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BluStar for iPad / iPhone. September 2013. BluStar for iPad /iPhone. User expectation evolution. Consumer uses drive enterprise uses: Video on PC Instant Messaging on mobile Tablets Smartphones Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is here Mobility always a key driver. 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Campus BluStar

BluStar for iPad / iPhoneSeptember 2013BluStar for iPad/iPhone Aastra 201317/09/20131User expectation evolution

Consumer uses drive enterprise uses:Video on PCInstant Messaging on mobileTabletsSmartphonesBring Your Own Device (BYOD) is hereMobility always a key driver2BluStar for iPad/iPhone

Aastra 2013Effet du grand public et du BYOD17/09/20132

From Voice to Multimedia

Voice DimensionMultimedia DimensionIP PBX = VoiceCall Manager / Multimedia Server

YesterdayToday and tomorrow

BluStar for iPad/iPhone3 Aastra 2013Riding the multimedia waveThe latest technology shifts enable enterprises to move from closed, proprietary-based environments to complete IP and Unified Collaborative Communication environments. Different business applications are able to work together in an environment based on open standards. Applications unifying these domains are imperative for improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the modern enterprise. With video technology maturing and video being a mainstream form of communication today, the evolution to video in the workplace is becoming a natural continuity in enterprise development, with the latest emphasis on desktop video conferencing

Aastra visionAs an example of our longer term strategy and vision, we envision that today's call managers will move from being voice centric to multimedia type servers that have a focus on collaboration services rather than just voice as a service. This is very much in line with the technology drivers we saw before with personal computing devices (PC tablets, smart phones) will be the user device of choice and video will become mainstream as a form of communication. Aastra will focus their developments towards content rich services, such as web-based video conferencing and desktop sharing to make the paradigm shift from voice to video as the natural way of communicating between people.

Key Messages: Multimedia has a significant impact on the way we communicate today and it will be even more important tomorrow. The future has already begun!

As an example we at Aastra see that today's call managers will move from being voice centric to Multi-media type servers that have a focus on collaboration services rather than just voice as a service. Mobility and Video will become more ubiquitous and reach critical mass in the enterprises of all sizes.

This is very much in line with the technology drivers experienced before with personal computing devices. Going forward, PC tablets and smart phones will become the user device of choice with Video becoming mainstream as a form of communication.

Aastra is focusing its research and development activities towards content rich services, such as web based video conferencing and desktop sharing to make support the paradigm shift from voice to video as the natural way of communicating between people.

Fit for purpose solutions!

3Aastra BluStar EcosystemAastra communication serverone provisioning, one configuration, one administration,bandwidth management

Integrated solution lowers hurdles to implement video communication for all corporate users

Open standardsMobile userPersonal videoCollaborate naturally with video- dailyConferencing devices

Consistent User Interface4BluStar for iPad/iPhone Aastra 201317/09/20134

BluStar for iPad/iPhone

5Aastra BluStar for iPad/iPhone retrieve BluStar experience from your tablet/smartphone !Apple iOSiPad2, iPad3, ipad 4, iPad miniiPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5CiOS 5, 5.1, 6, 7

SIP user, connection via Wi-Fi/4G

Pear-to Pear Video, 3-way conference (as participant)

Internal and external mobility

One number

Download from Apple Store

BluStar Client License (and IP Video)BluStar for iPad/iPhone Aastra 20135

BluStar for iPad/iPhoneSIP Softphone for pear-to-pear high quality H.264 video and audio communication via WiFi or 4G

Intuitive interface : ease of use, front and rear camera support

HD Audio HD with G.722, G.711, ILBC codecs support

Automatic video quality management fitting to all types of network

Directory integration - LDAP, AD, Exchange, Apple iTunes (Outlook, Google, Yahoo etc).

Up to 5 user profiles

SBC and VPN support for remote access via WiFi/4G

BluStar for iPad/iPhone6 Aastra 2013

BluStar for iPad/iPhoneSearchDialCall listRedialVoice mailHome screenFavorite keysEdit favoritesOptionsRegistration status and user lDHome screen7BluStar for iPad/iPhone Aastra 2013

Unified presence management on all BluStar ecosystemPersonal BluStar Presence and free text Line state of users extension Calendar Presence from Outlook/ExchangeBluStar for iPad/iPhonePresence with BluStar ServerNEW V3.0A5000 R5.4SP3BluStar for iPad/iPhone8 Aastra 2013Presence information on favoritesLine state,BluStar presence and free textCalendar presence(Exchange)Detail when clicking on favorite

NEW V3.0A5000 R5.4SP3BluStar for iPad/iPhonePresence with BluStar ServerBluStar for iPad/iPhone9 Aastra 2013You can manually set your own personal BluStar presenceAvailableBusy,Do not DisturbCan be completed with a free text (for instance work from home)Immediate update of status on all your BluStar devicesNEW V3.0A5000 R5.4SP3BluStar for iPad/iPhoneBluStar for iPad/iPhonePresence with BluStar Server

10 Aastra 2013BluStar for iPad/iPhoneIn communication11From V1.3 : hold, transfer, retrieveBluStar for iPad/iPhone

Aastra 2013BluStar for iPad/iPhone3-way conferenceFrom V2.0: possibility to join a 3-way video conference hosted by 8000i or BluStar for Conference Room

12BluStar for iPad/iPhone Aastra 2013BluStar for iPad/iPhoneAdvanced settings

BluStar for iPad/iPhone13 Aastra 2013Download and updatesFrom Apple Store

BluStar for iPad/iPhone14 Aastra 2013Ease of configuration !User are configured on A5000 which automatically generates configuration filesAutomatic email generation to iPad/iPhone endusers by A5000 with configuration as attachement (aastra.cfg)Users open the file and thats it !

Admin creates user s in AMP12

A5000 sends an email to endusers with configuration file attached3Attchment is opened and automatically read by BluStar app4BluStar app is ready to use !

15A5000 R5.4SP2

Installation and update

BluStar for iPad/iPhone Aastra 2013

BluStar 8000i Desktop Media Phone Executive voice and video device Always ready Embedded conferencing capabilities Optimized hardware to guarantee excellent HD voice and video quality for enterprise Communication needs

BluStar for PC Provides the user with collaborative features directly from the desktop voice, video and Instant Messaging Easy access from a single interface In the office or remotely Integrated with groupware environment

BluStar for iPad/iPhone On the fly Peer-to-peer video communication Enabling natural communicaton for mobile users

BluStar - Takes BusinessCommunications to a New Level

16HD quality, ease of access, ease of use for a unique user experienceBluStar for Conference Room

Versatile video conferencing solution 4-way embedded conferencing capabilities HD camera with PTZ control Wireless conference phone Powerful and flexible solution to meet the needs of modern businesses

BluStar for iPad/iPhone Aastra 201317/09/201316

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BluStar for iPad/iPhone

Aastra 201317/09/201317