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    uc Hng

    FALL 2016

  • Sr. Angela Thy Trinh Phm, OP B Trn Gim Tnh / Provincial Superior

    A Provincial NoteLi Ng


    Knh cho qu thn nhn, n nhn v bn hu trong tnh yu ca Thin Cha, ng giu lng xt thng.

    n gi l mt huyn nhim l li bc pht ca c Thnh Gio Hong Gioan Phaol II khi thy trong Gio Hi vn tip tc c nhng con ngi can m p li li mi gi quyt lit ca Thin Cha. H nghe ting Cha ku mi, p tr bng cuc sng chng nhn, v i trn con ng t n phc vinh quang. Nhng chng nhn y khng nhng sng ngay trong thi i chng ta m cn rt gn gi vi chng ta, in hnh nh c Thnh Gio Hong Gioan XXIII, ngi khai mc Cng ng chung Vatican II ku gi Gio Hi hy m tung cc cnh ca Thnh Thn Cha hot ng khp ni; c Thnh Gio Hong Phaol II, Ngi u tin ro bc khp nm chu n vi mi ngi; v v thnh mi nht l M Trsa Calcutta, mt n tu trong thn hnh b nh cha ng mt qu tim v i m p bao ngi cng kh, gi nua, i rch, thiu tnh thng, ngho nhn i.

    Chng ta cng t n Thin Cha ban cho chng ta sng cng thi i ca cc Thnh, c bit c dim phc mt thy, tai nghe, v tay c th ng chm vo nhng nhn chng sng ng y nhiu ln, nhiu cch. Cc ngi cm nghim lng Cha xt thng, v trao ban lng thng xt y cho tt c nhng ai cc ngi c c hi phc v. Cuc sng ca cc ngi c l cng l nhng ting chung khng nh thc bch mi ngi chng ta, c bit trong Nm Thnh ca Lng Thng Xt, hy sng n gi ca mnh mi ngy mt xng ng hn vi tnh thng hi h ca Thin Cha bng nhng phng cch c gi ln trong li kinh THNG NGI C 14 MI.

    Chng ta hy khn cu cng cc Thnh gip chng ta khim tn m lng n nhn tnh Cha xt thng v ng thi cng bit khn kho chuyn ti tnh thng xt y cho mi ngi.

    Knh chc qu v sng mi trong i dng ca lng Cha Thng Xt.

    Cover image: St. Dominics chapel at Santa Sabina, Rome

    Dear Friends and Benefactors in the Most Merciful Love of the Father,

    Vocation is a mystery, Saint Pope John Paul II once exclaimed whereupon seeing generous men and women who resolutely answered the call to the priesthood or religious consecration. They have heard Gods call, discerned His will, followed Christ by offering their very own testimony of witnesses, and endured with heroic fidelity so as to seize their laurel wreath. Such lives of sanctity lived not only during our lifetime, but they also are very close to our memory. Take for instance: Saint Pope John XXIII who convened the Second Vatican Council and challenged the Church to open wide its doors to enable the workings of the Holy Spirit to pen-etrate all corners of the earth; Saint Pope John Paul II, the first pope to travel the five continents to encounter Gods people; and the most recent minted Saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a religious sister most humble in stature yet with a magnanimous heart to embrace the poor, the outcast, the marginalized, the oppressed, the vulnerable

    Let us thank our gracious Lord, who in His divine wis-dom and providence, allows us to live in this era with Saints John XXIII, John Paul II, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. How blessed are we for the many opportuni-ties to actually se`e, hear, touch, and/or encounter these saintly witnesses in countless ways. These trio saints undoubtedly have experienced the mercy of God and unselfishly shared it with those whom they had the privi-lege to serve and minister. Together, their lives are like a peal of bells to awaken and thus sprint us to action in this extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy: to authenti-cally live our lives more worthily of the superabundant love of God within us through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

    Let us seek the Saints intercessions that granted with humbleness of hearts, we may receive the infinite mercy of God and with prudence lavishly transmit His mercy unto others.

