Bloom’s Taxonomy Composition book. How do we think? Metacognition – thinking about your thinking Thinking Icons connections

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Text of Bloom’s Taxonomy Composition book. How do we think? Metacognition – thinking about your thinking...

  • Blooms TaxonomyComposition book

  • How do we think?Metacognition thinking about your thinkingThinkingIconsconnections

  • Levels of thinking RememberingUnderstandingApplyingAnalyzingEvaluatingCreating

  • Goldilocks and The Three BearsGenre: Fairy tale

    Read aloud-

    Tools: Think marks

    Think about:Text to textText to selfText to world

  • Remembering Day 1Paste this list into your composition book List NameIdentifyShowDefineRecognizeRecallState

    TellLabelRelateLocateFindCite Specifyrepeat

  • RememberingDay 1

    What are some things Goldilocks did in the bears house?Who was Goldilocks?What did her mother tell her not to do?List the characters in the story

  • Understanding Day 2 Paste this list into your composition book SummarizeExplainExpressDiscussInterpretCompare DemonstrateVisualizeRestateOutlineClassify

  • UnderstandingDay 2 Summarize what the story was about.This story was aboutThe story tells usWhy didnt her mother want her to go to the forest?What did Goldilocks look like?What kind of girl was she?Why did Goldilocks like the little bears chair?Describe where Goldilocks lived.

  • Applying Day 3 Paste this list into your composition book SolveIllustrateCalculateUseInterpretRelate ChooseDemonstratesimulate ApplyShowInterviewApplyShowInterviewClassifyOperatedramatize

  • Applying Day 3

    Construct a theory as to why Goldilocks went into the houseIf goldilocks had come into your house, what are some of things she might have used?How were the bears like real people?Why did Goldilocks go into the house?Draw a map showing Goldilocks house

  • Analyzing Day 4 Paste this list into your composition book AnalyzeOrganizeDeduceChooseContrastCompareDistinguish


  • Analyzing Day 4What parts of the story could have actually not happened?How did the bear react to what Goldilocks did?How would you react?Compare Goldilocks to any friend.

  • Evaluate Day 5 Paste this list into your composition book EvaluateChoose EstimatejudgeDefend CriticizeJustifyArgueAssessPredict Rate

  • Evaluating Day 5Do you think Goldilocks was good or bad? Why do you think so?Why were the bears angry with Goldilocks?Why was Goldilocks happy to get home?Do you think she will listen to her mothers warnings in the future?Would you have gone into the bears house? Why or why not?Judge whether Goldilocks made a good decision by running away from the bears. Explain.

  • Creating Day 6 Paste this list into your composition book DesignSupportInventFormulateDiscussDevise


  • Creating Day 6Combine art and drama by making up a new ending to the storyHow might the story have been different if Goldilocks visited three fish?Compose a song, skit, poem, or rap to convey the Goldilocks story in a new form. Create a script that has a court scenario, where Goldilocks is on trial.Debate Goldilocks vs. The Three Bears- Which side are you on? Create a version of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears with scholarly vocabulary.Construct a letter from Goldilocks apologizing for her behavior Generate a list of what Goldilocks did and then a list of what she should have done.

  • Going Beyond with Blooms Be aware of your thinking!

    Be aware of the type of question or product that you are being asked to do in all the subjects.

    Always be thinking. What level of blooms am I working on?

  • Your target in thinking