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3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766 ( 473-8888 OUTSTANDING LOCAL NEWSPAPER For Five Consecutive Years St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards www.bikolreport.blogspot.com e-mail: [email protected] REGIONAL EXPONENT FOR PROGRESS VOL. XXII, NO. 43 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES JULY 19-25, 2015 P5.00 Naga named as most competitive city GRAND SLAM Mayor John Bongat, VM Nelson Legacion, and Councilor Gabby Bordado met the press last week to announce the city’s selection by the National Competitive Council as the Most Competitive Component City, out of 142, in the whole country. Naga was rated #1 in Economic Dynamism, #1 in Government Efficiency, and #1 in Infrastructure categories. NAGA RIVER DREDGING Mayor John Bongat, Cong. Leni Robredo and Arch. Rolando Tirona led the ceremonial start of the dredging of the Naga River using the amphibious excavator lent for free by the DPWH thru Cong. Robredo. The city government also approved a P 4.9 million budget for the project meant to make the river navigable and suitable for riverine life. Salceda: P1.2T needed for Luzon’s growth Gov. SALCEDA LEGAZPI CITY -- The government needs to pour in P 1.2 trillion for a long- term investment to further improve the economic and social growth in the eight regions of Luzon, accord- ing to the Luzon Regional Development Committee (RDCom). Albay Governor Joey Salceda, Bicol Regional Development Council chair and concurrent RDCom chair, on Tuesday said the amount will fund some 16 mega-infrastructure projects for the eight regions of the Luzon island from 2015 to 2045. The RDCom has for- mulated the Luzon Spatial Development Framework (LSDF) plan, which would cover the Cordillera Au- tonomous Region, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, Calabarzon, Mima- ropa, Bicol and the National Capital Region. Salceda, a known econo- mist, said the LSDF needs more fine-tuning as he re- ferred to the requested bud- getary outlay as a “conser- vative” figure for a 30-year project timetable. “On a economic scale, the funding should have been given flexibility or space for future adjustments,” he said. By MaolIn S. MacatanGay, cEPPIo The National Competitiveness Coun- cil during the 3rd Regional Competi- tiveness Summit has awarded Naga City first in all three categories, namely in competent cities; Government Effi- ciency, Economic Dynamism, and Infra- structure also earning the city first place in overall competitiveness. The ceremony was held at the Philippine International Convention Center, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila last July 16, 2015. In a press conference held last July 17, just after the (Turn to page 6) (Turn to page 6) cEPPIo cEPPIo

Bikol Reporter July 19 - 25, 2015 Issue

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    3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

    ( 473-8888

    outstanding local newspaperFor Five Consecutive YearsSt. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

    www.bikolreport.blogspot.come-mail: [email protected]

    regional exponent for progressvol. xxii, no. 43 Bicol, the philippines july 19-25, 2015 p5.00

    Naga named as most competitive city

    GRAND SLAMMayor John Bongat, VM Nelson Legacion, and Councilor Gabby Bordado met the press last week to announce the citys selection by the National Competitive Council as the

    Most Competitive Component City, out of 142, in the whole country. Naga was rated #1 in Economic Dynamism, #1 in Government Efficiency, and #1 in Infrastructure categories.

    NAGA RIVER DREDGINGMayor John Bongat, Cong. Leni Robredo and Arch. Rolando Tirona led the ceremonial start of the dredging of the Naga River using the amphibious excavator lent for free by the DPWH thru Cong. Robredo. The city government also approved a P4.9 million budget for the project meant to make the river navigable and suitable for riverine life.

    Salceda: P1.2T neededfor Luzons growth

    Gov. SALCEDA

    LEGAZPI CITY -- The government needs to pour in P1.2 trillion for a long-term investment to further improve the economic and social growth in the eight regions of Luzon, accord-ing to the Luzon Regional Development Committee (RDCom).

    Albay Governor Joey Salceda, Bicol Regional Development Council chair and concurrent RDCom chair, on Tuesday said the amount will fund some 16 mega-infrastructure projects for the eight regions of the Luzon island from 2015 to 2045.

    The RDCom has for-mulated the Luzon Spatial Development Framework (LSDF) plan, which would cover the Cordillera Au-tonomous Region, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, Calabarzon, Mima-ropa, Bicol and the National Capital Region.

    Salceda, a known econo-mist, said the LSDF needs more fine-tuning as he re-ferred to the requested bud-getary outlay as a conser-vative figure for a 30-year project timetable.

    On a economic scale, the funding should have been given flexibility or space for future adjustments, he said.

    By MaolIn S. MacatanGay, cEPPIo

    The National Competitiveness Coun-cil during the 3rd Regional Competi-tiveness Summit has awarded Naga City first in all three categories, namely in competent cities; Government Effi-ciency, Economic Dynamism, and Infra-structure also earning the city first place in overall competitiveness.

    The ceremony was held at the Philippine International Convention Center, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila last July 16, 2015.

    In a press conference held last July 17, just after the (Turn to page 6)

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    Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN= PhP5.95),

    Hong Kongs subway system has been there much earlier than our first visit in 1972. The lines continue to be extended including the one underneath the seabed between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula (Asia). When the Lantau international airport was opened, the train system was elongated further to cover the entire distance from HK Central and Kowloon. Airline passengers may opt to ride the train instead of being serviced by tour gents.

    BOC COLLECTION: The government expects Phl Bureau of Customs (BOC) to register at least 14% growth in collection next year. Based on the 2016 proposed national budget to be submitted to Congress, Customs is tasked to collect P498.7B next year, up by P62B compared with P437B goal this year. Customs collection goal next year is 4.2% lower than the P521B assumed goal. Com. Alberto D. Lina conceded that his agency may no hit its revenue goal due to lower global crude oil prices.

    He said even if imports of non-oil

    items rise the intake from there is insufficient to offset the lost revenues from oil imports. BOC exceeded its collection target last month due to strong imports, but still short of its first-semester goal. The recent settlement of the Iran nuclear impasse will let loose said countrys crude oil stockpiles kept in floating barges. Release thereof will exacerbate the global excess in oil supply which will result in lower international oil prices.

