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Bizarre Bazaar Digest - Issue 13 [Bill Cooper Speaks From the Grave]

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THE CONSPIRACY SUMMIT!BILL COOPER SPEAKS FROM THE GRAVE By Timothy Green Beckley He was a large, husky, and very determined man who never seemed to let anything get in his way. Even though he only had one leg he was a pillar in every sense of the word. He did have a rough side to his personality which came out sometimes when he drank, but he was mostly a friendly sort, kind of like a big bear ready to give you a huge hug if he liked you. Bill Cooper and I had a relationship that lasted several years. He was the top draw at my conspiracy and UFO conferences talking non stop for hours about such events in his own life as the time an unexplainable object came up out of the water and flew low over the bow of a ship he was stationed on while in the Navy. He also claims to have seen Top Secret documents which revealed an agreement between the U.S. government and extraterrestrial forces. I know, some individuals accused Bill of being anti Semitic, but he always told me that he thought those who controlled the world wanted to pit one group against another, using politics, religion and economics to build walls around all of us so that we

would not trust one another; thus causing chaos and confusion all over the globe. I once organized a mini conference with Cooper as the only speaker at the Little ALeInn located at the end of the Extraterrestrial Highway far out in Continued on Page 3 > 1

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Credit Card Hotline: 732-602-3407 PayPal: [email protected]< Continued from Page 1 the Nevada desert, but very close to Area 51. We had a great weekend of sky watching and conversation. One of the subjects he loved to talk about was the existence of Secret Societies. History is replete with whispers of secret societies. Accounts of elders or priests who guarded the forbidden knowledge of ancient peoples. Prominent men, meeting in secret, who direct the course of civilization are recorded in the writings of all people. As most everyone who is into conspiracies realizes, Bill was shot to death in November of 2001 in a wild west-style rumble with the sheriffs department in Apache County, AZ. Local law enforcement officials apparently felt it necessary to spring into action on trumped up charges under the cover of darkness and in plain clothes, because they considered Bill to be a threat to the community. Indeed, Cooper was recognized as a rebel rouser who in general was known for defying officialdom, including the IRS who claimed he owed the government back taxes. Bill strongly held to his belief that the IRS was an unconstitutional collection agency who should NOT possess such devastating power over hard working Americans. Time passes rapidly, and little by little we began to put the shooting between Cooper and the law out of our mind. We had stated our feelings in a book we published shortly after Bills unwarranted we felt demise. In DEATH OF A CONSPIRACY SALESMAN, we presented all sides of the Continued on Page 5 >

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