    May you live always in the abyss of the Fathers Mercy.

  • |3

    On September 5, Labor Day morning, some twenty two hundred Catholics of the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston gathered to show homage to Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a humble nun from India. Since we all cannot cross the ocean for her canonization, her first class relics of blood and hair were available for venera-tion after the Mass of Thanksgiving at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

    Mother really knows how to draw a crowd, says Cardinal DiNardo. Undoubtedly, it was her ardent and total trust in the Lord and selfless giving in service of the poor that inspired many to seek her inspiration and intercession: Saint Mother Teresa, model of mercy, pray for us!

    Ngy 5 thng 9, ngy quc t lao ng va qua, khong hai ngn hai trm gio dn thuc Tng Gio Phn Galve-ston Houston quy t tn knh M Thnh Trsa thnh Calcutta, mt n tu khim tn t India. V mi ngi khng th vt i dng tham d nghi l phong Thnh ca M, nn nhng di tch thnh l mu v tc ca M c cung nghinh v hn knh sau Thnh L t n ti nh th chnh ta Thnh Tm.

    Theo li c Hng Y DiNardo ni v M, M rt c ti thu ht m ng! Chng c g nghi vn v nim xc tn trn vn ca M vo Thin Cha, cng nh tinh thn x k hy sinh ca ngi dnh cho anh ch em ngho kh; chnh tinh thn ny gi hng cho nhiu ngi chy n cu khn M: Thnh Trsa, Mu gng ca lng thng xt, xin cu cho chng con!

    M Thnh Trsa Thnh CalcuttaMother teresa of CalCuttaMother teresa of CalCutta

  • 4|

    Making of a SaintFor some, 2 April 2005 brings back fond memories. On this very date and subsequent days more than a decade ago, the world mourns the passing of the first non-Italian (yet Polish) Pope in 400 years of Church history. An estimated of more than three million people waited in line to pay their last respect to this once avid athlete, aspiring actor, philosophical teacher, World Youth Day founder, and most travelled (aggiornamento) pontiff. Still millions more followed the liturgical rituals of his funeral on television. Many of us have never visited the quaint, yet glorious eternal city of Rome, let alone attend the funeral of the recent pope whose road to can-onization was not surprisingly expedited.

    However, to stand in front of the full-scale replica of Saint John Paul IIs original crypt as part of The Mak-ing of a Saint exhibit, the Sisters cannot be but in awe. It was like being at St. Peters. This particular exhibit, with its three-dimensional scenes and multi-media presentations, highlights the process of becoming a saint, from beatification to canonization, of the two most recent canonizations of Saint Pope John XXIII and Saint Pope John Paul II.

    While meditatively walking through The Making of a Saint exhibit, the Sisters cannot help but recall the universal call to holiness in chapter five of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium. Through the sacrament of baptism, we (men, women, children, ordained, religious or lay) are all called strived to live a holy life, a life imbue with and sustained by sanctifying grace. May the lives of the saints continue to inspire us all to strive for a life of holiness, for this is Jesus exhor-tation, Be holy as I am holy (1 Peter 1:16, cf. Lev 11:45).

    Hy sng thnh v Ta l ng Thnh (1 Pt 1:16)

    Ngy 2 thng 4 nm 2005, c th gii tang thng tic C c Gio Hong Gioan Phaol II, mt trang s y n tng p, cn in m trong tm khm nhiu ngi, nht l ngi cng gio. Chnh ngy ny c hn ba triu ngi hng hng lp lp kin nhn i ch knh ving linh cu c Thnh Cha. Cn hng triu ngi khc theo di cc l nghi tin a v an tng qua cc truyn hnh Ti Vi hoc mng li hon cu.