    HEALTH IS WEALTH: Early this month, I underwent my semestral laboratory tests and X-Ray. I was shocked to be told that I have an enlarged heart based on the film shown to me. Then the laboratory staff called to tell me that my blood sample cannot be tested because it is overly red. After hearing the bad news, I started drafting mentally my Last Will and Testament (complete with funeral preferences). I was truly nervous to be honest.

    Luckily a client visited me at that time. I spoke to him my tale of woe. He assured me not to worry, because he has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart 20 years ago and he is still alive. Then the laboratory called again. They need new blood samples because they failed to test the first one on time. The second sample turned out all right - high marks in FBS and cholesterol (my usual negatives). Alas, when one is over 70 and your friends keep you busy going to their wakes its time to visit your doctor!

    WISDOM: By virtue of our Christian baptism we are privileged to preach the Kingdom of God.

    BIKOL REPORTER (Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International is past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

    PROGRESSIVE: Since our firm has professional partners and audit-consultancy clients based in Hong Kong, we visit the Special Administrative Region at least once a year. Our group has just returned from our 2015 visitation continually impressed by the continuing economic progress of Hong Kong. It will be recalled that the nation used to be under the British crown until the HK lease expired. It is now under the main government in Beijing.

    The final major act of the British government was the transfer of the international airport from crowded Kwuntong area to distant Lantau Island. The island (where HK Disneyland is also located) is now almost full of industrial, commercial and residential infrastructures. Constructions projects are everywhere - insuring jobs for immigrees from the Mainland and cheap labor from nearby neighboring countries. HK has an inspiring magic of its own (no casinos here!).

    SUBWAY: Filipinos in Hong Kong experience daily the reliable train system of the territory. Trains arrive and leave stations on time and computerized entrance-exit systems are almost impeccable. After studying the subway system map which is accessible to and easily understood by all our group decided to visit Disneyland on our own. We found out that as seniors, we pay only HK$100 for park entrance and our train tickets cost only HK$11 one way! (HK$1

    Hong Kong revisited

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    lee g. dullesco iiHead, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ed g. yuEditor


    would suggest she had any intention of staying here for good.

    She then saw an opportunity for a career in government after she was offered to head the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in 2010. According to her, she was aware then even if she was enjoying dual citizenship status, (which some legal experts say she doesnt as the law on dual citizenship applies only to those born after 1973), she had to renounce her non-Filipino citizenship before taking up any appointive or elective position in government.

    And she did so in 2010, as she had admitted.

    In fact, having renounced her US citizenship in 2010, made her qualified to run for the Senate in 2013. And we were all made to believe nothing was wrong in the issues of her citizenship and residency requirements.

    However, journalist Raissa Robles, in her blog the other day, bared that Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares did not actually renounce her American citizenship until July 12, 2011, about nine months after she was appointed chair of the MTRCB on Oct. 22, 2010.

    Furthermore, US records as provided by Robles in her blog revealed Poe-

    Llamanzares dropped her US citizenship only on June 30, 2012, which would jibe with the Manila Times story her US passport was renewed in December 2011.

    Robles furthers that while the requirements for an elective office merely call for a candidate to make a personal and sworn renunciation of any and all foreign citizenship before any Philippine public officer authorized to administer an oath prior to, or at the time of the filing of the certificate of candidacy, the requirement for a prospective public official is more strict as an appointive official must renounce his Oath of Allegiance to the country where he took that oath.

    Did Poe-Llamanzares meet these requirement when she was appointed to the MTRCB or when she ran for the Senate? To date, she has yet to show proof.

    Assuming Robles assertions are accurate, Poe-Llamanzares would be in bigger trouble as it would show she was not even qualified to run for the Senate for failure to meet the residency requirement.

    According to Section 3, Article IV of the 1987 Constitution, the qualifications for membership in the Senate are as follows:

    No person shall be a senator unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, and on the day of the election, is at least thirty-five years of age, able to read and write, a registered voter, and a resident of the Philippines for not less than two years immediately preceding the day of the election.

    But if indeed Poe-Llamanzares renounced her US citizenship in July 12, 2011, then she could be short of the two-year residency requirement for the May

    Occupying the front page of newspapers this past week are the meetings of President Benigno Aquino with Senators Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, to help decide who to anoint as the presidential candidate of the Liberal Party, the political party of the President. As leader of the LP said the Presidents heart is for Mar Roxas but his brain is for Grace Poe. Senator Grace Poe does not seem to want to be the running mate of Mar Roxas as Vice President. She said she wants to run with someone she is comfortable with, thats Escudero.

    I am hereby quoting the following column of Charlie Manalo entitled Listen to Susan in the Daily Tribune dated June 11, 2015 for information and study:

    It is now common knowledge Grace Poe left the country in 1991 to seek the proverbial green pastures in the United States. She continued her studies there, met her US-born Filipino-American husband, obtained her US citizenship, gained employment there, first as a pre-school teacher, then as a procurement liaison before ending up as a product manager for a company, scientific equipment, that employed her until 2004.

    Although having the king and queen of the Philippine movies for her adoptive parents, Grace had no career here if she had opted to venture in the local entertainment industry. Thus, it was maybe a wise decision for her to settle in the United States than gamble her future here.

    It would safe to assume it was her thinking then up to the time her adoptive father lost in the 2004 presidential elections that she would remain in the US as a naturalized US citizen as she had to immediately fly back to the US then, refusing to involve herself in the mass actions protesting the alleged cheating against Fernando Poe Jr., until her adoptive father died. She had to come back, maybe to attend ro a few personal issues. But until then, nothing

    Listen to Susan





    That no oneis left behind

    u.n. Secretary General ban Ki-moon, hailed the final document of the third un Conference on Financing Development held in the Ethiopian capital last week as a critical step forward in building a sustainable future for all. It provides a global framework for financing sustain-able development. The results here in Addis Ababa gives us the foundation of a revitalized global partnership for sustainable development that will leave no one behind.

    Two of the problems which the summit hoped to address was ending the perennial global poverty and achieving universal food security, and one of the solutions discussed was the proposal for moving the formulation of global tax policy from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to the un.

