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<p>1001: Getting Started OBJECTIVE This session is designed to help you gain an understanding of how information is organized in the Bloomberg system for easy rebieval.</p> <p>BUUse BU to display a menu of Bloomberg's training resources, seminars worldwide. HELP . Use HELP to search Bloomberg's database for information using a word or a phrase. It can also be used to find help on a specific function. HELP HELP To submlt a questlon to our 24-hour analyttcs desk, press twice from anywhere else on the system HDSK Use HDSK to display a list o l your outgoing Help Desk messages sent using HELP HELP. PDF Use PDF to modify the default analytical parameters of your Bloomberg. You can also modify the defaults for your keyboard and the appearance of printed screens. Each user with their own login name and password can create a unique set of personal defaults. EASY Use EASY to display a list of tips and shortcuts you can use on Bloomberg.MSGM MSGM displays all of the message functions available on the Bloomberg.</p> <p>EXCH Use EXCH to display a list of all the exchanges that are available through the Bloomberg. N Enter N to access the extensive world of Bloomberg News. BBXL Use 6BX.L to display a menu of functions !ha! provide a comprehens;~!c: overvie&gt;*! 3 hsw !o impor! and use B!oombeq data ! in Excel, including a step-by-step guide, cheat sheets and descriptions of recent enhancements. You can also use BBXL to display information on performing Bloomberg calculations in Excel (Calculation Overrides) and to view demonstration spreadsheets. BREP Use BREP to display a menu of Bloomberg sales and installation representatives and their phone numbers. BREP allows you to send messages directly to your sales or installation representatives or to the Analytics Desk. PHON Use PHON to set your defaults for accessing the Bloomberg PnON service that allows you to retrieve e-mail, quotes and other information via a telephone or PDA when you are away from the Bloomberg Professional Service. You can use PHON to add or change your ID number. PIN number and data categories. BLP Bloomberg Launchpad is a customizable, dynamic user interface, which takes extsting Bloomberg Professional service functions and allows them to exist on your computer desktop. Bloomberg Launchpad builds an interactive workstation riven by the Bloomberg Professional service's data, news and analytics in a format which allows YOU to access the information you need, when you need it.</p> <p>Bloomberg</p> <p>1002: Introduction to Real-time Monitoring OBJECTIVE This session is designed to help you creale market monitors in the Bloomberg system to track securities, monitor orice movements and news that move markets, to create charts on vour monitor screens and to view slldtng lockers 'or up-to-date prce mon tonng The benef 1s are lnat yo^ wlll be a0 e to watch markets cnanse in real-t~me allowlng you to ma6e your in/eslment dec~slons more 'ap~dly and effic.enl, IN THE BEGINNING THERE WERE 'NEW WORKSHEETS' NWEG You can review a set of samole 'New Worksheet' s. These are temDiates based on different reaions and markets. You may select a template, modify it and save it as your own.</p> <p>-</p> <p>NW Use NW to display 8 create a list of Market Monitors. Once inside an NW. you may edit it to change its makeAND THEN CAME LAUNCHPAD1 up and appearance.</p> <p>....</p> <p>BLP Bloomberg Launchpad is a customisable, dynamic user inledace, which takes existing Bloomberg Professional service functions and allows them to exist on your computer desktop. Bloomberg Launchpad builds an interactive wot%station driven by the Bloomberg Professional se~vice'sdata, news and analyiics in a format which allows you to access the information you need, when you need it. PDF Use PDF 6cGO&gt; to mod~ty default parameters of your Launchpad and Worksheet Monitors the To launch Launchpad To start using Launchpad type BLP on your Bloomberg. This will open the Launchpad toolbar. The Toolbar is your main navigation point for your desktop. It provides navigation to Launchpad components and to traditional Bloomberg appiication in lhe Bloomberg window. Launchpad Toolbar The Launchpad Toolbar consists of 5 buttons: File. Launch, Tools. Reveai and Help. File The File button will let you save, store, recall, delete, rename, edit and share views Launch The Launch button is used to open Launchpad components and access your favourites. Tools The Tools button lets you accesssample views. the group manager and the edit favourltes tool Reveal The Reveal button brings all of the open Launchpad components to the foreground of your desktop. Help The Help button allows you l o access the users guide for Launchpad or can be used to contact the Help Desk. Group Manager Use the Group Manager to link single security components together. This allows you to change multiple Components instantly and quickiy access ail the single security information you need to make quick decisions. Favourites The Favorites tool lets you build links to tradilional Bloomberg applications that are not Launchpad COmpOnentS. This gives you access to everything you need directly from your desktop. You can use the Favorites loo1 to incorporate previously created Bioomberg custom buttons.