    Sau 400 nm lch s Gio Hi, c Gioan Phaol II l v Gio Hong u tin khng phi l ngi m l ngi Ba-Lan. Ngi tng l gio s trit hc, say m thi th kch ngh, yu mn gii tr v i vi ngi gii tr l tng lai ca Gio Hi v X Hi, chnh ngi thnh lp ngy i Hi Gii Tr Th Gii. Ngi theo gt v tin nhim Gioan XXIII m tung cnh ca Gio Hi ra i gp g nhng ai khng c c hi n vi ngi. Ngi l v Gio Hong cng du nhiu nht v hnh bng ngi hin din trn khp Nm Chu. Cc S cng nh bao ngi khc vn khao kht c c hi tham quan Roma, th ca Gio Hi, tham d Thnh L an tng hoc hin din trong nghi L phong thnh ca Thnh c Gio Hong Phaol II, nhng iu vn mi l nhng gic m p kh thnh s. Tuy khng th Roma chng kin nhng mc lch s nhng h va qua cc S c xem truyn lm ng Quang Hin Thnh ca hai C Gio Hong Gioan Phaol II v Gioan XXIII.

    Khi xem nhng hnh nh trin lm ny, cc S lin tng ngay n tng th Hin Ch nh Sng Mun Dn: Qua b tch ra ti, tt c chng ta (d nam hay n hoc tr em, d l gio s, tu s, hay gio dn) c mi gi nn thnh. Chnh c Kit lp li mnh lnh PHI NN THNH trong Cu c: Hy nn thnh, v Ta l ng Thnh (Lv. 11:45). c chi i sng c hnh, thnh thin, x k qun mnh v Cha v Gio Hi ca hai C Gio Hong lun khch l, thc bch mi ngi chng ta sng thnh mi ngy trong mi trng v a v ca mnh.

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    tridua of saint dominic de guzman

    The feast of Saint Dominic was observed as a tridua three days of celebration with greater solem-nity and pomps in this year of the Orders 800th Jubilee. To honor the Dominican Founder, the sisters throughout the province gather for prayer, study, discussions, and pres-entations on the life and charism of Holy Father Saint Dominic de Guzman.

    On the actual date, Monday 8 August, another set of trio liturgies took place. Emeritus Bishop Vincent Rizzotto celebrated the early dawn Solemn Mass in honor of St. Do-minic. A group of sisters then joined the Dominican Sisters of Houston on Almeda Road for the 11:00 AM Eu-charistic Celebration (1). The sol-emn St. Dominic feastday concluded with the evening Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at Holy Rosary Catholic Church with the Dominican Fathers of St. Martin de Porres Province (2).

    A bonus to this solemn feastday was the spontaneous invitation to the friars priory. For many sisters, such was a VIP tour. In the heart of the bustling downtown of Houston, behind the gothic stone walls housed a beautiful monastic sanctuary (3). Every inch of the chapel, from the intricate carved choir stalls to stained glass windows, reflects the 800 years of Dominican tradition: to contemplate and preach veritas. 3. Ti nh nguyn ca cc Cha a Minh tu vin Thnh Martin, Tnh Dng Min Nam

    2. Thnh l b mc ti nh th Holy Rosary

    1. Thnh l ti Tu Vin cc S a Minh (M) ng Almeda

  • 6|

    A DominicAn Summer reunion

    H xum hp

    It is no secret that the Dominican spirituality is supported by four pillars: prayer, common life, study, and preaching.

    A DominicAn Summer reunion

    H xum hp

    Teachers in general look forward to the summer break for ongoing professional development opportunities and to rejuvenate their bodies and spirits. It is no secret that the Dominican spirituality is supported by four pillars: prayer, common life, study, and preaching. Therefore, when summer descends, the sisters throughout the province regather at the provincial house to praise Almighty God at the Liturgy of the Hours, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and in solitude before the Blessed Sacrament. Such opportunities also enables the teach-ing sisters in distant dioceses common life and recrea-tion. Once refueled with Gods love, mercy and fraternal charity, the sisters are ready for intellectual recharge and spiritual conditioning.

    The summer intensive commenced with a week of conferences and discussions on Mercy in the Common Life facilitated by Father Joseph Ngh inh, a Domini-can priest currently ministering in Thailand. Then Father Gabriel ODonnell, a Dominican Friar from the St. Joseph Province, led a retreat for a group of sisters on Virtue in the Life of the Religious. Another Dominican priest currently on faculty at Ecole Biblique, Fr. Joseph Thong Le, gave a retreat, Love in community through words and actions of a disciple in the Gospel of John to another group of sisters.