    The call to give poor countries a voice in tax matters illustrate a sentiment among them that they are being squeezed dry, hence, foiling whatever development programs they have and therefore, the prevailing global poverty which until now still seem an unreachable dream to end.

    Indeed, as one Philippine delegate asked: How on earth can we put this problem behind us? Why is there not enough money to finance the eradicate of poverty when we know theres so much of it out there?

    Early this month, President Aquino approved the countrys proposed national budget next year, a mind-bending PhP3.002 trillion.

    We ask: Will this budget ensure that every Filipino home or family shall have access to universal health care and education, water and sanitation, electricity, good rural roads, healthy environment.

    These are just minimum requirements for a decent life, for a human existence. yet, will this budget ensure that our country will put at last the poverty problem to rest, that indeed, that the development will be inclusive and no one will be left behind? -- fpj

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  • Bikol reporter4 july 19-25, 2015hAlo-hAlo

    inner chessby j. hEnry DanIcan

    Souvenir Programs


    FRANk PEones jr.

    sounding names na kabali. Halimbawa, Rawson, (Amerikanong manager kan ALATCO), Kookooritchkin (an Rusong ama kan naging artista na si Ronald Remy), Sarrato (siguro, aki kan Kastilang hacienderong si Miguel Sarrato), asin Tabuchi (na sa suspetsa ko, an Hapon na may sadiri kan Iriga Bicycle Shop).

    Sa mga advertisers, interesante na yaon si Camarines Sur Institute, na pigtugdas kadto ni Miguel Rojo Ibana. Kan 1927, sinabi kan Monroe Commission na an Camarines Sur Institute saro sa pinakamarhay sa nasyon. Ini an naging Apolinario Mabini Institute, na iyo na ngonyan an University of Northeastern Philippines. Si Ibana iyo man an pundador kan Mabini Colleges sa Daet. Alagad, an pinakainteresante sako iyo an may 156 na pangaran kan mga lumang sitio sa Iriga. An iba, namimidbidan ko pa, alagad kadaklan nakalubong na talaga sa kalingawan.

    Ini an kahalagahan kan siring na mga souvenir programs. Pagiromdom kita ta an tawo marilingawon.

    Tinaan ako kan sakong amiga nin pambihira nang kopya nin souvernir program kan kafiestahan kan dating banwaan nin Iriga kan 1938 asin kan inagurasyon kan municipal hall kaini kan 1963.

    Mayong duda na archival treasure an mga ini. Si 1938 souvenir program, pigedit kan nagin mayor kan Iriga na si Elias Corporal asin napublikar sa torno ni Felix O. Alfelor, an soboot enot na abogadong nagin alkalde nin sarong banwaan sa Camarines Sur kan sinambit na panahon. Igwa siyang solong retrato, joven pang marhay, asin sa saro, kaibahan an saiyang konseho sa lumang munisipyo. Igwa man retrato kan munisipyo kan dai pa ini hinihira asin an kaatubang kaining plaza, magin an simbahan na yaon an bukid kan Iriga sa likod. Igwa man nin drowing kan planong bagong simbahan na klasiko an istilo

    An pera sa mga mahalagang laog kaini iyo an retrato ni Genaro Saavedra, an taga-irigang naging kampeon sa lumang bersyon kan Asian Games, an Far East Games, kan mga taon 1915-1919 kun sain siya an naging kampeon sa

    decathlon; si retrato kan dating Alcalde Santiago Gonzales, na nagpatugdok kan monumento ni Rizal, asin kan si dating Alcalde dangan naging Gobernador kan Camarines Sur na si Manuel Crescini. Igwa man listahan kan mga opisyales kan banwaan asin kan 14 pa sanang barrio kan Iriga kan panahon na idto.

    Interesante man si pangaran kan mga aktibo o invuelto sa selebrasyon kan kafiestahan ta may mga foreign-

    From the Mouthof a Babe

    By FayE ElaInE P. SIrIoS

    My Simple DreamsFor most girls my age, (I am 11 years old) and a 6th grader in

    in a public school, I have many dreams and just simple ones. I am very happy I have a set of parents who are both profes-

    sionals and earning very well. It means I am comfortable both as a daughter and a school child.

    I dream to be a journalist when I grow up. Right now I write for our school paper and that is giving me a chance to realize my dream. I am also using this chance to be able to express what I have in my mind about many things I see as a young Filipino.

    As a young campus writer, I cannot really understand why there are many young boys and girls my age who are in the street when I think they should be in school. I just wonder why. It is my dream that every child of school age is enjoying school life reading books, singing, doing math and discovering many things in science. I also hope these children are not hungry.

    There are many public schools everywhere where parents do not have to spend much for the education of their children. These public schools, like where I am studying, are providing the best education for the children and many products of these public schools are now professionals and have good jobs and earning very well.

    I am very happy as a pupil in a public school. I have myself competed in national events like writing and broadcasting con-tests and made it.

    I am also very happy for my parents and I thank God for giving them to me. I wish every child my age have parents like mine.

    I pray for my dreams to be realized and all children of school age are happily enjoying school life.

    A Males Place in Educationby lynDon M. llEno - teacher 3

    San Miguel Elementary School, Iriga city

    Years back, the education industry was dominated by females. The number of male teachers was very negligible. There is no reason for this except maybe that female teachers are more dedicated, have more patience with children and most importantly, they make wonderful mothers even to children who are not their own. On the other hand, male teachers are aggressive and maybe prone to use force when kids are mischievous. But I would not like this taken to be factual but mere personal opinion.

    Times are different. Today, there are more male teachers as there are female and they are turning the education industry into one harmonious melting pot of the best minds and gender is not a question

    Personally, I have come to enjoy teaching and not just enjoy it for some obvious reasons but because I know teaching is a very noble professions. Us, teachers, upon our shoulders are laid the future of the country through the children who are entrusted to us, they, who are the fair hopes of the fatherland, to use what is now a clich but truly coming from the mind of one of great Filipinos, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. With that responsibility of molding the youth of the land, male teachers have a lot on their hands. He is a father-image to his pupils. He, therefore, commands respect from them and he exudes this respect by being respectful himself. He is a community leader, even a spiritual confidante. He is physically strong that big and heavy works in school he is entrusted to accomplish and this, he accepts with all his might.