</p> <p>Bloomberg</p> <p>1002: Introduction to Real-time Monitoring - Page 2 Launchpad Components Each Launchpad component has a toolbar lhat allows to control and customize thal component. Monitors Bring your lisl of securities to the desktop to gain faster access to Launchpad components and all other Bloomberg functions. Link or import your security list from Portfolios. Indices. Lists. NWs, and Excel. Monitors are unique to your login and can be re-used in multiple views. Drag and Drop securities to and from the monitor to anywhere on your desktop. Auto Launch at login Launchpad can be set to open automatically when you login. Auto Launch will save you time and give you quick access to all the infomation in your view. Type PDF on the Bloomberg to set your Launchpad defaults,</p> <p>Bloomberg</p> <p>1003: Charting On Bloomberg OBJECTIVE This session is designed to help you gain an understanding on how to use the various charting functions available on the Bloomberg system. We will look at the Standard charting functionality along with the Customized Graphics area of G TDEF Use TDEF to customize all the default settings within your login. Set your favourite Moving Averages and lndicator settings so that you can see your charts in the format you want. You can also enableidisable the Interactive buttons that appear on your charts to be cerlain you are getting all the options important to you. GP 1 GPO l GPC Use GP. GPO or GPC to graph Historical Line Bar and Candlestick charts along with Moving Averages and Volume Information. Data used to construct the charts is available by hitting the Page Forward key. Draw Trend Lines. Fibonacci retracements, % Change targets on the chart for use during your session. GX24 This allows you to display an inlraday currency prices graph with 24-hour price data. The function charts the last, change. open, high and low values for each of the three major currency markets: New York. London and Tokyo.GPL GPL will graph historical Line. Bar and Candlestick charts for selected securities on a logarithmic scale. Use GPL f o ~ analysing very long range trends especially on a Weekly or Monthly periodicity as they can sometimes be more advantageous than an arithmetic scale.</p> <p>RSlllRSl Use RSI or lRSl to see a Historical or lntraday chart of the Relative Strength Index. Hin~ng MENU key whilst viewing the this chart will show all the other historical and intraday technical indicator charts that are available. GIP Use GIP to graph lntraday Tick charts. Show single day trading activity or up to 30 days of Tick action with GIP30. You can also go back to a specific trading day with the Page Back key. IGPO IIGPC Use IGPO or IGPC to graph lntraday Bar and Candlestick charts along wlth Movlng Averages and Volume lnformat~on Sett~ngs from Page 3 of TDEF are used to d~splay your favourtte lntraday data per~od HMSM Use HMSM to graph historical reiailonships among market indices, economic statistics, equltles, bonds and pomollos over specific time frames. You can Normalize the display for direct market comparisons and also access the data points used to construct the chart by hitting the Page Forward key.G Use G to create and maintain customized technical charts thal highlight the trading patterns of a selected security on an inlraday or historical basis. By graphing multiple technical sludies on the same chart, you can determine whether their slgnals concur, thereby ga~ning insight into the future movement of a security. Trend Lines drawn on the single security Historical and lntraday charts G will remain on the charls unlil you remove them, allowing quick reference to previously conducted analysis. G will also allow you to create Multiple Security graphs which can display up to 4 items. Spreads and Ratios can also be created and dis~laved comoarative analvsis. G offers vou access to the most advanced charting for functlonallty available and can be completely custom~zed s u ~your needs charts can be used as templates thal wlli to i apply to any securlty or they can be created to dlsplay the same data items for the same security each tlme referenced</p> <p>GEG Use GEG to access easy loaded G worksheets. Both Single security and multiple security worksheets are available from this section along with Line, Bar and Candle charts. Many popular lndicator charts are already set up and a large selection of the DeMark lndicalors are also available. You can choose from the available lists to see the chart in question and then save the worksheet templalc in your own login for.convenierd retrieval.