Biometrics. Outline What is Biometrics? Why Biometrics? Physiological Behavioral Applications Concerns / Issues 2

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  • Biometrics
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  • Outline What is Biometrics? Why Biometrics? Physiological Behavioral Applications Concerns / Issues 2
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  • What is Biometrics? Multi-Factor Authentication What you know (Password) What you have (ID) What you are (Biometrics) 3
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  • Biometrics (cont.) Human characteristics used to verify or authenticate an individuals identity 4
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  • Why Biometrics? Prevent fraudulent acts - Accessing confidential information - Faking an identity Stolen Badge Compromised Password Safety and Security - Keep information safe 5
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  • Two Characteristics Physiological Related to the human body Ex: Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Hand Geometry, etc. Behavioral Related to the patterns of an individuals behavior Ex: Voice Recognition, Signature, Keyboard Dynamics 6
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  • Physiological Fingerprint Three patterns Arch: starts on one side, arches up, then ends on other side Loop: starts on one side, loops around, ends on same side Whirl: circles around center of finger 7 ArchLoopWhirl
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  • Fingerprint Disadvantages Damaged fingerprints Hygiene Cut off finger AccuracyEase of UseUser Acceptance HighMediumLow 8
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  • Physiological Face Recognition Verify individual using a digital image from a video source Analyzes position, size, and shape - Nose, eyes, cheekbones, and jaw 9
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  • Face Recognition Disadvantages Facial Surgery Facial Expressions Poor Lighting AccuracyEase of UseUser Acceptance LowHigh 10
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  • Physiological Retinal Scanner Camera technology with infrared light to obtain unique retina pattern Examines the pattern of blood vessels at the back of the eye Mathematical algorithm converts pattern into computer code and stores it in database 11
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  • Retinal Scanner Disadvantages Accurate measurement affected by cataracts or severe astigmatism Not user friendly Need to be close to camera Can reveal eye cancer (Insurance reasons) AccuracyEase of UseUser Acceptance HighLow 12
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  • Behavioral Voice Recognition Speakers voice is recorded and a voice print is created Individuals voice pattern used to compare with the print, in order for authentication Frequency estimation Pattern matching algorithms Disadvantage Sick (Voice Gone) 13 AccuracyEase of UseUser Acceptance MediumHigh
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  • Behavioral Signature Users write signature on a digital tablet Recognizes signature pattern Spatial coordinates Pressure Pen up/down Time Angular Measurements Inclination 14
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  • Signature Disadvantages Broken hand/finger affecting signature Changes to signature AccuracyEase of UseUser Acceptance Medium High 15
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  • Behavioral Keyboard Dynamics The manner and rhythm that an individual types on a keyboard Dwell Time Time in which a key is pressed Flight Time Time between when a key is released and the next key is pushed down Which shift key was used? Etc. 16
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  • Keyboard Dynamics Disadvantages Disadvantages Legal Issues Broken Hand/Finger AccuracyEase of UseUser Acceptance Medium High 17
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  • Applications Bank vaults Government Agencies Drivers License signature Writing checks Accessing confidential information Personal laptops 18
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  • Concerns / Issues Costly Privacy Good for Verification, Bad for Identification Speed Recognition False Positives (i.e. Non authorized user granted access) - should be at 0.001% False Negatives (i.e. Authorized user denied access) - should be at 1% 19
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