    The male population in the educational sector is made even more glorifying with no less than having a male Secretary of Education, Bro, Ermin Luistro who is giving education a big boost not only for the country but for the rest of the world to see that we have the kind of education that is at par with all education programs the world over.

    I am not, however, relegating to the side, the female teachers, who deserve a much bigger kudos.

    A male teacher that I am, I feel very comfortable in this line of work. I am very honest in my saying that I am very happy and contented in this line of work.

    13, 2013 senatorial elections by a little less than two months.And that is besides the contention of former University of the

    East College of Law Dean Amado Gonzales. Poe-Llamanzares cannot be considered a natural-born Filipino citizen if she would invoke the UN Convention for the Reduction of Statelessness as that particular declaration, aside from the fact that the Philippines is not a signatory to that convention, but that declaration does not guarantee a foundling to acquire natural-born citizenship of the country where he or she was found, but only to acquire the citizenship of that country.

    So, what we have now is someone who might have possibly violated the laws in assuming both an appointive and elective position but still refuses to own up to these as she keeps on insisting she is qualified even for the 2016 presidential elections which calls for a ten-year residency requirement.

    But again, her adoptive mother, Susan Roces once said, Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw.

    She preaches honesty, so why not practice what she preaches?Listen to Susan.

    from my window . . .

    Teachers could not think of developing higher order thinking skills among pupils without the multiple intelligences theory advanced by Howard Gardner. This theory is a very useful model for developing a systematic approach to nurturing and teaching children and honing their individual needs and strengths within a classroom setting. This theory includes the notion that each person is smart in all types of intelligence. Every person is smart to varying degrees of expertise in each of the intelligences, stronger in some ways and less developed in others. Heredity and genetics influence the way the brain is neurologically wired before birth and are contributing factors that determine the strongest and/or most favored types of intelligence. This is often seen in children with very strong and overt talents demonstrated at very young ages.

    Researches show that we can become more intelligent in more ways, both pupils and teachers can become more adept in all intelligences. This is possible by providing a planned cycle of experiences and opportunities which foster each and every intelligence, and by making these opportunities available to every

    Developing Multiple Intelligences in Elementary Gradesby FlorEnIa c. toralDE- Principal II

    Iriga central School, Iriga city

    child in our classrooms. By broadening our view of intelligence, and valuing and nurturing abilities other than mathematics and reading, we can open doors by using the strengths of children as a means of complementing their less developed areas.

    According to Gardners theory, one form of intelligence is not better than another; they are equally valuable and viable (Gardner, 1983). Yet, he discovered that different cultures are biased towards and against certain types of intelligences. Recent brain/mind research and new theories of human intelligence redirect our attention in three specific areas-first, on the environmental conditions and messages we provide children; second, on the kind of support and relationships we develop between caregivers, educators, and children; and third, on the need to match what we know about the ways kids are intelligent and learn with teaching strategies designed to maximize the full development of each individual child.

    Howard Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligences honors and promotes the development of all seven avenues of intelligence in

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  • Bikol reporter 5july 19-25, 2015

    homar murillo

    tip of aniceBergEmail: [email protected]

    Non Omnis MoriarNon Omnis Moriar is the Latin motto of the Knights of Rizal

    which can also be found in the official emblem of the organiza-tion. It can be translated in English as Not all of me shall die. I am not certain if it was uttered or written by Rizal himself as his personal motto. However, it is a quotation that is attributed to the ancient Roman poet, Quintus Horatius Flaccus, otherwise known simply as Horace. It does not really matter whether Rizal indeed uttered or used the quotation as his personal motto. What really matter is that Rizal is an embodiment of this motto.

    Although Jose Rizal was executed by the Spanish regime more than 118 years ago, his ideals and influence never died. The Order of the Knights of Rizal is just one of the living proofs that not all of Rizal had died. His legacy and ideals lives on. The Knights of Rizal is not just an ordinary fan club. It is neither a fanatic group that worships a hero. It is an organization that seeks to spread the patriotic teachings of Rizal. It is an orga-nization that seeks to honor Rizal by emulating his exemplary service to the country.

    Hence, it is not surprising why many notable Filipino states-men and professionals are members or were former members of the organization. Manuel Quezon, Carlos Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal, Hilario Davide, Ambeth Ocampo, Heherson Alva-rez, Rufino Cardinal Santos, Jaime Cardinal Sin, and Benigno Aquino, Jr. are just some of the notable Filipinos who became part of the Knights of Rizal. At the local level, Mayor John Bongat of Naga City, Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion of Daet, former DepEd Superintendent Diosdado San Antonio, Judge Eufronio Maristela, Judge Salvador Cajot and Atty. Simeon Adan are among the most notable members of the organization.

    The prestige of the organization is mainly because of its members who had accomplished great things in service of the Philippines and humanity in general. Nonetheless, it should not be mistaken that the organization is a highly exclusive or dis-criminating club. It is an organization that welcomes all people of any race, nationality, educational background, and economic status. The minimum qualification to become a member is the endorsement of at least two active members. Although it is an exclusive male fraternal order, it has women and youth affiliate organizations.

    The Order of the Knights of Rizal was founded by Col. An-tonio Torres on December 30, 1911. The organization was in-corporated in 1916. It has gained its independent legislative charter in 1957 as promulgated by Republic Act 646, otherwise known as the Charter of the Knights of Rizal. The organiza-tion was originally known in its Spanish name as the Orden de Caballeros de Rizal. Presently, the organization has more than 25,000 members all over the world.

    Rizal is not just the national hero of the Philippines; Rizal was a champion of humanity against tyranny. His genius and accomplishments were dedicated to the ideals of freedom and universal brotherhood. The Order of the Knights of Rizal is just one of the living legacies that were inspired by Rizal.

    When I was a child, I thought the organization was some kind of a religious cult. I thought the organization was the same as the religious movement that worships Rizal as a god and Filipino Christ incarnate. I was wrong. The members of the Or-der of the Knights of Rizal are far from being fanatics or zeal-ots. They come from all walks of life. Although there are some members who are academicians, businessmen, professionals, judges, and statesmen, majority of the members are from the common people.

