eg, : Bodington tools and services into Sakai Fedora, DSpace & Sakai Content Hosting Identity management (planned) Plus many many more!Anyway

  • Bodington? Odd Name! Nathan Bodington - first VC at Leeds Uni Developed by lecturers at Leeds since 1995 Can be a VLE based on virtual campus metaphor v accessible, quite novel, v flexible Currently used by Oxford, UHI and Leeds See: Podcast: Aggie Booths Atlanta 06 keynote (

  • Local Installation Re-branded as Pilot service 2003-2004 Production service from 2004 2004: 3411 users, 19464 resources, 614109 hits/week 2005: 4781 users, 33040 resources, 1020362 hits/week 2006: 6790 users, 41317 resources, 1831079 hits/week Med Sci (32%), Life Sci (22%), Humanities (18%) 50% registered Oxford users have logged in most departments and 1/3 colleges on board

  • What we liked (1) Not course-based fits Oxford model of pick n mix societies have rooms (sites) committees too (minutes etc) personal space (MyWeblearn) Open content (google-ability) anyone can view our courses 10,300 indexed resources

  • What we liked (2) Hierarchy cf files and directories Fine grained access control not roles but specific permissions Flexible groups SRS groups, hidden groups, ad-hoc, Devolved administration

  • Hierarchy, Groups and ACL (1) Examples guest lecturer on private course wants notes public: deep linking from front page research project w/ external members external tutor on course multiple owners / change owners tutor sets up fora and partitions tutees can create protected content in place then open up

  • Hierarchy, Groups and ACL (2) Medical sciences Students create & manage own resources includes notes, MCQ, links, videos non-sensitive material open to all M.Sc. in e-learning First couple of modules public: taster rest are protected

  • Hierarchy CommentaryVery important for Bodington: used for organisation of resources (ie, sites and tools) browsable tree used for organisation of groups used for inheriting permissions (from parent) used for devolved administration nice URLs (that get a bit long!)

  • Groups CommentaryVery important for Bodington (!): resource accessible by these groups each group can have different rights, eg, read, read and write etc. each resource has an owners group some special groups, eg, anonymous, public, oxford groups protected by ACL, have owners group, groups with read access etc

  • ACL CommentaryVery important for Bodington (!!): people dont have roles, groups have specific permissions very rich permission set: see title of resource / site / tool / group read resource / site / tool / group edit resource / site / tool / group create a site or tool at this point post to this discussion forum, Bingo! Devolved administration.

  • Devolved AdministrationACL + Groups + Hierarchy = Devolved Administration Relieves burden on central admin Improves user experience

  • ExampleDemonstrates: Hierarchy Groups Access control MyWeblearn (cf MyWorksite)

  • Light relief: A cat in a fez!

  • The Plan We want Groups, Hierarchy & ACL in Sakai Oxford will be aided and abetted by Cambridge, UHI. Also interest from other SF members

  • Hierarchy: Matthew Buckett

  • Groups - Highlights 1 Centralised pool of floating groups External application with GUI (web service and Java API) MyGroups link in MyWorksite, includes favourites Metadata: version, title, description, expiry date, notes, source (sis, sakai, fedora. etc.) Hierarchy (strict) + ACL (view, see, edit, manage, etc) inheritance

  • Groups - Highlights 2 Search / browse / favourites (note ACL) Creating: Link / copy existing group Preset ACL profiles (cf Sakai Messages & Forums) Inherit Groups of groups (union) Intersection of groups (intersection) Auto partition (eg, for tutorial) Requesting membership / subscription model: auto, none, moderated Shibboleth: issues specification? how many members & demographics?

  • Groups: Implementation Stand alone Groups Service Need new Sakai GroupProvider Management interface in Sakai Base on Grouper / GAP/PAGS?

  • Fin



    Demos visibility - headings:

    public vis private vis - just me can see protected vis - me & Group X can see

    Demos permissions suite o rooms

    public vis all can see ***** put summink in there *****