Board Game Advice Needed

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  • 7/27/2019 Board Game Advice Needed



    37.The weather is

    hot and sunny.

    63. I get

    homesick whenIm away on


    64. I want tohelp fight

    against climate


    65.I want to marry

    a millionaire.


    I got firedfrom my job.

    59.My English isnt

    very good.

    58. Imthirsty and

    the fridgeis empty.



    56.I have

    chest pains.

    57.Im broke.

    51.I often

    get carsick andseasick.


    Someone stolemy wallet.


    Im feelinglonely.

    48. I had acar accident.

    It wasmy fault.


    Im starving.


    I want to

    lose weight.

    41.I lost

    my keys.


    A bully stole mylunch money.

    43. I shot

    a burglarin my house

    last night.


    Im alwayslate.

    39.Im worried

    that ImHIV positive.

    40.Im in love

    with Beyonc.

    44.The weather is

    cold and rainy.

    62. I got

    detentionbecause I was


    61. Ive got

    only sixmonths

    to live.

    50. I got

    into a fight

    at schoolyesterday.

    36. I got hit

    by a carwhile crossing

    the street.



    34.I want to be



    I got bittenby a snake.

    31. Im boredwhen I have

    a lot offree time.

    30.I hate

    my job.


    I think my wifehas an affair.

    26. An alien

    spaceshiplanded in my


    27. I think

    my boyfriendis cheating

    on me.

    13. Its mymothers



    I got lostin the desert.

    15. My left

    eye hurtswhen I drink


    1. My car

    broke downon the


    2.I have a


    3. I think myparents hate

    me. We dontget along.

    9.Ive booked a

    trip to Egypt.


    Im allergic tocats and dogs.

    11. Theres

    no water orelectricity in

    the house.


    My girlfrienddumped me.

    18. Ive got

    a bad caseof agoraphobia.

    17.I think

    Im ugly.

    16.My landlord

    kicked me out.

    21.Im fat.

    20. Ive got

    a bad case ofclaustrophobia.


    I cant swim.

    6.I failed my

    English exam.

    5.I cant sleep

    at night.

    4.Im goingon holiday

    to London.

    8.My fathers in


    7.A stray dog

    bit me.

    23. I dont

    know what to doafter secondary



    I stepped on arusty nail.


    24. 28.

    49. 45.



    How to play- Players give advice usingappropriate language (see p.2).

    - The number of pieces ofadvice needed to continue

    should depend on the level ofplayers (e.g. Elem. 2, Pre-int. 3,

    Interm. 4., Upper-int. 5, Adv. 6).

    Moving- Players go from top to bottomchoosing their own path starting

    from Go and flip a coin (heads =move, tails = 2 moves). or

    - They can roll a die and followthe numbered squares, losing aturn on the Dangersquares.

  • 7/27/2019 Board Game Advice Needed


    Ways to give advice

    You should/ shouldnt + infinitive

    You should have, shouldnt have + past participle

    You ought to + infinitive (formal)

    It would be a good idea if you + past simple If I were you, I would ...

    You had better ... + infinitive

    You will have to + infinitive

    It is time you + past simple

    Why don't you ... + infinitive

    You could always ... + infinitive

    Have you thought about ... + ing

    Imperatives (don't ... Do ...)

    Sample answers Students should use their imagination; create and funny

    answers should be rewarded.

    1. You should have your car serviced more regularly. You should buy a new car. You

    should get AA/breakdown cover. You should buy a new car. You should have called me

    to come and get you. It would be a good idea if you got rid of that clunker.

    2. You should take a break. Why dont you take some painkillers? Go for a medical

    check-up. You shouldnt sit on front of your computer/TV for so long.

    3. You should talk to them. You shouldnt keep this to yourself. Why dont you talk to

    them? You could call a helpline. You shouldnt think of murdering them.

    4. You shouldnt miss the Tower of London. You should go to the Natural History

    Museum. You should go see the Changing of the Guards. Why dont you take a side-

    trip to Oxford?

