Bioinformatics Market - (2009 - 2014)

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Bioinformatics Market - Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 - 2014)


<p>BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>BIOINFORMATICS MARKET ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, GLOBAL FORECAST AND WINNING IMPERATIVES (2009 2014)</p> <p>Report Description Table of Contents List of Tables Sample Tables Related Reports About Markets and Markets</p> <p>MarketsandMarkets Research7557 Rambler Road, Suite 727, Dallas, Texas 75231 Tel. No.: 1-888-600-6441 Email:</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>Report DescriptionKey Take-Aways Define and measure the global bioinformatics market with respect to bioinformatics platform, content/knowledge management tools, services and applications. Analyze the market structure with respect to different sub segments of the bioinformatics market. Forecast the revenues for the global bioinformatics market and its respective sub markets in geographical regions of North America, Europe, Asia and ROW. Identify the key factors and trends driving the growth of global bioinformatics market and its sub segments. Analyze the market opportunities by identifying high growth bioinformatics segments. Analyze the developments which includes collaborations, product launches, technology launch and service launch in the global bioinformatics market</p> <p>Report OverviewThe global bioinformatics market is expected to grow at a significant rate with its growing role in the fields of drug development, clinical research and molecular medicine. The market is expected to reach a size of $8.3 billion by 2014 with a high CAGR of 24.8% from 2009-2014. The market for bioinformatics platforms is growing at a significant pace with the increasing demand from the regions of U.S. and Europe. This trend is supported by the increasing need for the sequencing such as protein and DNA sequencing. There is a significant demand for the sequencing platforms with the increasing life science research using techniques such as gene expression analysis, sequence analysis and protein expression analysis</p> <p>Markets CoveredThis research report categorizes the global bioinformatics market into respective segments: Bioinformatics platforms (Sequence alignment platforms, Sequence manipulation platforms, Sequence analysis platforms and Structural analysis platforms) Content/Knowledge management tools (Specialized knowledge management tools and Generalized knowledge management tools) Services (Data Analysis, Sequencing Services, and Database &amp; Management services) Applications</p> <p>Stakeholders Bioinformatics technology and service providers Pharmaceutical firms Biotechnology companies Academic research institutes</p> <p> 2</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryMarket Overview Bioinformatics Market Dynamics Commercial Bioinformatics Industry Key OMIC Areas Influencing Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Platforms Market Bioinformatics Content/knowledge Management Tools Bioinformatics Services Market Bioinformatics Applications Market Geographical Analysis of Bioinformatics Market Competitive Landscape</p> <p>1. Introduction1.1 Key Take-Aways 1.2 Report Description 1.3 Markets Covered 1.4 Research Methodology 1.5 Stakeholders</p> <p>2. Summary</p> <p>3. Market Overview3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 Introduction Bioinformatics Market Definition Market Evolution Bioinformatics and Drug Development Sequencing Platforms are High Priority 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 Bioinformatics Features: Present &amp; Future Perspective Trends in Bioinformatics Services Trends in Bioinformatics Applications Bioinformatics Patents</p> <p>4. Bioinformatics Market Dynamics4.1 Introduction 4.2 Drivers 4.2.1 Bioinformatics-enabled Data Management Improves Drug Discovery 4.2.2 Bioinformatics Support Biomarker Discovery to Develop Safer Drugs 4.2.3 High Throughput Screening 4.2.4 Advancement in Genomics and Proteomics Boosting Bioinformatics 4.2.5 Government Initiatives and It Development 4.3 Restraints 4.3.1 Lack of Common Data Format 4.3.2 Saturated Pharmaceutical Market 4.4 Opportunities 4.4.1 Need for Integrated Solutions 4.4.2 Novel Research Field-chemogenomics</p> <p> 3</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>Table of Contents5. Commercial Bioinformatics Industry5.1 Commercial Bioinformatics Applications 5.1.1 Application of Bioinformatics in Various Sectors Industrial/agricultural Biotechnology Companies Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Firms Academic/research Institutes Others</p> <p>6. Key Omic Areas Influencing Bioinformatics6.1 6.2 6.3 Bioinformatics and-OMICS