    Bids and Awards Committeeateneo de naga university

    Ateneo Avenue 4400 Naga City

    INVITATION TO BIDManpower and Janitorial Services

    1) The Ateneo de Naga University invites bids to eligible bidders for Manpower and Janitorial services to provide competent, qualified and able manpower, janitorial and cleaning services including equipment and cleaning materials to maintain cleanliness and maintenance of its University buildings, classrooms, offices and facilities.

    2) Bidding will be conducted through a sealed procedures using non-discretionary pass/fail criterion as specified in Guidelines and Procedures for the Bids and Awards Committee.

    3) Interest bidders shall submit two sealed envelopesa. First Envelope contains eligibility requirements:

    1) Certificate of Registration as a legitimate contractor/agency from the Department of Labor and Employment

    2) Business Registration3) Business Profile & History4) Proof of substantial capital of at least P 3.0 million evidenced by latest

    audited financial statement5) List of services offered6) List of present/previous clients7) Recommendations from present clients

    b. Second Envelope contains the bid price:1) Proposed admin fees, cleaning fees, proposed salaries & other

    government mandate benefits of the personnel2) Breakdown & detail costing of the cleaning materials3) List of present/available janitorial equipment4) Proposed material delivery schedule

    4) A pre-bid eligibility screening will be done on July 29, 2015. All qualified bidders will be informed of their eligibility to the bidding process and inform of their schedule of interview by the Bids and Awards Committee.

    5) All interested bidders must submit their two(2) sealed envelopes to br. raymund E. belleza, Sj chairperson aDnu-bac administrative Services office ateneo de naga university not later than july 25, 2015

    6) The Ateneo de Naga University reserves the right to accept or reject any bid at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.

    br. rayMunD E. bEllEZa, Sj Chairperson ADNU-BAC Director Administrative Services Telephone/Facsimile (054) 472-1877 Email: [email protected] rEPortErPublished: July 12 and 19, 2015

    DAET DAUGHTERMayor tito S. Sarion welcomes a native of this town, Zayin Grace Fazonela Fitzgerald who visited her hometown recently with his son, Thomas and daughter, Paziah Huri.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW GRADUATEatty. Gilbert Philip E. Morandarte, weekly columnist for bikol reporter (InnEr chESS: under the pen name J. Henry Danican) during his graduation in Master of Laws held at the Abbot Lopez Hall, San Beda College, Mendiola, Manila last July 4, 2015 together with former Speaker of the House of Representatives Arnulfo Noli P. Fuentebella, the Commencement Speaker of the said commencement exercises.

    Look up North PCA Bicol ManagerBAAo, CSuR -- The

    regional manager of the Philippine Coconut Authority(PCA) in Bicol has urged members of a farmers organization over the weekend here to look to the North where farming is an economic enterprise.

    We should now have a business approach towards farming and we can look at the Ilocos provinces where farmers are economically well off because they take farming as a business enter-prise, PCA regional man-ager Mateo B. Zipagan told members of the Riconada Movement for Environment and Sustainable Agricul-ture (RINCOMESA) dur-ing its annual council meet-ing at the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement training center in barangay San Vicente here.

    He said that while Bicol is the biggest coconut pro-ducer in the country, farm-ers in the region remain marginalized

    So while I admire the RINCOMESA for the fact that the issues being discussed here has already graduated from the subsis-tence level to question of sustainability, we should at the same time strive to make an impact on the eco-nomic life of the farmers, he added.

    Zipagan mentioned some of the programs of the PCA which the farmers can assess even as he as-sured that his office is ever ready to help individuals and organizations coming to his office.

    The RINCOMESA was organized in May 2002 by the PRRM along its thrust of rural development . Since then, the organiza-tion has expanded its ad-vocacy on environmental and sustainable agriculture, by sharing its experience and expertise to other local government units. In 2006, it won a funding grant from the Philippine Australia Community Assistance Program for its project, ORGAMISM or Organic Marketing for Income Sustainability in Midland Communities.

    The meeting was also attended by Baao Coun-cilor Dante Bismonte, the erstwhile PRRM-Cam. Sur chapter manager, PRRM National Board of Trust-ee, Frank Penones Jr.,who read the message of PRRM President Isagani Serrano, PCA govern-ing body member, Rafael P. Sarucam, and Nation-al Organic Agriculture Board member, Mariano Racelis.

  • Bikol reporter6 july 19-25, 2015

    naME oF DEcEaSED DatE oF IntErMEnt

    raFaEl c. warDE Sr. junE 5, 2015

    GEMMa a. San buEnaVEntura junE 2, 2015

    ISabElIta alFonSo junE 4, 2015

    VIcEntE aZaa junE 7, 2015

    roDolFo c. claVEcIlla junE 7, 2015

    roSarIo a. bEbonIa junE 5, 2015

    joSE c. rEblanDo junE 11, 2015

    SIlVErIo u. abEnDao junE 10, 2015

    ESMEralDa S. tarrobaGo junE 13, 2015

    EDGarDo n. DE laS llaGaS junE 17, 2015

    rIta b. GarchItorEna junE 15, 2015

    SabaS b. raZon Sr. junE 16, 2015

    joVIta S. bolo junE 19, 2015

    joaQuIn F. PErEZ jr. junE 23, 2015

    roSarIo r. San buEnaVEntura junE 23, 2015

    alEjanDro V. bathan junE 24, 2015

    ErlInDa h. ManlanGIt junE 27, 2015

    ManuEl c. antonIo junE 27, 2015

    joSEPh o. laZatIn junE 30, 2015

    For junE

    Republic of the Philippineslocal cIVIl rEGIStry oFFIcE

    Province: Camarines SurCity/Municipality: Libmanan

    notIcE to thE PublIcCFN - CFN-0009-2015CCE - CCE-0041-2015 R.A. 10172

    In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby served to the public that roSEMarIE SEVIlla ARONDA has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change of First Name from JOSEMARI to roSEMarIE and cor-rection of entry in Sex from MALE to FEMALE in the certificate of live birth of JOSEMARI SEVILLA ARONDA at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are CIP-RIANO ARONDA and RITA SEVILLA.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than July 25, 2015.