    5. You should do some exercise in the evening. You could always take a sleeping pill. You

    should get medical advice. You shouldnt drink coffee in the evening.

    6. You should have studied harder. You should take English more seriously. You should

    have practiced more. You should have asked for help. You should have taken a trip to

    England. Try to find a penfriend/penpal/keypal.7. You should go to the doctors. You should get a rabies shot. You should have run

    harder. You should carry pepper spray. Why didnt you hit it with your umbrella?

    8. You should visit him. Why dont you give him a call? You ought to speak to his doctor.

    You should help your mother at home. Dont worry; Im sure hell be okay.

    9. You should have told me; I couldve gone with you. Dont miss the pyramids. You should

    take light, cotton clothing. Dont forget your sunscreen. You should go for a camel

    ride. You had better not try to flirt with local women.

    Warning!Squares 25, 27, 39 and 40

    might be inappropriate

    because of cultural

    differences or students age.Please replace with other

    problems if needed.

  • 7/27/2019 Board Game Advice Needed


    10. Get yourself another pet then. You shouldnt go near them. You could always get a

    Robodog (robotic dog). You should find a flat in a building where pets arent allowed.

    You should carry a long stick to keep dogs at bay.

    11. You should check the fuse box. You should phone your landlord. You should pay your

    utility bills on time. Why dont you use the neighbours shower? You could always use

    candles and go unwashed.

    12. (octopus)13. You should get her a nice present. Why dont you give her a phone call? You should

    take her out to a nice restaurant. You shouldnt drop off your laundry tomorrow then.

    14. You shouldnt have gone there in the first place. You should have taken a sat phone

    with you. Why didnt you take a local guide with you? You should know better than to

    venture out there on your own.

    15. Dont drink coffee then. If I were you, Id ask some medical advice. You should see a

    doctor about this. You should send your story to the Bizarre but true section of the

    local newspaper. It would be a good idea if you removed the spoon before you drink.

    16. You shouldve paid the rent on me. You should sue him. You should kick up a fuss. Whydont you become a squatter? You could always live under a bridge. Why dont you

    start looking for some cardboard boxes?

    17. Dont look in the mirror then. Get a nose job. You shouldnt be so worried about your

    appearance; its the inside that matters. Why dont you join a self-help club? You

    should see a shrink. You shouldnt think like that.

    18. (Agoraphobia: fear of large open spaces such as malls, airports, etc.) Dont go to

    Tiananmen Square then. You should get professional advice. Why dont you get some

    hypnotic treatment? You shouldnt be afraid of empty spaces. You could always wear

    a blindfold so you cant see where you are.19. You should take swimming lessons. You shouldnt go in the deep end of the pool. Dont

    go swimming in the sea. Why dont you go the mountains? You could always get a note

    from your parents so you can skip PE.

    20. (Claustrophobia: fear of being trapped without escape, often in small places) You

    shouldnt use lifts. Why dont you use the stairs instead of the elevator? Buy clothes

    without trying them on. Why dont you try on new clothes in the middle of the shop

    instead of using the changing rooms? You should get professional help. You should go

    into therapy.

    21. Why dont you go on a diet? Why dont you try to lose some weight? Stop eatingsnacks between meals. Get your stomach stapled. Stop whining. You should eat more

    fruit. You shouldnt eat so much candy. You should get some exercise.

    22. You should find another one. You shouldnt sit around moping; there are plenty of

    fish in the sea. Why dont you socialize a bit more? You could always register with an

    online dating service. Why dont you order a mail-order bride?

    23. You should talk to a study advisor. You shouldnt make rash decisions. You should

    think it over. You should sleep on it. Why dont you ask your parents what they think?

    Why dont you study ()?

  • 7/27/2019 Board Game Advice Needed



    25. You should talk to her about this. You should tell her how you feel. Why dont you

    hire a private investigator? You should see your lawyer? Why dont you have her

    followed? You shouldnt think like that; it could be innocent. It is time you started

    facing facts.

    26. etc

    I ran out of steam here. I hope you can come up with some decent advice yourselves.