    Fully equipped with hearts aflame with Christs love, the staff of truth in hand, and the Word of God, the sisters are once more Sent to Preach the Gospels. How beautiful are the feet of the one bringing good news (Isaiah 52:7).

    Mi H v cc gio vin thng c nhng thng H di khng ch ngh ngi nhng cn dnh thi gian cho tu nghip, bi dng tinh thn v th xc. C l nhiu ngi bit c sng dng a Minh l gio dc, c lin kt trong bn ct tr: Cu nguyn, i sng chung, hc hi v ging thuyt. Chnh v th c mi H sang cc S li tr v tr s Tnh Dng cng nhau chc tng tn vinh Thin Cha cch c bit trong nhng gi kinh nguyn, Thnh l Misa, v nhng gi tnh lng, lng k lng vi Cha Gisu Thnh Th. y cng l dp cc s i thi hnh s v xa Tnh Dng c tr v xum hp quy qun bn ch em kt cht tnh thn qua np sng chung v nhng ngy gii tr Tnh Ch Tnh Em.

    Sau khi c hm nng tnh Cha, tnh ch em, cc S dnh mt tun hc hi v lng thng xt trong cng on do Cha Giuse inh Vn Ngh, OP trnh by; su ngy thao luyn kin thc v tinh thn vi tun tnh tm o su v cc nhn c do Cha Gabriel ODonnell, OP hng dn; v tun tnh hun vi ch Lng mn trong cng on qua cch sng, hnh ng v c x ca ngi mn theo Tin Mng Gio-an do Cha Giuse L Minh Thng, OP chia s.

    Sut ma h c trang b y mi mt, nay cc S li vai snh vai, lng hip lng khi hnh mt cuc ra i mi theo tinh thn nm Thnh Dng mng 800 nm c Sai i Rao Ging Tin Mng. V ka p thay nhng bc chn loan Bo Tin Mng (Isaiah 52:7).

  • |7

    Ti sao li c Nm Thnh? n Cha ch ban xung trong Nm Thnh sao? C l y l mt trong nhng thc mc nhiu ngi c ln t hi. Vng, n thnh Cha tun dt do nh ma dm thng By v khng cn phi c Nm Thnh mi ko n Cha xung. Du th chng ta vn c th ri vo mt trong ba thi sau y i vi hng n Cha:

    1. L: Vi thi l, nh ng trc mt cn ma xi x, ta ch ngi trong nh nhn qua khung ca chc chn nc ma c ln n u cng khng khin ta chm ti.

    2. Na Vi: mc du khng l n b chn trong nh khi thy cn ma mt ri tin n, tuy nhin vi thi na vi ta sn sng bc ra khi nh nhng li qu cn thn nn trang b y o ma hoc d, v nh th nc ma khng th ti mt ln da kh.

    3. Nhit Thnh: y l thi khao kht c ha nhp trong ma, cho nhng ht ma ti m thn mnh khin sau cn ma ngi ta phi i thay.

    C l y cng l l do ti sao Gio Hi tng ban Nm Hng Phc thc bch con ci mnh bit cng tc vi n Thnh c thanh ty, thnh ha, v bin i. Vi nm trc y, do nhng gng m khng hong n gi linh mc, Gio Hi m Nm dnh ring cu cho cc linh mc

    (2009-2010). Ri sau l Nm i Phc dnh cho i Sng Thnh Hin (2014-2015). Trong ln hp chung vi cc gim c n gi ca Tng Gio Phn Galveston Houston chun b sng Nm Thnh Hin, mt linh mc tr ngh: Gio Hi tng ban nhng nm c bit thc bch chng ta sng n gi cch xc tn v thnh thin hn nn ta cn phi ra nhng ng hng c th hu thng tin ko chng ta li theo vt ng mn l sau Nm n Phc u vn hon . Con tri nghim sau Nm Thnh Linh Mc mnh vn y nh c, chng c g thay i!

