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Bilanciamento Prana_Apana (2)

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harmonius communication

Text of Bilanciamento Prana_Apana (2)

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    N: - c m . S

    Trrg t ? . ?s , t : a : r ' d . _ l _ r \

    L - s I c,tr ing- on h1:lt ' Era'b opoos i Ee arms

    below stroui-ders ' anj inare "!--yot b-end

    Lef--. exhale. "t--I?: i l ;J-r i-shtr ' -*"?l V

    Ehe sp ine !n per fJcE- -

    aL ignmenc (don

    c,wiss iE' or '9eni-:iiro'"ras ot'-u"cl

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    .5 - - Medi taEi ,on: S i E in Easy pose, " iehc i!1nd in Guyan lvludra, rescing on Ehe knee.Pl ace I ef c hand so Eha E ch Ehumb i, s onthe A jna (3rd e l re po inc) , anC Ehe f ingersa re po inE ing up , s l i ghE ly sp read

    ConcenEraEe on each f ngerEp , fee l ingEheir locacion ln your aura . Biri ld -;; i iv

    around and Ehrough Ehem. i.then the foJinof each f ineertip- f f irnly f ixed, in yournind, br ing the IefE hand o resc on Eheknee in Guyan Mudra.

    concencrae on'Ehe poinEs in your autrache poincs in through your Ajana, andenergized. (Time, unl imiEed. )

    a_nd feed Ehem enbrgy. Then drawfeel Eocalty righr, lrigh, -iia

    COIUENTS (By G. K. K. ) : hls seu balancesC,he life force enerqty (or prana), and EheellminaEtng or cleanslrtg. "rrergy

    (or Apana).tJhen baianced ^ lnd propstl, miild,' -

    n-po"""of Ehe Kundalini can be rtasea. ' inissec wi r I

    .focus' your nind and ctear i""aura, making you feel l ighc and urighc.SEarc experiencing Ehis a"i i" energy EhaEsurrounds'your physical body. Fei Ehacic - is a pare of you. Lec ' iE expand, and,feel unl irni Eed. Feel connecied itrh n"l.lniversal Li fe Energy.

    COTJN YOUR ltERlS: you atrays counByour dcfecs, and nevtr yorrr ocrt Es .QognE lrour ocrtgs, and lcvc- off-


    dcftcicncles. hcy uetre acang Bo bef t I lod trt Eh your cf f iclenc:,'.- traE' sat I 1E akes. tthen yqu don. g Elvc f n-o youF deflctcoy, tc ts cff tctency.You' rc noE a slnncr, . . JrJs dcf lctent.Kcep up and you' l ! bq c f f tc tsng. hag 'satl tE Eakcs and t rrtll carr? yql hrough

    - hacls a sccroE of t f fc . {obody,sper fecE.As a hunan, t f you erc trurocenE, yougtII never bc punlshed- uhen yorr don'Bknotr anyBhlng, gh:. rV Eo knotr your orrtdeoertBs? Thcn yorr aae nog tnnocenB.Nevec Etry o ltrrog your dcocrtBs, buc(endeaver Co) knotr your good potnes.

    - - YoEl , Bhatan TlLLl?S

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