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Births, Marriages, and Deaths

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Page 1: Births, Marriages, and Deaths


WEDNESDAY.-10 A.M.. Dr. Parkinson, and 2 r.M., Dr.Moon : Out-patients.

THURSDAY.-2 P.M., Dr. Price : Out-patients. Dr. Moon :In-patients. 6.30 P.M., Dr. Ilamill: Out-patients.

FRIDAY.-10 A.M., Dr. Parsons - Smith : Out-patients.2 P.M., Dr. Parkinson : Out-patients. 3 P.M., Dr.Parkinson : In-patients. 4 P.M., Dr. Goodall : In-patients.

SATURDAY.-10.30 A.M., Dr. Hamill : In-patients.HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN, Great Ormond -street,W.C.THURSDAY, Nov. 17th.-4 P.M., Lecture :-Dr. F. J.

Poynton : Medical Calamities in Childhood.ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL FOR DISEASES OF THE SKIN,

49, Leicester-square, W.C.THURSDAY, Nov. 17th.-6 P.M., Chesterfield Lecture :-

Dr. W. K. Sibley : Electrical Treatments, lonisa-tion, &c.


Prognosis and Treatment of Pernicious Anaemia.ST. MARY’S HOSPITALS POST-GRADUATE LECTURES,

at Whitworth-street, West Branch, Manchester.FRIDAY, Nov. 18th.-4.30 1’.)1., Mr. Morley : Abdominal

Tuberculosis.MANCHESTER FRENCH HOSPITAL POST-GRADUATELECTURES, 24, Acomb-street, Whitworth Park.THURSDAY, Nov. 17th.-4.15 1’.)1., Dr. A. C. Magi an :


THURSDAY, Nov. 17th.-4.30 P.M., Mr. R. OUerenshaw :Demonstration of Orthopædic Cases.

UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD.-FACULTY OF MEDICINE.Post-Graduate Lectures and Demonstrations.TUESDAY, Nov. 15th. (At the Royal Infirmary).-

3.30 P.M., Prof. A. M. Connell : Fractures. 4.15 P.M.,Dr. A. G. Yates : Asthma.

FRIDAY. (At the Royal Infirmary).-3.30 P.M., Dr. A. E.Barnes : Demonstration of Cases. 4.15 P.M., Mr.W. S. Kerr : Demonstration of Cases.

ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH, 37, Russell-square, W.A Course of Eight Lectures and Discussions on Problems of

Public Health in Relation to Industrial Hygiene at theLecture Theatre of the Institute.

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 16th.-4 P.M., Lecture V. :-Prof. S.Lyle Cummins : Tuberculosis in Relation to Industry.

MEDICO -PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND.FRIDAY, Nov. 18th, at the Royal College of Physicians of

Edinburgh, Queen-street, Edinburgh.-3 P.M., Dr.Haydn Brown on Neuroinduction.

Appointments.BANKS, C., M.B., B.S. Lond., has been appointed Medical Officer

of Health for Halifax.WHiTEHOUSE, BECKWITH, M.S. Lond., F.R.C.S., Assistant to the

Chair of Midwifery and Diseases of Women, University ofBirmingham.

Manchester Royal Infirmary : STAFFORD, H., M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.)and PHILBIN, E., M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.), House Physicians ; *,FISHER, T. N., M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.), COOPE, J. E., M.B.,Ch.B. (Vict.), and ASHCROFT, G. V., M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.),House Surgeons ; POWELL, W. E., M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.) andWILLIAMSON, R., M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.), Ilouse Surgeons forSpecials Department ; RYRIE, B. J., VT.B., Ch.B. (Edin.),Assistant Pathologist.

Vacancies.For further information refer to the advertisement eoizznuzs.

Aberdeen, Royal Hospital for Sick Children.-Hon. S.Ashford, Kent, West Ashford Union.-Dist. M.O., &e. £350.Aylesford, Kent, Prestorz Hall Training Colong.-Asst, M.O.

600.Bedford County Hospital.-Asst. H.S. £150.Bridge of YY’eir, Consumption Sanatoria of Scotland.-Res. Asst.

M.O. 200.Brighton Education Corrarnittee.-Female Asst. Sch. Doctor.

£500.Brighton, Royal Sussex County Hospitul.-H.S. £140.Bristol General Hospital.-Cas. H.S. £175.Burslem Haywood Hospital.-Ites. M.O. £200.Bury Infirmary.-Junior H.S. £150.Cambridge, John Bonnett Clinical Laboratory.-Clin. Path. £300.Cardiff, King Edward VII. Hospital.-H.S. £200.Cardiff, University of South Wales and Monmouthshire.-

Lecturer in Path. and Bact. £750.Carlisle, Cumberland rnJ’rrnzarg.-Res. M.O. £180.City of Westminster Union Infirmary, 369, Fulham-road, S.W.-

Second Asst. M.O. 300.Devizes, Wilts County Asylum.-Asst. M.O. £350.Durham County Council.-Asst. Welfare M.O. £600.East London Hospital for Children, &c., Shadwell, E.-H.S.