    Qua kinh nghim ny, con cng vi ch em trong Tnh Dng lm mt hy sinh chung nho nh l nguyn thm li kinh cu trc Cha Gisu Thnh Th cu cho n gi thnh hin mi ngy.

    Nm nay Gio Hi hon v chng phc n hng Nm Thnh

    ngoi thng Lng Cha Xt Thng v cch ring Dng a Minh li c mng Nm Thnh 800 nm hin din trn th gii. C hai Nm Thnh cng mt thi im l no li thi gian tri qua v ch. Vi quyt tm ny, con t hoch nh cho mnh mi ngy lc 3:00 chiu cng vi ch em chu Thnh Th, ca tng, ngi khen Lng Cha Thng Xt, lnh nhn n x cu cho ti nhn v cu ri cc linh hn. (Ngoi nhng nh th c ch nh trong Nm Thnh ngoi thng, cc nh nguyn ca Dng a Minh cng l ni lnh n ton x.)

    Chng my chc Nm Thnh li tri qua, ai c th bit c bao nhiu linh hn lnh hi n ton x hoc bao nhiu ti nhn tr li vi tnh Cha xt thng, nhng con tin chc chn mt iu l chnh mnh tp c thi quen chy n lng Cha xt thng mi ngy v tm hn con s bnh an, th thi khng hi hn khi nhng Nm Thnh ny kt thc.

    Nm Thnh, Nm Thnh

  • I was born and raised in a small town of Vietnam. I am the tenth of 12 chil-dren. When I was around the age of five or six, my parents sent me to live with my aunt who was a widow. Make no mistake, my parents did not give me up for adoption; it was just that there were a dozen of us while my aunt was barren, so I was given the mission to keep her company. Needless to say, I experienced extreme home sickness; I cried at every meal while living with my aunt. Time either suspended or dragged its feet for it seemed forever before the Lunar New Year came around. Only then did my dad visited for the first time and to everyones surprise, I secretly sneaked into his car and went home without bidding my aunt farewell.

    As an adolescent, I was involved in many church activities. I joined the church choir, participated in the Eucha-ristic youth movement, and even volun-teered as a catechist. One day, a catechist leader introduced me to the religious vocation. He said, If you become a religious, you could pray more for your family. That simple phrase captured my heart because I came from a large family. Thus, my vocation simply began. The catechist mentor then accompanied me on several trips to different religious com-munities, but we never visited any of the Dominican congregations. Since Do-minicans are more academically driven, it never occurred to him to introduce the Order of Preachers to this simple, yet devout catechist, who only had a ninth grade education. I dropped out of school early because young women of my age need no further education; a ninth grade

    education was sufficient. Further aca-demic pursuits were reserved for the rich. Hence I began to discern my vocation by praying the only prayer method I knew, the Rosary. Whenever leisure allowed, I prayed the beaded prayer; the Hail Mary was constantly on my lips and in my heart for I had this great desire for the salvation of souls.

    At 18, I contacted the Lovers of the Cross in Sisters my hometown and they were willing to accept me whenever I was ready. Coincidently in that same year, my family received news that we were eligible to migrate and reunite with my older brother in the United States. I brought this concern to the sisters and they advised me to seek my parents permission to remain in Vietnam and join their community. Meanwhile, I also shared this matter with my cousin and he said, Just take this as an opportunity to study abroad. You can come back later and help the Church in Vietnam.

    One day I mustered enough cour-age to ask my mom, May I stay in Vietnam and join a religious commu-nity? She replied, If you ask your dad, he would disown you! Just come with us to the United States, and I will let you follow your vocation. My moms advice was promising; therefore, I sadly left Vietnam and migrated to the States.

    Eight months later, I entered the Vietnamese Dominican Sisters in Houston Texas. When I received the Dominican habit, I took the name Sr. Monica Vianney, OP. Monica was my initial motivation to the religious life to pray for my family, and Vianney, after the Cur of Ars, because of his greater desire to pray for the salvation of the whole world. I believe this is truly my vocation. In the religious life, I feel most at home and connected to God, others, and myself. The longer I live in religious life the more I experience great joy and fulfillment.