    (Sgd.) EMIlIE S. aGnES-DaIrao Municipal Civil RegistrarbIKol rEPortErPublished: July 12 and 19, 2015

    Republic of the Philippineslocal cIVIl rEGIStry oFFIcE

    Province of Camarines SurCity of NAGA

    notIcE For PublIcatIon

    In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that ROBERTO B. QUERIDO has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change of First Name from MELANIO to ROBERTO in the birth certificate of ROBERTO AYOBO QUERIDO who was born on OCTOBER 22, 1963 at Naga City, Ca-marines Sur and whose parents are ALFREDO DOSE QUERIDO and ERNESTA BAEL AYOBO.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than july 26, 2015.

    (Sgd.) alEXanDEr cayEtano City Civil Registrar

    bIKol rEPortErPublished: July 12 and 19, 2015

    SSS SERVES FILIPINOS IN CANADADespite the fact that it was Saturday, July 18, 2015, Bobby Roldan (seating in the middle), head of the Social Security System in Canada, entertain members of the Filipino community in Toronto, Ontario, about their concerns about SSS such as the continuation of their memberships or questions arising from application for membership in the SSS. The SSS worldwide is being supported by the different offices of the Philippine Government under the Department of Foreign affairs and the private sector like the IrEMIt. (romy Zetazate, St. Jamestown News Agency)

    He stressed that If you spread this budget outlay within a 30-year span, Luzon will only get Php400 billion a year, to carry out several major projects.

    Citing budgetary figures, Salceda said MMDA alone is spending Php68 billion a year, adding that it needs Php1.3 tril-lion to decongest Metro Manila.

    Salceda said once the pro-posal has been approved by the RDCom, this will be endorsed to the NEDA Board for adoption.

    The LSDF has adopted strat-egies that would link communi-cation, transportation (land, air, sea) and economic infrastructure system through a high-standard highway system from Ilocos Re-

    salceda: p1.2t needed . . .gion down to Bicol.

    The strategies adopted will involve three core projects -- namely, connectivity, concentra-tion and vulnerability reduction.

    The Php1.2-trillion funding is broken down into: connectiv-ity projects, which will get the biggest slice with Php601.9 bil-lion; followed by vulnerability projects, Php469.9 billion; and concentration projects, Php106.1 billion.

    Connectivity projects intend to fully integrate settlements and economic production of regions by strengthening linkages of communication, transportation and economic infrastructure.

    Vulnerability reductions ef-

    forts will be integrated with concentration and connectivity securing the safety of residents from the threats of disasters.

    While concentration proj-ects aims to increase overall densities of settlements in terms of population and economic ac-tivities.

    The LSDF is also a link to the Japan International Coop-eration Agency MEGA Manila Dream Plan on transporta-tion and access development for seamless connectivity and complementation.

    Projects lined up for imple-mentation in Bicol are: the North-South Railway Project, which is aimed at reviving the Bicol Express railway system that connects 653 kilometers of south lines from Manila to Legazpi to Matnog with a total project cost of Php340 billion.

    Salceda said the Manila-Legazpi project amounting to Php170 billion has been bid out by the Department of Transpor-tation and Communications to interested contractors and ex-pected to be fully operational by 2021.

    The New Naga Airport Proj-ect, which involves the reorien-tation of the airfield, carries a Php3.5-billion funding require-ment.

    The GuiCaDaLe Strategic Platform Road Network in Al-bay will encourage and redirect economic activities in areas safe from the threats posed by Mayon Volcano eruptions, lahar flows, flooding and tsunamis.

    It involves Guinobatan, Ca-malig and Daraga towns and the City of Legazpi.

    The project is Php854 mil-lion, to be funded under the reg-ular budget of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Bicol.

    The construction of a 10.8-kilometer concrete bridge, dubbed as Catanduanes Friend-ship Bridge, aims to connect the island-province to mainland Bicol via Caramoan, Camarines Sur. The Naga-Legazpi Free-way System involves the im-provement and construction of an 86-kilometer elevated four-lane highway from San Fernan-do, Camarines Sur, to Daraga, Albay, and carries a Php6.020-billion project cost.

    The Bicol River Basin De-velopment Program is a pov-erty- reduction program in local communities within the Bicol River Basin in Albay, Cama-rines Sur and Camarines Norte.

    It is a Php31.3-billion proj-ect that involves livelihood for increased crop production and commodity development, pro-tection of forest cover, improve water quality of major rivers and lakes, rehabilitation of mangrove areas and reduction of damages and losses due to natural disas-ters and hazards. -PNA

    summit, mayor John G. Bon-gat shared with the media the recognition and achievement of the city and his thoughts on this feat of excellence.

    We do not work for the awards, we dont not do our jobs because there are awards forth coming- The recognition of Naga, because it excels in government efficiency, eco-nomic dynamism, and Infra-structures which are the ba-rometers of competitiveness of cities, iyan po incidental na nagging resulta ning marhay na team work kan mga opisy-ales kan gobyerno lokal kan syudad, says Bongat.

    He pointed out how it has been a challenge following the wake of the leadership of the late Jesse M. Robredo who also paved the way for the city in terms of milestones and achievements. According to the mayor, it has only pushed him to do his best not only for the governments recognition

    naga named as most . . .but for the betterment of the Nagueos.

    Bongat also shared that one of the projects the city has focused on serving the people, such as the programs like Help Your City which is anchored in development for Health and Nutrition; Housing for the Urban poor; Education, Arts, Culture, and Sports de-velopment; Livelihood, Em-ployment, Business Develop-ment, and Sectoral and Human Enhancement; Peace and Order and Public Safety; Cleanliness and Environmental Protection; Transparency, Accountability, Good Governance, and People Empowerment.

    These were also presented to the Nagueos during this years State of the City Report. Apart from monitoring what happens in the city, the mayor has ac-knowledged that there is also an effort to check on the work of the government employees, making sure that they are also working

    honestly and diligently.Igwang iServe ordi-

    nance para igwang marhay na barometro an mga government departments para mahiling kung kumusta an saindang tra-baho. Aligned [din ito] sa Help Your City, shared Bongat.

