Biofuel Crop Production

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Biofuel Crop Production. Presentation by: Josh Carlin. What should we grow?. Ideal Crop High biomass yield Low in lignin and high in cellulose and hemicellulose Able to stand in field to extend harvest window Low water requirement Low nutrient requirement. Perennial Crops. Switchgrass - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Biofuel Crop Production

  • Biofuel Crop ProductionPresentation by: Josh Carlin

  • What should we grow?Ideal CropHigh biomass yieldLow in lignin and high in cellulose and hemicelluloseAble to stand in field to extend harvest windowLow water requirement Low nutrient requirement

  • Perennial CropsSwitchgrassBig BluestemMiscanthus x giganteus

  • Annual CropsCorn (rotated with soybean)Continuous CornPhotoperiod Sensitive SorghumBrown Mid-Rib Sorghum (BMR)Dual Purpose Forage Sorghum

  • ChallengesHarvestingWater RemovalStandabilityDensityWater Usage Ethanol ProductionCrop Production

  • Water Usage3 gallons required per gallon of corn ethanol (RFA)6 gallons required per gallon of cellulosic ethanol (NREL)About 20-25 inches of water are necessary to produce an acre of average yielding corn

  • HarvestingBiomass needs to be at 15% moistureTransportation Greater bulk density required to transport efficiently

  • Cob HarvestingThe next step?Cobs prove to be a good resource in the cellulosic biofuel industryHigher bulk density than stover Leave Less ash when burnedProduce higher BTU per pound.

  • Other Biofuel Crop ResearchPhotoperiod Sensitive Sorghum Population StudyAsh Byproduct N Fertility StudyDDGS Nitrogen Fertility Study

  • 2009 Manhattan KS Biofuel Plots