    Sr. Monica Vianney Tuyt-Nhung L, OP has been a religious professed sister since 1994.


    Prayer is My Mission

    Do you remember what Jesus said to Peter and his brother Andrew when He met them? Did they not hear, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men (Mt 4:19)? Similarly was my case, but from one of Jesus fisher/religious women. It was so surreal be-cause I fell for the bait when one of His deckhands, a Dominican sister, caught me off guard.

    About five summers ago, I had the rare opportunity to go on a camping trip Back to the Promised Land with the Vietnamese Eucha-ristic Youth Movement (VEYMs) in Orange County, CA, where I also met the aforementioned sister. She was lugging this enormous black sack, the bait, back to her room. Intuitively I looked over and instantly the perceived weight of it bombarded my mind and in a nanosecond triggered a quick altruistic response. I rushed over and offered to help her while grab-bing onto the hefty bag. Hmm! It was heavy alright. It was filled with several huge plastic flowers which probably weighed a total of two pounds! As God reeled me in, she shared her joy and obligations as a consecrated religious, and suggested that I should give it a try. I am not married and I am still sin-gle and available, so why not? She explained to me that if it is not the vocation God is calling me to then I can still leave and get married. She ended her sharing with, Just give God a chance...

    Duc in Altum

  • So the following year, I went to the sisters Come and See and spent a week with them. Honestly, it was the best free one-week vacation ever!! I was in awe with the presence of the sisters; I was touched by the joy and love for God that radi-ated from them. It particularly showed through their concern for each other and for each one of us. Finally, as I prepared for the celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation during the day of the silent retreat I came face to face with my state of sinful-ness. I was like one of the many fish that swam in the sea con-taminated with crude oil: suffo-cated and hopeless. Before con-fession, each person received a letter from God. God wrote a lot of beautiful things, but there was one line that pierced right to my heart: There is no sin that is bigger than my love for you... THAT WAS IT!!

    Torrents of tears cascaded down my cheeks, the chains upon my heart broke loose and it seemed as though God could no longer hold back time and immediately flooded my heart with His unconditional love. My heart now sings amaz-ing grace and I am more than certain of Gods personal love for me! I was wrong for think-ing He was always out to get me. Inste`ad, God rescued me and He loves me. From then, I experienced a deep sense of peace and joy that I have never experienced before. I fell for the bait and now I am more alive than ever because He is the Living Water. I am now the fish that swims in His ocean of love.

    Sr. Marie Frassatti Tracy Phi Nguyn, OP has been a professed religious since 2016.


    Footprints in the SnowIt was because of an unquenchable thirst in my soul! It was because of the God-shaped hole in my heart! It was because of a promise I made at the age of four! It was because of the footprints in the snow! There are many reasons for my becoming a religious sister, but I believe that my vo-cation is mainly because the Divine Lover called, drew and chose ME!

    My vocation came gradually through a series of calls from God. As a kid, I spent many childhood years happily visiting and learning at a convent near my house in Bin Ha, Vietnam. So it was not surprising that God made his first call through my favorite religious sister. Her direct question, Do you want to become a nun? received my instinctive response Yes! I did not know that my yes at the time will put me on the Divine Lovers special calling list. All I knew was that I was very happy whenever I visited the sisters.

    The nightly prayer my family said together had also kept the ears of my heart attentive to God especially during my Junior High and High School years in the U.S. Those years were marked with Gods patient calls. Sometimes His voice came via Sister Winifreds invitation to visit her convent in rural Philadelphia. At other times His invitation came as a funny comment from an old lady at church and often as jests from my family and best friend. However, my college years became quite a struggle as I compromised my faith, skipped Mass quite frequently, and grew lukewarm in my faith. This brought about an unquenchable and aching interior emptiness. To me, God became a stranger. But the Divine Lover was definitely very clever to have left a God-shaped hole in my heart. I kept on yearning for Him yet Idid not know how to fill this hole. Never-theless, He was waiting for the right time to catch my attention!