Importance of Bioinformatics in Genomics Emergence of Proteomics</p> <p>7. Bioinformatics Platforms Market7.1 Introduction 7.2 Drivers and Restraints 7.2.1 Need for Better Output Quality in Drug Discovery 7.2.2 Application of Bioinformatics Platforms in Life Sciences Market 7.2.3 Complex Operations of Bioinformatics Platforms 7.3 Sequence Alignment Platforms 7.3.1 Sequence Analysis (alignment) Consensus Sequence and Translation Multiple Sequence Alignment Phylogenetic Tree Building 7.3.2 Lab End Sequence Analysis Contig Assembly Primer Design and Cloning 7.4 Sequence Manipulation Platforms 7.4.1 Random Sequences and Format Conversion 7.4.2 Sequence Analysis (sequence Manipulation) 7.4.3 Sequence Figures 7.5 Sequence Analysis Platforms 7.5.1 DNA Sequence Analysis Platforms Restriction, Detect Repeats, and Unusual Patterns Align Sequences Search Tools 7.5.2 Assignment of Protein Function Search Pattern, Motif, Profiles Domains, Families Pathways Analysis and Computation Protein-protein Interaction and Protein Annotation New Sequence Alert 7.5.3 RNA Analysis Platform 7.5.4 Analyze and Model 3D Structure 3D Analysis and Viewers Homology Modeling 7.5.5 Phylogenetic Analysis Multiple Sequence Alignment Organism Classification 7.5.6 Microarray Data Analysis 7.6 Structural Analysis Platforms 7.6.1 Physiochemical Properties and Alignment Platforms 7.6.2 Primary Sequence Analysis 7.6.3 Secondary Structure Sequence Prediction 7.6.4 Sequence Visualization 7.7 Other Platforms 7.7.1 Visualization Platforms 7.7.2 Physical Mapping Software</p> <p> 4</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>Table of Contents8. Bioinformatics Content/ Knowledge Management Tools8.1 Introduction 8.2 Drivers 8.2.1 Exponential Growth in The Proteomics Data and Databases 8.2.2 Firms Need Data Integration Devices for In -house Solutions 8.2.3 Growth in Clinical Trials Industry Supports The Market 8.3 Generalized Knowledge Management Tools 8.3.1 Drivers Need for Complex Information About Structure and Sequence of Molecules Reduction of Surplus Data by Generalized Knowledge Management Tools Enables Time Saving 8.3.2 Primary Sequence Knowledge Management 8.3.3 Protein Sequence Knowledge Management 8.3.4 Carbohydrate Knowledge Management 8.3.5 3D Structure Knowledge Management 8.4 Specialized Knowledge Management 8.4.1 Drivers Growing Numbers of Studies in Proteomics and DNA Sequence Analysis Improved Data Security Attracts The Use of Specialized Knowledge Management Tools 8.4.2 Specialized Sequence Knowledge Management 8.4.3 Genome Knowledge Management Drivers Rise in The Genome Applications for Treatment of Genetic Diseases Sequencing Applications for Structural Analysis Collections Model Organism Knowledge Management 8.4.4 Specialized Protein Knowledge Management Drivers Immense Need for Structured and Automated Process in Proteomics Integration of Proteomics Technologies With Bioinformatics Proteome Knowledge Management Specific Protein Family Knowledge Management Protein Classification Knowledge Management 8.4.5 Specialized Structural Knowledge Management 8.4.6 Pathways Knowledge Management 8.4.7 Microarray Knowledge Management 8.4.8 2D-page Knowledge Management</p> <p>9. Bioinformatics Services Market9.1 Introduction 9.2 Drivers 9.2.1 Growing Trend Towards Consultancy Services 9.2.2 Need for Total Data Integration and Warehousing Solutions 9.3 Data Analysis 9.3.1 Drivers Increasing Applications of Informatics In Biotechnology Data Overflow Necessitates Development of Analytical Tools 9.3.2 Genomics &amp; Proteomics Data Analysis 9.3.3 Microarray Data Analysis 9.3.4 Computational Services Market 9.4 Sequencing Services 9.4.1 Drivers and Restraints Outsourcing Sequencing Projects Boosting Market Growth Other Competitive Technologies 9.4.2 Shotgun Sequencing 9.4.3 Primer Walking 9.4.4 Expression Profile Clustering 9.4.5 Re-sequencing 9.4.6 High Throughput Sequencing 9.4.7 Multiple Sequence Alignment</p> <p> 5</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>Table of Contents9.5 Database and Management 9.5.1 Conception and Realization 9.5.2 Development of User Interface 9.5.3 Migration 9.5.4 Maintenance and Backup System 9.6 Other Services</p> <p>10. Bioinformatics Applications Market10.1 Introduction 10.2 Drivers 10.2.1 Rapid Development of Molecular Diagnostics Market 10.2.2 Development in The Personalized Medicine Treatment 10.3 Restraints 10.3.1 Need for More Holistic Solutions 10.3.2 Bioinformatics Considered to Be for Specialized Applications Only 10.4 Opportunities 10.4.1 Bioinformatics in Epidemiology 10.4.2 Integration of Systems Biology With Bioinformatics 10.5 Molecular Medicine 10.5.1 Drivers Improvements in Proper Molecular Understanding of The Diseases Technological Advances in Bioinformatics