Biomechanics foot ankle: Gait Stance Phase Gait60% of cycle –Initial contact –Loading response –Midstance –Terminal Stance –Preswing Swing

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Text of Biomechanics foot ankle: Gait Stance Phase Gait60% of cycle –Initial contact...

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  • Biomechanics foot ankle: Gait Stance Phase Gait60% of cycle Initial contact Loading response Midstance Terminal Stance Preswing Swing Phase Gait40% of Cycle Early swing Mid-Swing Terminal Swing
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  • Initial Contact Ankle jt. is in neutral STJ is slightly supinated Anterior Tibialis and EDL are on eccentrically
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  • Loading Response Ankle moves rapidly into 10 degrees PF Pretibial mm action Tibia is pulled anterior Knee flexes STJ-Calcaneus everts 4-6 degrees (closed chain pronation) ?mm controls this Midtarsals?
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  • Loading Response Closed Chain Pronation: Loose packed position at STJ and in midtarsal region- allows for shock absorption Calcaneal eversion Talus horizontally adducts Tibia Internally Rotates Knee Flexes Femur internally rotates
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  • Midstance Ankle DFs to 5-10 degrees Gastroc & Soleus working eccentrically Knee extends near neutral (Gastroc stabilizes the knee)
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  • Terminal Stance Ankle DFs to 10 degrees 1 st MTP extends to 30 Calf mms still on STJ-supinating Midtarsals? 1 st Ray control Knee in full extension
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  • Terminal Stance Closed chain supination: subtalar joint and midtarsals go into a closed pack position. Makes a rigid lever for push off. Calcaneal inversion Talar horizontal abduction Tibial external rotation Knee extension Femur external rotation
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  • PreSwing Knee rapidly flexing 1 st MTP 30-70 DF Ankle to 20 degrees PF Lift off!
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  • Initial Swing Ankle is dorsiflexing: Eccentric contraction of Anterior tibialis, EHL, EDL.
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  • Midswing Ankle is in neutral position, dorsiflexors are still on.
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  • Terminal Swing Ankle is still in neutral


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