    I remembered waking up one snowy Sunday morning, during my junior year in college, with a burning desire to come to the Lord, to go to Mass. The walk to St. Bridgets from school was with much dif-ficulty because of the thick blankets of

    snow. I prayed out of hopelessness. God answered instantly by sending two angels in disguise, who gave me a ride to church. As I attended Mass that morning, I felt alive again. It had been a long time since I felt that deep joy and fervent love for Christ. Having been energized by the Eu-charistic Lord, I decided to take a shortcut up the snowy hill back to school on foot. Yet the slippery snow made my trek most difficult. I almost gave up but those big footprints on the snow gave me encour-agement and hope. Someone had made it up the hill before me! Now I only have to follow suit by walking on His foot-prints. As I stepped on them the thought of our Lord treading the earthly path up to Calvary came to my mind most vividly. It was enlightening! Yes, like the footprints on the snow, Christ has left a series of footprints for me to follow to reach my ultimate destination, Heaven, home sweet home!

    Shortly after graduation, I responded to an invite from my best friend to go for a week of Come and See at Mary Im-maculate Province, home of the Vietnam-ese Dominican Sisters. With my parents blessings and familys support, I joined the Dominican Sisters a month afterward. I could say that my hearts longing was fulfilled as I walked on Christs footprints daily for the past nine years in the con-vent. Now as I wait for the day of my final profession, my wedding and my espousal to Christ, I often sing joyfully like the bride in the Song of Songs, I found him whom my soul loves. I held him and would not let him go (3:4).

    Sr. Theresa Joseph Loan-Anh Nguyn, OP has been a professed religious since 2012.

    Duc in Altum

  • 10|

    Catechists Day

    Hun Luyn Gio L Vin

    Before the academic year begins, Catechetical Days are offered around the archdiocese of Galve-stonHouston to form and equip catechists with the tools as they return to the classrooms, echo the Good News, and give witness to the Person of Jesus Christ.

    Hosting one of this years days of catechetical formation was Viet-namese Martyrs Catholic Parish. Among the list of speakers were three of our very own: Sr. Theresa Hang Pham, Sr. Lucy Luong Nguyen, and Sr. Bernadette Huong Nguyen who presented workshops on the Living the Year of Mercy and Amoris Laetita and Lesson Plans for Elementary. The attendance of many young adult catechists is a promising sign of fervor and dedication to the faith formation of todays youth.

    Hng nm Tng Gio Phn GalvestonHouston thng t chc nhng kha hc hi, bi dng tu nghip v trang b cho cc Gio l vin thm kin thc v ti liu, hy vng gip h chun b bc vo nin hc mi vi y nhit huyt cng b Tin Mng v lm chng cho c Gisu Kit.

    Ring nm nay, kha bi dng Gio l c t chc ti Gio X Cc Thnh T o Vit Nam v trong s nhng thuyt trnh vin c s hin din ca ba n tu a Minh:

    Sr. Theresa Phm Th Hng, OP Sr. Lucy Nguyn th Lng, OPSr. Bernadette Nguyn Hong Hoi Hng, OP.

    Cc s trnh by ch : Sng lng thng xt trong gia nh theo tng hun Nim Vui Yu Thng v cch thc son gio n cho lp tiu hc. S hin din ng o ca cc gio l vin tr thp ln nhng tia sng hy vng cho nn gio dc nim tin hm nay v mai sau.

  • |11

    Going on a pilgrimage is much more than simply touring places, taking pictures, and learning new things. Rather, I would equate pilgrimage with a journey of faith; and that is exactly what the Junior Sisters underwent for a weekend during their summer break. This so called pilgrimage of faith further enabled us to walk and be inspired by the missionaries spirit in the heart of Texas. Spending a few days in San Antonio, we visited a number of religious and cultural sites, including several of the Missions, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower, and the Shrine of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. It was an absolutely invaluable experience! We not only had the chance to strength one another in fraternal charity, but we also had the opportunity to spiritually bond with those who went before us: men and women who founded the Church in Texas and Saints greatly revered by the San Antoni-ans. By encountering them in our historical expedition, we were enriched with the stories of their lives, which were filled with love, dedication, and sacrifices.