    There are also monitoring of the different barangay councils so the local government unit could relate with the Nagueos in the grass roots level, making them more capable of respond-ing to different issues and problems. Mayor Bongat also notes the number of investors who have greatly contributed to the citys economic devel-opment.

    Mayor Bongat credited the Nagueos, the different gov-ernment employees, and ev-eryone else who contributed to this amazing feat which he fondly called Pambihinrang Honra and said that for as long as he was mayor and as long as the Nagueos still have trust in him, he will not rest and stop making Naga a better city.

  • Bikol reporter 7july 19-25, 2015

    aFFIDaVIt oF loSS anD unDErtaKInGNotice is hereby given that JANE KRISTIN F. LAZADO of legal age and resident of St. Joseph Compound, Jacob Extn. Liboton, Naga City is the daughter of JOSE B. FEDERIZON, planholder of LOYOLA PLANS CONSOLIDATED, INC. having been issued a Contract No. 211044-0 and Certificate of Full Payment No. 21049748; said Contract and Certificate were inadvertently lost and could not be found; that Jane Kristin F. Lazado have executed this Affidavit and Undertaking for the purpose of attesting to the veracity and truth of all facts mentioned and for the Replacement of the Policy Contract and Certificate of Full Payment; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No. 241, Page No. 49, Book No.144, Series of 2015.

    bIKol rEPortErPublished: July 12, 19 and 26, 2015

    TAGA-PANGALAGA NI INAVancouver Bicolano members of the Philippine Association of British Columbia serve as caretaker of Ina. here they hold a picnic as they prepare for the September fiesta.

    young children. This approach provides a framework to identify how children learn; to build on their strongest assets; to help them become more intelligent by exposing them to a variety of ways of learning; to better individualize for their interests and needs; and to use teaching strategies that make learning more efficient, successful, and enjoyable for all children. We can foster meaningful learning experiences by using multiple teaching tools and strategies and by building positive, supportive relationships with children. Through environments that offer a variety of stimulating, hands-on materials that children individually select, and by creating learning centers that provide natural opportunities to move, be active, and fully engaged in either solo or small group experiences, we better serve and meet the needs of more children.

    The following are activities and strategies that can help us strengthen and support the development of each of our intelligences. When we begin systematically to implement these multiple strategies to teach any subject, concept, or activity, we will naturally meet the individual needs of more children. As Colin Rose states, The more ways you teach, the more people you reach.

    Verbal/Linguistic ActivitiesReading, Improving vocabulary, Emergent /creative writing, Writing and reading reports/essays, Taking and giving dictation, Giving and listening to verbal instructions (oral and/or written), Lecturing or Impromptu speaking, Story telling, Dialogue and discussion, Debate, Publishing, Telling jokes, Listening to tapes, Doing crossword puzzles, Keeping a diary or journal.

    Logical/Mathematical ActivitiesSorting and classifying objects or ideas, Taking apart or fixing things, Solving math problems, Solving mysteries, riddles, puzzles, and word problems, Exploring, Outlining, Grouping and calculating activities, Creating timelines and sequences, Comparing and contrasting, Experiences that demonstrate change over time (e.g., before/after), Using symbols and formulas, Playing pattern games, Socratic questioning-especially open-ended and what

    if questions.Musical ActivitiesListening to background, instrumental, or

    environmental music, Unison recall activities, Giving or listening to musical performances, Singing, Clapping and slapping memory games, Rhythm, chants, and rap, Setting new ideas to familiar tunes, Using musical instruments, Composing music.

    body/Kinesthetic activitiesRole playing/drama, Playing sports, Playing physical games such as Pictionary or Charades, Dancing, Miming, Using physical gestures, Physical exercise, Hands-on activities, Changing seats and moving to different learning stations/centers, Creating new room rearrangements, Standing or moving while listening, Learning a topic or idea with a physical gesture associated, Taking things apart and tinkering, Finger writing on palms or back.

    Visual/Spatial ActivitiesUsing guided imagery, Playing with patterns and designs, Mind-mapping, Taking pictures/photos, Drawing/painting/sculpting, Watching and making videos, Creating charts and graphs, Using color cues and organizers, Circle/line dancing, Changing teaching locations, Rearranging the room to suit the subject or project, Giving or taking visual/spatial instructions.

    Interpersonal activitiesCooperative learning, Working with a partner, Group projects and games, Creative drama/role playing, Simulation, Practicing empathy, Win/win competition, Peer teaching and buddy systems, Subject drills with partners, Quizzing each other, Discussion, Getting and giving feedback.

    Intrapersonal activitiesGuided imagery, Thinking about how to solve a task/problem, Meditation, Journal writing, Self assessment, Personal contracts and goal-setting, Silent reflection and review time for recall or thinking about what has been learned, Emotional processing, Focusing/concentrating, Higher-order reasoning tasks, Time to be alone, and Providing choices.

    It is, therefore, of utmost importance that all of the varied human intelligences and their combinations be recognized and nurtured. The combination of intelligences makes human beings different. If this is recognized, there will be better chance of dealing appropriately with the many problems in this world.

    developing multiple . . .

    We are just waiting for the 2015 Population Census (POP-CEN) to be conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) on Aug. 1-31 as its result will officially determine the lat-est human population figure of the city which will be among the basis of the reclassifica-tion, City Mayor Noel Rosal on Wednesday said.

    The city needs a popula-tion of not less than 200,000 to qualify, based on the provision of Republic Act (RA) 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991 involving the conversion of a component city into a HUC, he said.

    As of the 2010 POPCEN, the population of the city was offi-cially counted at 182,201, which the PSA has projected to reach more than 200,000 by this year based on an estimated average annual growth rate of 2.1 per-

    legazpi primes self . . .

    in-charge of the Philippe Coco-nut Authority (PCA), Cam. Sur provincial office.

    Director de los Santos said that about 450,000 hectares is planted to coconut in Bicol and our region is now consid-ered the top coconut producer in Luzon. She added that the DA is developing model farms to serve as show window of coconut intercropping. Farm-ers should not rely only on one crop so that they will have something to fall back on in case one crop is damaged or did not give the expected yield. She also announced that a pro-cessing center will eventually be established in the area so that the farm family will derive added value and income from their farm enterprise.