</p> <p>Bloomberg</p> <p>OBJECTIVE</p> <p>N Enter N to access the extensive world of Bloomberg News. TOP Type TOP for instant access to the top Bloomberg News headlines from various market sectors and around the world. NI Use NI to search for news based on one keyword or news code. For example, type NI FED for the latest insights in US monetary rate policy. Then use the amber search box to find a pafiicular word or phrase TNI Use TNI to search for news by subject, company, andlor person, using filters such as keywords. date ranges and different newswires as sources.</p> <p>NHType NH for a scrolling list of current news headlines from various newswires. The Bloomberg newswire code is BN, so type N H BN to see all headlines from Bloomberg News. NRC Type NRC for a directory of all the news sources and research contributors on Bloomberg To disable a news or research contributor enter an X in the yellow box beside its code Type 22 to enable or disable all newswires in a specific language WECO Use WECO to display a calendar of both current and expected economic releases from around the world. The combination of the BLOOMBERG NEWS Survey and a historical database of the economic statistics to be released, keeps you informed of what is happening with the global economy, allowing you to make better market decisions CECO Use CECO to create a customized calendar of upcoming economic events that you can d~splay through EVNT . You can create up to 45 different country and calendar type combinations. ECST Use ECST to display current and historical economic statistics for selected natlons. You can use ECST to analyze trcnds in economic statistics using links to historical graphs. description pages and iiews. ECST can help you ar?!icipate the possiblc future direction of an economy.</p> <p>CBQCBQ displays a market summary of benchmark statistics, a graph of recent moves in the benchmark equity index, and a list of the three most active stock5 for a specific country. CBQ also displays long-term debt ratings, economic statistics, top news headlines, and also provides access to calendars of economlc releases. corporate events, and earnings repoils. CBQ presents all of this lnforrnation on a single screen. so you can easily keep abreast of the developments in a selected country's markets from one screen</p> <p>Bloomberg</p> <p>CERTIFICATION PROGGET M</p> <p>,.I . GLOBAL PRQDUc T~gs. gh</p> <p>E $EST OUT OF BLOWBERG1005: Introduction to API</p> <p>OBJECTIVE This session is designed to help you and show how to use Bloomberg API wizards to download data Onto your MS Excel applications or proprietary models.</p> <p>117 ,1m\</p> <p>1</p> <p>&amp; &amp; IK \ &amp; . ,</p> <p>The Bloomberg toolbar and drop down menu provide access to the wizards. TABLE WIZARD The Table Wizard is a tool used to download current data ranging from indicative data, such as ticker symbols to complex calculations such as dutatlon and risk. It does also allow you to download real-time prices to create monitor in MS Excel.</p> <p>HISTORY WIZARD The Bloomberg History Wizard helps you to retrieve historical prices and fundamentals for a security or securities of your choice and it does also allows you to create charts in MS Excel, using data downloaded.</p> <p>1 % -INTRADAY HISTORY WIZARDThe lntraday History helps you to set up spreadsheets with historical lntraday data quickly and easily in order to aid you to monitor lntraday tends.</p> <p>' B</p> <p>BULK WlZARO The Bulk Wizard can be used to download blocks of data. For example, you can use the Bulk Wizard to download the members of an index, the cashflows for a bond, or the dividend history for a stock.</p> <p>OTHER TOOLS: In addition to the Wizards. the Fill Ranae and Field Search allows you to download data by expanding existing tables or by creating new ones.</p> <p>-</p> <p>FIELD SEARCH The Field Search is a search tool which allows you to locate the field codes or mnemonics to download a particular piece of data. For example, the mnemonic for PIE Ration is PE RATIO. FILL RANGE The Fill Rangc works along side ltle Fieid Search to fiii in the Data for a range of tlelds and a range of Securities selected. To use the Fill Range, locate the master cell on your table and then click on the Fill Range icon and the data will then be populated accordingly. The master cell is the connecting cell above the first security, left of the first Cell.</p> <p>4</p> <p>j7 REAL TIME UPDATES The Enable Real Time Updates icon allows you to freeze your real time quotes, or refresh any stalic data in a spreadsheet.</p> <p>I</p> <p>I</p> <p>1</p> <p>--</p> <p>- ...</p> <p>.</p> <p>BBXL Use BBXL to display a menu of functions that provide a comprehensive overview of how to import and use Bloomberg data in Excel. including a step-by-step guide, cheat sheets and descriptions of recent enhancements. You can also use BBXL to display information on perlorming Bloomberg calculations in Excel (Calculation Overrides) and lo view demonstration spreadsheets.</p> <p>Bloomberg</p> <p>CERTIFICATION PROGRAMGET THE BEST OUT OF BLOOMBERGt i u i : lnrroaucrlon to rqutty moaule iOBJECTIVE ~h,s sesston IS deslgned to help you to use Bloomberg to access informalion and perform analysis on stocks.TOP STK Use TOP STK to &amp;splay the b p BLOOMBERG NEWS headlines relating to stocks</p> <p>-</p> <p>DES DES di...</p>