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<ol><li> 1. Wallace Bo Ole Miss QB 6 Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade 64 203 N/A N/A Height Weight 40 speed Test Score ATHLETIC ABILITY SECTION GRADE: 5 Q.A.B 4.5 Quick Feet 5 C.O.D. 4 Flexibility 5 Coordination 6.5 Scrambles a lot out of the pocket and ran the ball quite a bit in the option offense. Very slow acceleration, doesnt slide he would rather take the hit and try to get more yards. Seemed too lose his balance often. COMPETITIVENESS SECTION GRADE: 7 Toughness 8 Clutch Play 7.5 Production 7 Consistency 6 Team Player 7 Pride / Quit 6.5 Very tough QB. Took a lot of big hits from d-linemen and linebackers and popped right back up. Made some very clutch passes at the end of the Alabama game to get the W. From the tape he looked like a good teammate and leader on the field against Alabama but against TCU he shut down after getting picked off twice early in the game. No leadership or emotion from him at all in the TCU game. MENTAL ALERTNESS SECTION GRADE: 7 Learn / Retain 5.5 Inst/Reaction 7.5 Concentration 7.5 Read coverage great against Alabama but had a hard time reading the blitzes coming from TCU. Noticed if his first option wasnt open he had a hard time finding someone else to throw too so he would just try to run. STRENGTH / EXPLOSION SECTION GRADE: 7 Body Type 8.5 He has a good height and weight ratio for the QB position. Hes very tough while running the ball and can take a lot of big hits. Not the fastest guy out there but can push forward for yards.Durability 8.5 Explosion 4.5 Play Strength 5 </li><li> 2. GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPTION GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 6.5 TECHNIQUE Quick release but gets block at the line. Ole Miss vs Alabama Ole Miss vs TCU 225 REPS-N/A VERTICAL JUMP-N/A BROAD JUMP-N/A 20 SHUTTLE-N/A 60 SHUTTLE-N/A 3 CONE-N/A 6.5 ARM STRENGTH Has a rocket but inaccurate. 6 CONVERT % Converted with legs more than arm. 5.5 2ND LIVES Doesnt capitalize on opportunities. 5.5 ACC SHORT IN PKT Gets a lot of passes blocked at the line. 5 ACC LONG IN PKT Usually misses his guy. 5.5 ACC ON MOVE Cant throw while running. 7 BIG PLAYS Likes throwing the deep ball resulting in some big completions. 5 UNDER PRESSURE He hangs onto the football and tries to make something happen. CRITICAL FACTORS 6.5 LDRSHIP / POISE Calm while losing but doesnt get teammates pumped. OPTION OFFENSE NOT A HIGH BALL RELEASE SURROUNDED BY TALENT 5.5 READ DEFENSES One read offense doesnt know where to go next. 7 BIG ERRORS Makes all of poor decisions STRONG POINTS WEAKNESSES Can take hits, doesnt go down very easily. Good arm strength. Can run if he has too. Throws nice spiral. Seems like a good teammate and leader. Gets throws blocked at the line a lot. Scrambles in the pocket even without pressure. Would rather run the ball if his first option isnt open. Holds onto the ball for way to long. Tries to force throws into tight windows with his arm strength. SUMMARY While watching Bo Wallace play against Alabama a game that they won. I saw a leader that was surrounded by talent and they made him look good. He had some good throws but there were a lot of poor passes that his receivers saved him from. He has a strong arm with a quick but low release. Made some clutch plays but also held onto the ball to long ending up in a bad play. Hes very tough getting </li><li> 3. up after huge hits and running right back at the defense. I noticed that if his first read wasnt open or available he would panic and just try to run instead of finding another target. On the game winning drive he showed poise and confidence throwing great passes to his very talented receivers. Now in the game he lost to TCU he showed very poor leadership. He was making very poor decisions turning it over 4 times. He was constantly under pressure, so he would just try to make a play with his feet instead of finding an open receiver. Tried throwing into tight windows with his arm strength and failed. If he did have time to throw the ball it would get blocked due to his low release point. He never looked comfortable in the pocket. </li></ol>