125.Gloucester, Gloucestershire Royal Irzfirrrzarf and Eye Irzstitutiorz.-

Asst. H.S. 150.Great Northerrc Central Hospital, Llo7lozi-ay, N.-H.S. £150.

Greenwich, Dreadnought Hospital.-H.S. :&bgr;150.Guildford, Royal Surrey County Hospital.-H.S. 9150.llumpstecad General and North -West London Hospital, Haverstock-

hill.-H.P., H.S., C’as. M.O. and Cas. Surg. 0. Each:61.’)0. Also Dermatologist.

lhtll Royal Infirmary.-Hon. Pathologist.Leamington Spu, Warneford, &c., General Ilospital.-Res, H.P.

?150.Leeds, Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Becketts Park.-Jun. -11,0

£350.Lincoln County Hospital.-Jun. H.S. £150.Manchester, Countil Asylum, Prestwich.-Asst. M.O. £528 18s.Manchester, St. John’s Hospital for the Ear.-Anæsthetist. 950.Manchester, St. Mary’s Hospitals for Women, &c.-Two H.S.’s.

Each £100.Marpate, Royal Sea Bathing Hospital.-S. £200.3letropolitan L’ar, Nose and Throat Hospital, 2, Fitzroy-square.-

Two Sen. Clin. Assts. ’

Middlesbrough, North I?id,ing Infirmary.-Sen. H.S. and Jnn.U.S..8200 and £150.

Mothers’ Hospital, Lonver Clap ton-road, E.-Res. M.O.Newport, -illon., Royal Gwent Hospital.-H.S. £200.Norfolk County Council.-Asst. Tuberc. 0. 550.Nottingham General Hospital.-H.S. £200.Perth Royal Infirmary.-Jun. Res. M.O. £150.Portsmouth Royal Hospital.-Third H.S. £150.Prince of Wales’s General Hospital, Tottenham.-Hon. Surg.

Reg.Royal London Ophthalrnic llospital.-Refraetion Asst. £100.Royal Naval Medical Service.-Surg. Lieuts.St. Peter’s Hospital, Ilenrietta-sti-ect.-Two Hon. Asst. Surgs.Sarrzaritan Free Hospital for lI’onzen, Marylebone-road, N.W.-

H.S. £100.Shanghai -Municipal Council.-Asst. Health Officer. £1540.Sheffield Royal Infirmary.-H.P. and Asst. Cas. 0. £150.Staffordshire General Infiranary, Stafford.-H.S. £250.Sunderland, Royal Infirmary. H.P. £200.T’entnor, Royal National Hospital for Consumption.-Asst. Res.

M.O. 300.Virginia Water, Surrey, Holloway Sanatorium.-Jun. Asst.

M.O. £400.YVest London Hospital, Hammersmith-road, TJ’.-Hon. Surg.

Registrar.Western Ophthulmic Hospital, Marylebone-road.-Two Hon.

Asst. Surgs.14’okikighati?, Berks, Pinewood.-Med. Supt. P600.I’ork County Hospital.-H.P. 9150.The Chief Inspector of Factories, Home Office, S.W., announces

the following vacant appointments : Broughty Ferry(Forfar), Inverary (Argyll), and Peterhead (Aberdeen).

Births, Marriages, and Deaths.’ BIRTHS.

LAWRY.-On Nov 3rd, at " The Red House," Falmouth, thewife of J. Littleton Lawry, M.D., B.S. (Lond.), of a daughter.

MARRIAGES.HODGSON-GREIG.-On Nov. 5th, at the Parish Church, Pyrford,

Surrey, R. G. Keith Hodgson, M.B., B.S., to DorothyMargaret Greig, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H F.Greig, of Haverstock Hill, N.W.

DEATHS.EVATT.-On Nov. 5th, at Earl’s Court-square, S.W.. Major-

General Sir George Joseph Hamilton Evatt, K.C.B., lateR.A.M.C., aged 77.

GOLD.-On Nov. 4th, suddenly, at Rydal Mount, Hereford,David Drybrough Gold, M.D., M.O.H. for Herefordshire,aged 48.

SMART.-On Nov. 5th, after an operation, at Birmingham,William Herbert Smart, M.A., M.B., aged 59.

N.B.-A fee of 7s. 6d. is charged for the insertion of Notices ofBirths, Marriages, and Deaths.


(One Year .. B2 2 0AND One Year ........ £ 2 2 0INLAND Six Months 1 1 0Three Months ..... 0 10 6

(One Year ...8210 0ABROAD Six Months ...... 1 5 0

’ (Three Months ...... 0 12 6

Subscriptions may commence at any time, and are payablein advance. Cheques and P.O.’s (crossed " London CountyWestminster and Parr’s Bank, Covent Garden Branch")should be made payable to THE MANAGER, THE LANCETOffices, 423, Strand, London, W.C. 2.

ADVERTISEMENT RATES.Books and Publications ..

}Official and General Announcements Four LinesTrade and Miscellaneous Advertise- and under 6s. Od.ments ........ments

Every additional line, Is. 6d.

Quarter Page, jE3. Half a. Paga, £6. Entire Page, jei2.Special Terms for Position Pages.