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  • Black History Month February 2016 Highlights of CCSD School Activities Batterman Elementary School K-2 students are integrating MLK history into the Social Studies curriculum. They are also researching and completing a living wax museum. Booker Elementary School The school will hold its Finale Assembly on Feb. 23, featuring spoken word and singing performances plus a living museum. Cortez Elementary School The school will host an African-American History Month celebration on Feb. 26 from 10-10:40 a.m. for the primary grades and from 2-2:40 p.m. for the intermediate grades. The celebration will include songs, dances, poem readings and historical facts. Craig Elementary School Third-grade students are reading about and discussing the Underground Railroad as well as singing the songs sung by slaves to remember the way. Humanities students are being introduced to six famous historical African American inventors and their contributions to society. Fong Elementary School Ella Fitzgeralds music is being played in grades K-5. First-grade students are learning about MLK and his I Have a Dream speech. McDoniel Elementary School Second-grade students completed a brochure about Dr. King that highlighted interesting facts, famous quotes and an article on the topic of what Dr. King would think if he were alive today. McWilliams Elementary School First-grade students are watching streaming videos on Martin Luther King while also writing papers on the life of the civil rights leader. Third-grade students are doing computer scavenger hunts involving Dr. King and listening to music by African American musicians. Paradise Elementary School First-grade students will do a presentation of historical black Americans on Feb. 23 at 8 a.m. Student leaders will talk about famous black Americans during daily school-opening ceremonies. Roberts Elementary School Students created a special bulletin board for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Black History Month. Students learned about MLK and students drew pictures of things that symbolized what MLK stood for. Contact teacher Andrea Taylor for more information. Scherkenbach Elementary School Kindergarten students are creating an ABC book with short biographies of famous African Americans in history. Second-grade students are completing a timeline of African American history.

  • Twin Lakes Elementary School Fourth-grade students will complete a research project about a famous African American. Art students will be working on a collage and studying the artwork of Romare Bearden (1911-1988). P.E. students will learn about the struggles African Americans faced in sports. Music students will listen to selected African American songs. Wallin Elementary School On Feb. 25, third-grade students will create a living wax museum based on famous African Americans. Students will dress as the person they researched and give brief speeches about that person. For details, call Assistant Principal Tiffany Bailey at (702) 799-5776. = = = Becker Middle School Sixth-grade students researched 120 famous African Americans and wrote biographies on how they influenced the world. For more information, call Dean of Students Jaclyn Ayala at (702) 799-4460. Cram Middle School Cram TV will highlight famous African Americans during the week of Feb. 22-26. For more information, contact Dean of Students Jeff Rispin. Fertitta Middle School Students are being quizzed about great achievements by African Americans. In the Reading/ELA classroom, students are writing biographies about famous African American inventors. Gibson Middle School The science department is featuring African Americans in science, while multi-media students are creating Black History Month messages for the schools morning announcements. Keller Middle School The school will hold a special event Feb. 29, showcasing African Americans who have contributed to the nations progress. Students will sing, read monologues and take part in an exclusive play written by a Keller MS teacher. Additionally, the school is holding a Black History Month music trivia contest every Thursday. For details, call Marie Thomas at (702) 799-3220. Lawrence Junior High School The Jazz Band is showcasing music from various African American composers. Throughout the school, students decorated display cases in honor of Black History Month. Lied Middle School Social Studies students are researching, writing and presenting information about notable African Americans. In the library, students are learning about African American authors through poetry, books and other genres of literature. Martin Middle School Students are tailoring their morning TV announcements to inform students about black history.

  • Monaco Middle School Students researched famous African Americans who have made significant contributions to society. Students also created a colorful display of posters in honor of Black History Month. Sedway Middle School Students took part in an essay contest about famous African Americans, plus a poster contest focusing on African American scientists and inventors. Additionally, there will be a presentation by the Las Vegas chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers on Feb. 18. Swainston Middle School Special Education students at Swainston Middle School are brainstorming how they react when others insult them and treat them unfairly. This discussion will tie in with the Civil Rights Movement. Students will also discuss nonviolence and events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 March on Washington. For more information, call Special Education teacher Bridget Brown at (702) 799-4860. White Middle School Choir students have been learning about African American Spirituals. Choir Director Athena Mertes presented a new piece of music to her students called Little David Play on Your Harp. = = = Arbor View High School Black History Month profiles will be read at least twice per week during the daily announcements. Additionally, the Black Student Union (BSU) will attend the Southern Utah University college tour and perform their Black History Showcase. Bonanza High School The annual Black History Concert will be held Wednesday, Feb. 17 from 6-8 p.m. A Soul Food Feast will follow the program. For more information, call Assistant Principal Yolanda Brown at (702) 799-4000, ext. 4205. Cimarron-Memorial High School Students are reading one of Dr. Kings speeches as an example of persuasive writing. They are also creating a picture gallery to acknowledge African Americans who have impacted history. Desert Oasis High School During both lunches on Feb. 12, starting at 10:52 a.m., Nodie Wontanara Multicultural Performing Arts will be dancing and drumming for DOHS students. Additionally, guest speakers will talk with students about the civil rights movement, specifically its impact on Las Vegas. For details, call Assistant Principal Karmen LaShaun Miller at (702) 799-6881. Desert Pines High School The Black Student Union will sponsor the Black History Assembly on Feb. 29 from 12:26 to 1:16 p.m. in the schools auditorium. This years event theme will be Living the Dream. Call Annette Collins at (702) 799-2196, ext. 4050, for more information Eldorado High School The video production class is broadcasting Black History Month Brain Buster Moments.

  • Foothill High School The schools morning news program, Foothill Student Television News, is featuring daily segments entitled Black History Heroes. Palo Verde High School English students will be listening to and analyzing Dr. Kings I Have a Dream speech. Special education students will watch videos and read articles concerning black history throughout February. The AFJROTC will be having a lesson on the Tuskegee Airmen. Silverado High School The schools Black Student Union (BSU) is playing daily trivia announcements relating to Black History Month. Additionally, there will be a BSU Summit on Feb. 24 from 6-8 p.m., featuring entertainment and a panel of speakers. Members of the NAACP will be in attendance.