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Black Racism in St Kitts-Nevis

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Racism against Guyanese in St Kitts/Nevis

Text of Black Racism in St Kitts-Nevis

Black Racism in St Kitts/NevisPosts from the Yahoo group skn at Mark Brantley gabreilla8765 Oct 3, 2003 3:23 pm The Guyaneese Question The issue of citizens of Guyana being in our midst in Nevis has attracted a lot of attention. Indeed, more properly put, the issue of those Guyanese of Indian descent, has attracted a lot of attention. It seems unfortunately that there is a view emerging in Nevis that these people ought not to be allowed to live and participate in the socio cultural economic and political life of their new home, Nevis. This view has gained currency as it is constantly suggested by the NRP that the Guyanese somehow support CCM and help that Party to so convincingly beat the NRP at every election since 1992. In New York recently, the Honourable Joseph Parry, Leader of the NRP and someone who claims to be a regionalist in his outlook, stated that Guyanese were "breeding" faster than Nevisians and reminded Nevisians assembled in New York that Idi Amin chased the Indians out of Uganda for a reason. It is unfortunate in my view when our leaders look to the worst examples of leadership that the World has seen for guidance. I will not join with anyone to lambaste Guyanese. Most Nevisians on this List are probably Nevisians living in foreign lands. My own father lived abroad for nearly 4 decades and his monthly remittances kept me and my 3 sisters fed and clothed. He was a black man living first in the white country of England and then later in the equally white country of America. Thank God they did not kick him out or try to exclude him from earning a living. In England he would have registered to vote after living there for the prescribed period. Thank God that the Englishman did not see it fit to castigate him for how he voted. In America, he was able to register to vote and both Democrat and Republican campaigned for his support. None sought to exclude him because he was from Nevis. When he had spent 40 winters in foreign lands, he acquired monies to invest in his homeland. He bought land. He built a home. Indeed, so well had those foreign lands blessed him that he was able to become a founding member of the Bank of Nevis, an institution that now gives many, including Mr. Parry, succour. Why then do we castigate Guyanese so? I do not mean to personalize this debate too much but it might be important to state that I am not sure that any of Mr. Parry's children

currently live in Nevis. I am certain that Hensley Daniel only has one sibling still living in Nevis. All are in foreign lands. How then should those foreign lands react to a call for Nevis to emulate Idi Amin? How would we like for our people to be castigated as "breeding" faster than the locals in those lands? The Guyanese are merely doing in Nevis what Nevisians and Caribbean peoples have done for decades. They are seeking a better life for themselves and for their families back home. Nothing is wrong with that. While doing so, they provide a much needed labour force, they provide much needed consumption, they spend money to travel home on holidays, they pay work permit fees to Government or have such fees paid on their behalf, they pay social security, they teach Nevisians about their culture and get the chance to learn about ours. If Nevis is to become a modern society, we must at all cost cease and desist from pandering to the worst and basest emotions in us but rather seek to lift us up by the level of our debate and the collective application of our intellect. Let us not preach regionalism when we attend nice cocktail parties or speak to the BBC but preach hatred and racism when we address locals at home or in small gatherings abroad. Let us be fair to the Guyanese as to all immigrants coming to our shores remembering that we too were and in many respects still are a migrant people. Regards Mark Sat Oct 4, 2003 3:26 am "doantodo" doantodo Re: The Guyaneese Question Mark, It is rather ironic that, I will be replying to you, concerning the "Guyaneese Question". Just this evening, I was speaking with two co workers from Barbados and a Guyana. We were just joking around passing time. Infact, I was listening as they, pull jokes on each other. But I felt quite a shock, when the Barbados chap told the Guyaneese chap, that there are about one hundred thousand Guyaneese living in Barbados and the Guyaneese reply was, that eventually we going to take it over. I continued to smile along as the conversation took several turns. But in my hart, I was thinking about Nevis, knowing the racial situation in Guyana and Trinidad. I would not want the island of Nevis to find itself in the same situation like Guyana and Trinidad where the population are just about even, and especially with Guyaneese Indians. They are the worst to have around, they are not nice people. Even at work, they will

warn you to be careful of this one or that one. Many of them still carry their racial hatred of blacks, but they will treat you somewhat differently if you are not a Guyaneese black. When you want to find thiefing, dangerous, crooked low minded people, that's most of the Guyaneese I know. I do not against regionalism. I do believe in Caribbean integration and freedom of movement of our peoples. I also do believe that there must be some form of mechanism to be put inplace to protect our small populations in the smaller islands. We do not want to be over-run and like my Guyaneese coworker say's "take over you country". You have made alot of good points, but you also need to look at the issue from a much wider perspective and examined the pros and the cons. To my view, you are only looking at the pros. So I would say, that Parry's concern is a legitimate one. If Nevis should eventually secede from St.Kitts, it could become a mager concerned down the road, if not properly managed. I will conclude that freedom of movement is a good thing, and we should welcome our fellow caribbean nationals. There must be though, some measure of control and checks and balances, to protect the smaller islands from been over-run. doantodo. Sat Oct 4, 2003 1:14 pm "greg1120907" greg1120907 Re: The Guyaneese Question Pregnant with meaning, Sir. And very well stated. People everywhere have always moved around in search of better alternative opportunities. Indeed, the People of Nevis and St.Kitts have shown as great a propensity for moving around as any other. The Colonel harboured visions of creating the perfect agrarian state in St.Kitts and Nevis. The people were not impressed. And, they fled, hitching a ride on anything that would float. More than 5,000 took to the high seas. His mantra: "... We have fertile lands, ..... there is a friendly sea around us. Fellow citizens let us take ourselves in hand and together build...." Despite this natural impulse for persons to seek to migrate to improve their lot; we are constrained by our geographic size. And, therefore it is incumbent that we pay special attention to the quality of our labor force. We have invested heavily and have given a

lot of attention to enhancing the quality of our labor force in Nevis and St.Kitts. We must therefore be even more careful and deliberate with respect to the quality of our immigrant labor force, and very purposeful in the careful matching of our needs with the army of the reserve unemployed who is standing outside of the gates. Wed Oct 8, 2003 11:47 am Morrice Tyrell