    Rosita M. Imperial, DA-HVCDP, regional coordinator said that the DA has already

    da pushes for cacao . . .formalized its partnership with KABACAS through a Memo-randum of Agreement to pro-vide not only the seedlings but also technical assistance to the coop members and later will provide them the needed post harvest and processing equip-ment to produce fermented tablea.

    Villareal on the other hand said that PCA and DA are partners in implementing the KAANIB program (Kasagana-han sa Niyugan ay Kaunlaran ng Bayan), a sustainable liveli-hood program for the coconut farming communities. He said that the PCA is also set to dis-tribute additional cacao seed-lings to coconut farmers willing to go into diversified cropping.

    Also present during the ac-tivity was the Municipal Agri-culturist, Gil Gabriel H. Borda-do III who assisted the coop to

    access the assistance of the DA for the project and also provides technical and extension support to the farmer members as part of the services being provided by the LGU. He commended the KABACAS for their recep-tiveness and aggressiveness to grasp new opportunities. He cited for example the 20-tonner mechanical dryer, the flat bed dryer among others which the coop has availed of from the DA which is a great impact to the farmers

    KABACAS president, Jess Lee along with the other coop officers and barangay officials expressed their gratitude to the assistance and support provided by the DA, the LGU and the PCA and other partners.

    After the distribution of the seedlings the guests and coop officials and members did a cer-emonial planting at the project site. -Emily B. Bordado

    cent.Another criterion needed to

    be satisfied is the local revenue which, according to RA 7160, a component city shall not be converted into a HUC unless its latest annual income is not less than Php500 million based on 1991 constant prices, as certified by the city treasurer.

    The annual income, it said, shall include those accruing to the general fund -- exclusive of special funds, transfers, and non-recurring income.

    City Budget Officer Obe-lia Baldano said the City Trea-surers Office (CTO) has for its record as of end of 2014 a gross collection of over Php700 mil-lion already, a rate of revenue that continues to increase owing to the remarkable growth being achieved by the local business sector and the CTOs aggressive implementation of its tax collec-

    tion campaign.In fact, Baldano said, the

    Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) recognizes the city government as number one among its counterparts in the Bicol Region in terms of local revenue collections.

    In real property taxes alone, the target in 2014 was Php71.07 million but the CTO collected Php108.16 million, with an in-crease of 152.2 percent while in business taxes and other fees and charges, the collection for the same year was Php177.36 mil-lion, which was 111.5 percent over its target of Php159.06, Baldano said.

    The city also received a total of Php403.5 million funds in In-ternal Revenue Allotment from the national government last year and realized a local revenue amounting Php270.4 million.

    In his Ulat sa Bayan (Report to the People) last week, Ro-sal revealed that the citys to-tal revenue for 2014 was listed at over Php711 million, which showed significant increases from 2013s Php658.5 million and 2012s Php611 million.

    The revenue figures show that since 2012, the city has al-ready qualified to the HUC clas-sification and right now we are already prepared for the eleva-tion of Legazpi from a compo-nent city of Albay to HUC, the first to be among Bicols seven cities, he said.

    HUCs that are considered elite cities in the Philippines are above in classification over in-dependent component cities and component cities.

    At present, the country has only 33 HUCs, 16 of them parts of Metro Manila.

    We are taking a more com-petitive and aggressive stance in pursuing our HUC campaign, which would be getting a more concrete position when the 2015 POPCEN is done and its offi-cially results are released by the PSA, given that the population qualification is the only one that matters now, Rosal said.

    When this requirement is met, he said, the city govern-ment will follow the procedure under Rule II, Article 12 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 7160 on Conversion of Component City Into a Highly-Urbanized City -- first of it is the pass-ing of a resolution by the Sang-gunian Panglunsod calling for the purpose.

    This resolution, after approv-

    al and endorsement of the may-or, will be submitted to the Of-fice of the President who, within 30 days from receipt, shall, after verifying that the income and population requirements have been met, declare the compo-nent city as a HUC.

    Within 120 days from the declaration of the President, a plebiscite shall be conducted in the city by the Commission on Elections to be preceded by a comprehensive information campaign it must initiate with the assistance of national and lo-cal government officials, media,

    non-government organizations and other interested parties.

    According to RA 7160, the conversion of a component city into a highly-urbanized city shall make it independent of the province where it is geographi-cally located.

    Rosal said his administration is dramatically aiming for this conversion that will accelerate further the development of the city into a top-class urban lo-cality being sought by investors for their business investments, thus, opening more job oppor-tunities for the local manpower

    and more revenue that the local government could use in maxi-mizing the delivery of social services to its people.

    It will serve as an additional attribute to the locality that is now officially recognized as one of the three most livable cities in the country, the City of Fun and Adventure for the world travel market and a convention capital; admired for its excellent in local governance and in disaster risk reduction and management; and a business-friendly city, among other inspiring traits, he added. -PNA

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    DA pushes for cacao intercroppingBIKOL REPORTER

    REgIOnaL ExPOnEnT fOR PROgREss

    outstanding local newspaperfor five consecutive years by the st. peter

    Baptist catholic mass media awards

    8 july 19-25, 2015

    LEGAZPI City -- This key Bicol urban metropolis is getting ready to be classified as a highly-urbanized city (HuC).

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    CALABANGA, CAM. SuR - With the big global consumption and demand for chocolates, the Department of Agriculture (DA) Bicol is intensifying its promotion and campaign for cacao production. DA Bicol through its High Value Commercial Crops Program is distributing cacao seedling to rural based-organizations. This is to provide additional source of income to rural families and provide them alternative production options using the multi-storey cropping or

    diversified farming systems.Recently, DA- Bicol distributed 5,000 ca-

    cao seedling to 11 farmers members of the KABACAS Cooperative in barangay Man-guiring, of this municipality. Each farmer re-ceived 500 seedlings to be planted under coco-nut. The ceremonial distribution and planting was graces by DA Regional Technical Direc-tor for Operations and Extension, Dr. Elena B. de los Santos and John Villareal, officer-

    Legazpi primes selfas highly-urbanized city