    San Antonio Pilgrimage Reflection

    In awe at how they led their lives in service of God and love for Him, our hearts were rekindled to live our consecrated lives even more fully. On this journey of faith, we were undoubtedly inspired to pursue the highest form of holiness. On this pilgrim-age, we saw with our own eyes how Gods presence and glory is manifested in the lives of those who are faithful to Him. By following the example of Christ and willing to sac-rifice all one has in order to make God ones all in all, we essentially live out our purpose in life.

    This little excursion opened both our eyes and our hearts to see that we have nothing to lose. In making Christ our center and allowing Him to transform our lives, we become a living testimony for Him. In so doing, Christ is glorified and we become all we are called to be. Indeed, we were blessed to experience to a small degree what St. Paul meant when he said, It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. (Gal 2:20)



    n fr

    om te






  • 12| 12|Coming to the Promised Land National Convention VI in Carlinville, IL. 70 plus priests and religious as chaplains along with

    hundreds of youth leaders of the Eucharistic Youth Movement came together every six years for training and seminar.

    First Non-Vietnamese Come and See participants.

    AYC Archdiocesan (of Gal-Hou) Youth Conference.

    Meetings with young adults and youths in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (Houston) Servant Leader Re-treat in Waller, Texas.

    Sowing the Seeds of Vocations

  • | 13


    Surrounding Holy Father Dominic.

    Quy qun bn Cha du yu.

    Sr. Martina Vu com-pleted her Masters in Music at Silverlake College in Manitowac, WI.

    Sr. Vi Vn tt nghip vn bng thc s m nhc t trng i hc Silverlake Manitowac, WI.

    Sr. Catherine Teresa Bui graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Sr. Berna-dette Nguyen finished her Mas-ters program in Catholic School Administration; both from the University of Saint Thomas in Houston.

    Sr. Duyn Anh ra trng c nhn Thn Hc v Sr. Hoi Hng hon tt chng trnh thc s Qun tr hc ng Cng Gio. C hai S l sinh vin i hc Thnh Tma ti Houston.

    No greater JOY. Nim vui no snh bng?

    Receiving priestly blessings from the new ordained, Fr. Dominic, CSsR. Tn linh mc Ho, DCCT, ban php lnh.

    Admiring the dragon-fruit blooms. Hoa thng long!

    Ka nhn

    xem Cha



    n s

    ra i lm

    ngi b

    hnh, ht


    ngho nn

    vn vui ...

    Meetings with young adults and youths in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Sowing the Seeds of Vocations

  • 14|

    First Profession

    Sr. Mary Louis Linh Theresa Nguyn,

    OPSr. Marie Frassati

    Tracy Phi Nguyn, OP

    Sr. Mary Vincent Ferrer

    Thy - Lan Phm, OP

  • |15

    First Profession

    B Maria Phan Th Nhi B Anna Trn Th Ton

    B Anna Cng Tng Tn N Th Ha ng Trn Bng

    B Nguyn Th Tng Vy B Nguyn Th Khim

    Anh V c Tn B Maria Trn Th Nhung

    B C Maria L Th u ng Giuse Nguyn Vn Vinh B Maria Phm Th Phng

    B Hong Th Xun B Anna Nguyn Th Tn

    B V Th Cu Anh Phr Nguyn Ph Richard

    ng Phr Trn Vn Hng

    ch em trong tnh Dng v thnh vin trong hi Bo tr n gi

    thnh knh phn u v hip thng cu nguyn chocc thnh vin An ngh trong chA:

    Novice Siena Marie Kim-

    Thy Nguyn

    Novice Catherine Frassa

    ti Ivy Trn

    Visiting the cloister Dominicans in Lufkin, TX: Monastery of the Infant Jesus

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