Effective in Molecular Medicine 10.5.2 OMICS Applications 10.5.3 Pharmacogenetics 10.6 Global Market for Molecular Medicine 10.6.1 U.S. Governmental Support and Demographic Status 10.6.2 Europe European Union Fuels The Development of Molecular Medicine in Europe High Per Capita Expenditure On Healthcar 10.6.3 Asia Fast Developing Countries Spur The Molecular Medicine Market 10.7 Preventive Medicine 10.7.1 General Preventive Medicine and Public Health 10.7.2 Aerospace and Occupational Medicine 10.7.3 Early Stage Detection of Disease 10.7.4 Lack of Awareness About Preventive Medical Applications 10.7.5 Application of Preventive Medicine in The Field of Pharmacogenomics 10.8 Gene Therapy 10.8.1 Drivers and Opportunities Demand for Gene Therapy Treatment Necessitates Bioinformatics Application Data Proliferation in The Field of Gene Therapy Declining Growth of Gene Therapy Market 10.9 Drug Development 10.9.1 Drivers Drastic Cost Reduction in The Process of Drug Discovery Data Processing Need in The Drug Development Process 10.9.2 Virtual High Throughput Screening 10.9.3 Sequence Analysis 10.9.4 Similarity Searches 10.9.5 Drug Lead Optimization 10.9.6 Physicochemical Modeling 10.9.7 Drug Bioavailability and Bioactivity 10.10 Others 10.10.1 Field of Applications Antibiotic Resistance Waste Cleanup Forensic Analysis of Microbes</p> <p> 6</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>Table of Contents10.10.1.4 Bio-weapon Creation Evolutionary Studies Natural Quality Improvement Development of Drought Resistance Varieties Veterinary Science</p> <p>11. Geographic Analysis of Bioinformatics Market11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5 Introduction North America Europe Asia ROW</p> <p>12. Competitive Landscape12.1 Introduction 12.2 New Product, Technology, Service Launch (2008 to 2010) 12.2.1 Agilent Technologies (U.S.) 12.2.2 Applied Biosystems (U.S.) 12.2.3 Biodiscovery Inc. (U.S.) 12.2.4 Clc Bio (Denmark) 12.2.5 12.2.6 12.2.7 12.2.8 12.2.9 12.2.10 12.2.11 Dnastar (u.s.) Genome Quest (u.s.) Helicos Biosciences Corporation (U.S.) Invitrogen Corporation (U.S.) Molegro (U.S.) Ocimum Biosolutions (U.S.) Softgenetics (U.S.)</p> <p>13. Company Profiles13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4 13.5 13.6 13.7 13.8 13.9 3RD MILLENNIUM ACCELRYS AFFYMETRIX INC AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES BIODISCOVERY BIOINFORMATICS SOLUTIONS INC BIOMATTERS BIOMAX INFORMATICS BIOWISDOM LTD 13.10 BRUKER DALTONICS INC 13.11 CELERA CORPORATION 13.12 CLC BIO 13.13 DNASTAR 13.14 GENEDATA 13.15 GENEGO 13.16 GENOLOGICS LIFE SCIENCES SOFTWARE INC 13.17 GENOMEQUEST 13.18 HELICOS BIOSCIENCES CORPORATION</p> <p> 7</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>Table of Contents13.19 ILLUMINA INC 13.20 LIFE TECHNOLOGIES 13.21 MOLEGRO APS 13.22 NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 13.23 OCIMUM BIOSOLUTIONS 13.24 PHASE FORWARD INCORPORATED 13.25 PREMIER BIOSOFT INTERNATIONAL 13.26 ROSETTA BIOSOFTWARE 13.27 SOFTGENETICS LLC 13.28 TEXTCO BIOSOFTWARE INC 13.29 TIBCO SPOTFIRE 13.30 TRIPOS INTERNATIONAL</p> <p>AppendixU.S. Patents Europe Patents Japan Patents</p> <p> 8</p> <p>Bioinformatics Market Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2009 2014) BT 1027 | $4650 | 2010</p> <p>List of Tables1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Global Bioinformatics Market by Segments 2007 2014 ($million) Global Bioinformatics Platform Market, by Products 2007-2014 ($million) Global Bioinformatics Platform Market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) Global Sequence Alignment Platforms Market, by Products 2007 2014 ($million) Global Sequence Alignment Platform Market by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) Global Sequence Analysis (alignment) Platforms Market by Products 2007 2014 ($million) Global Sequence Analysis (alignment) Platforms Market by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) Global Consensus Sequence &amp; Translation Platforms Market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) Global Multiple Sequence Alignment Platforms Market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) 11 Global Lab End Sequence Analysis Platforms Market, by Products 2007 2014 ($million) 12 Global Lab End Sequence Analysis Platforms Market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) 13 Global Contig Assembly Platforms Market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) 14 Global Primer Design and Cloning Platforms Market by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) 15 Global Sequence Manipulation Platforms Market, by Products 2007 2014 ($million) 16 Global Sequence Manipulation Platforms Market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($million) 17 Glo...</p>