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<p>Indias Premier Business News Channel, a JV between UTV: India's leading integrated global media and entertainment company &amp; Bloomberg : Worlds biggest financial brand</p> <p>BLOOMBERG MULTIMEDIA</p> <p>&gt;&gt;&gt;</p> <p>BLOOMBERG MEDIA DELIVERS</p> <p>MULTIPLE TOUCH POINTSBLOOMBERG TELEVISIONReaching 265 Million+ homes globally</p> <p>BLOOMBERG MOBILECustom applications via iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc. (weekly users: +1 million)</p> <p>BLOOMBERG.COMOne of the world leading business website (19 million unique users monthly)</p> <p>BLOOMBERG MARKETSthe Worlds highest circulation financial magazine (circulation: 355,000) together with access to the Bloomberg Professional Service</p> <p>BUSINESS LEADERS AFLUENT INDIVIDUALS OPINION LEADERS</p> <p>BLOOMBERG LINKHigh-level events sponsorships delivering in-person connections</p> <p>BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEKWorld leading business magazine (circulation: 900,000) and online media</p> <p>BLOOMBERG RADIOTop index among senior management, high net worth and entrepreneurs via digital services</p> <p>NEW BLOOMBERG TELEVISION GLOBAL NETWORKBloomberg Television delivers its integrated global network to an international business audience via its network of regional English language Channels: Bloomberg Television Asia Pacific[Plus India Channel]</p> <p> Bloomberg Television EMEA / Europe[serving Europe, Africa &amp; Middle East] Bloomberg Television US [serving the US / Americas]</p> <p>Progressive New Programming Revamp Worldwide</p> <p>UNPARALLELED EDITORIAL COVERAGEBloomberg Television and Bloomberg News has 2,300 professionals in 150 bureaus in 72 countries. In the Asia Pacific, Bloomberg has 220 journalists based in 23 countries &amp; studios in 14 Asian cities.</p> <p>Beijing : Bangkok : Delhi : Hong Kong : Jakarta : Kuala Lumpur : Melbourne: Mumbai : Seoul : Shanghai : Singapore : Sydney : Taipei : Tokyo</p> <p>DELIVERING THE NEWSMAKERS</p> <p>BLOOMBERG DELIVERS LEADERS, CEOS AND NEWSMAKERS THAT DRIVE BUSINESS AND MOVE MARKETS EVERYDAY.</p> <p>INDISPENSIBLE NEWS SOURCE WORLDWIDEMarketers can directly reach Asias affluent executives across Asia Pacific markets via the Bloomberg Asia Pacific channel at home, office and hotel room distribution.</p> <p>ASIA PACIFIC CHANNEL:Households Inc:Australia China Hong Kong Indonesia Korea Malaysia Philippines Singapore Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Others</p> <p>INDIA CHANNEL (BLOOMBERG-UTV):Households:India</p> <p>24/72,942,000 245,000 1,566,000 116,000 1,669,000 585,000 207,000 259,000 860,000 407,000 316,000 211,000</p> <p>24/730,000,000</p> <p>HOTEL ROOMS:Asia Pacific 328,630</p> <p>OFFICE / OUT-OF-HOME: Building Lobby and Lifts Offices Outdoor Screens</p> <p>Total</p> <p>9,383,000</p> <p>As at September 2010</p> <p>The Bloomberg edge in India</p> <p>Blunt. And Sharp.</p> <p>Delivering news and information to fulfill a significant gap in viewer expectations.</p> <p>BRAND IDEAYearning for the uncomplicated lifeCUTURAL TREND</p> <p>COMPETITIVE OPPORTUNITY</p> <p>CATEGORY SEMIOTICS</p> <p>Deleting Confusion Multipliers</p> <p>Window to a world of opportunities</p> <p>BRAND ESSENCE</p> <p>Heart Liberator</p> <p>DEFOGGER</p> <p>EMOTIONAL INSIGHT</p> <p>ClarityFUNCTIONAL PLATFORM</p> <p>Feeling left out by the intimidating complexity surrounding wealth creation</p> <p>Lucid &amp; Usable Knowledge</p> <p>THE ROLE OF THE DEFOGGER We play the critical role of translating the complex into understandable &amp; usable. We hand-hold the viewer, rather than intimidating him with pompous</p> <p>language. We tangibly impact our viewers life. This is a once-in-a-countrys-lifetime opportunity to shape and nurture the lay investor community and we are leading this journey as the hand holder.</p> <p>Imaginative Programming.</p> <p>Bolder Content.</p> <p>THE MOST CREDIBLE ANCHORS IN THE BUSINESS</p> <p>JOINT EDITORIAL INITIATIVES</p> <p>Live market programming with most actionable recommendations and advices.SATTE Pe SATTAA(7:30 -8:00 AM)</p> <p>Top traders strategies for the days trading</p> <p>ON THE MOVE FIRST TRADES (9:00 9:30 AM)</p> <p>(8:00 9:00 AM)</p> <p>The decisive edge to your trading day</p> <p>Helping you invest in the best stocks</p> <p>TOP MIDCAP PICKS (9:30 10:00 AM)Betting on top midcap movers &amp; shakers</p> <p>TALK STOCKSCaller stock show</p> <p>(10:00 11:00 AM) (12:30 1:00 PM)</p> <p>MARKET ANALYTICS</p> <p>Technical and financial analysis of stocks and indices</p> <p>Power packed evening line -up</p> <p>MINTING MONEY (4:30 5:00 PM)Your guide to commodity markets</p> <p>INSIGHT @ 8 (8:00 8:30 PM)A snappy insight into the days most crucial developments</p> <p>Tomorrows BETS (8:30 9:00 PM)Get a head-start for the best bets for next day</p> <p>WORLD STREET (10:00 10:30 PM)A round-up of trade across the global markets that matter</p> <p>THE FINAL WORD (9:00 10:00 PM)Round up of the days business</p> <p>Feature Programming</p> <p> In Focuso The story of changing India and its various facets</p> <p> The Autocar India Showo The last word on wheels with Indias most reliable experts</p> <p> Logo Reloadedo The design, the attitude and the marketing strategies behind famous brand logos</p>