Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. Hanna Park Inae Lee 7D Fun Game. Poetry Game. -This is a class game -It can’t go out of topic -Doesn’t have to rhyme One person starts off by making up the first line of a poem (just by imagination) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Bodily-Kinesthetic IntelligenceHanna ParkInae Lee7DFun GamePoetry Game-This is a class game-It cant go out of topic -Doesnt have to rhymeOne person starts off by making up the first line of a poem (just by imagination)The next person continues the first line of the poem however they likeThe third person continues what the other person thought up ofThis goes on until someone decides to conclude and end the poemLogical-Mathematical IntelligenceHanna ParkInae Lee7DMeterMeterMeter is a pattern of accented/long and unaccented/short syllables in lines of a set lengthStructureIf there was a set length of 10 syllables then:First Syllable: UnstressedSecond Syllable: StressedThird Syllable: UnstressedFourth Syllable: Stressedand so on until the line reaches the tenth syllableExampleThis is an example from Shakespeare:ShallI comPAREthee TOa SUMmersDAY?

-Unstressed Syllable: Black-Stressed Syllable: Red

VocabsFoot: Each pair of unstressed/stressed syllables that makes up a unit (Line=Five feet in total)Iamb: Foot containing an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllableMeter of The line in iambic= iambic pentameter-The word pentameter comes from the prefix pent which means five

Stress patterns-Some feet in verse/poetry has different stress patternsEx1) Foot that consists of two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed oneEx2) Foot that consists of a stressed one followed by a unstressed oneThe Five Types of FeetIamb (Iambic) is unstressed + stressed with two syllablesTrochee (Trochaic) is stressed + unstressed with two syllablesSpondee (Spondaic) is stressed + stressed with two syllablesAnapest (Anapestic) is unstressed + unstressed + stressed with three syllablesDactyl (Dactylic) is stressed + unstressed + unstressed with three syllables

Length of lines and meter can also varyTypes of meter & line lengthMonometer = One Foot Dimeter = Two Feet Trimeter = Three Feet Tetrameter = Four Feet Pentameter = Five Feet Hexameter = Six Feet Heptameter = Seven Feet Octameter = Eight FeetMeterMeter is determined by the type of foot and the number of feet in a lineLine with three iambic feet= iambic trimeterLine with six dactylic feet= dactylic hexameterExample from William Blakes Poem:Tyger Tyger burning bright In the forests of the nightCatalexis: The absense of stressed/unstressed syllablesThank You!!:*)