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SULIT t2tl Bahasa Inggeris Kertas I Percubaan PMR Ogos 2012 ljarn r2ll Nama Tin-ukatan JABATAN PELAJARAN KELANTAN DENGAN KERJASAMA MAJLIS PENGETUA SEKOLAH MALAYSIA CAWANGAN KELANTAN PEPERIKSAAN PERC UBAAN 2012 PENILAIAN MENENGAH RENDAH BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS SATU SATTJ JAM JANGAN BUKA KERT'AS SOAI,AN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU l. Kertus soulut irti rtte;t,qcurclurt,qi 40 soolcut. 2. Jotrob semua soulart. 3. Tiap-riop soulart cliihtti olelt enttrtat pililum jarrultcut. iuitu A, B, C clart D. Bogi setiatrt sortl tut, pililt satu .juv'rtltcttt schoja. Kcr"tas soalan ini rncrtgandungi l3 halarnart bercetak I2n I B. lNCCtrRlS I PN,lR 20ll S (/LIT ILihat sebelah

Bi k1 Ppmr Kelantan 2012

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r2llNama Tin-ukatan

t2tl Inggeris Bahasa KertasI Percubaan PMR 2012 Ogos ljarn


BAHASA INGGERISKERTAS SATUSATTJ JAMJ A N GA N B U K A KE R T ' AS SOA I,A N IN I S E H IN GGA D IB E R ITA H U l. 2. 3. 40 Kertus soulut irti rtte;t,qcurclurt,qisoolcut. Jotrob semua soulart. pililum jarrultcut. iuitu A, B, C clart D. Bogi setiatrt Tiap-riop soulart cliihtti olelt enttrtat schoja. sortltut, pililt satu .juv'rtltcttt

t K c r " t a s o a l a ni n i r n c r t g a n d u n gli3 h a l a r n a rb e r c e t a k

I2nI 2 B . l N C C t r R l S P N , l R0 l l


S(/LIT I L i h a ts e b e l a h

STJLI]' Questions I - l0 ure basetl on the infbnnatiotr givatt.


From the carloon strip, we know that the prices of goods at the shop have


doubled increased decreased not changed

HOW TO MAKE YOUR RED ROSESLAST LONGER l. 2. 3. 4. of vases instead clearones. Use coloured-glass Cut dried stembottomsbeforeputtingthem in water. in Putcut-stems wartnwaterwhich is about43 degrees. pears andplums. neara bowl of apples:, Neverplaceroses

is Whichof the follor,vins statetnents true'? A B C D t2llB . | N C C t l R l s I I ) M R2 0 1 2

ir-r Don't shock the cut-sterns cold water. Don't cut the bottornof the dried stellts. i R o s e su , i l l r e m e t i uc l n g e r t r c l e a t ' c o n t a i t t e r s . l R o s e ss h o u l da l w a y sb c p u t c l o s c t o s o l l e f i u i t s . SIJLIT



Amount of Recycled PaperUsedIn KelantanKOTA BHARU 34%BACHOK 26%


Hclwis the usage recycled of paperin Kelantan?At)


Gua Musang had usedlessamount papercornpared Jeli. of'recycled to Bacirok useda larger porliorr rec:yclcd of paper thauPasirlv1as. Kcta Bharushowed leastusage recyclcdpaper. the of Jeliusedthe mostantount recvcled of papcr.

T h e M a l a y s i a n C h i l d r e n ' s F o u n d a t i o nR a i s e d RM 100,000For [JnderprivilegedChildrenB a s e do n t h e h e a d l i n e . e k n o u , t h a t M a l a y s i a n s r e w a

A B C' I)

thrifty. greedy. generous. indepenclent.

l2llB t \ ( ; ( i b R I SI P \ I R t 0 l l




Sorryllias,I had an urgent meeting just now andit could not be Put off. I Don't v,'or!ry,rvill go nc\,Y.

H a z i r nh a s .

. . t o t n e e tl l i a s .


postponed suggested disagreed prornised

KelantanFood FairK01'A BHARU - The KelantalFoodFairhadbeenheldannually by the Kota Bharu Mupicipal Council in order to draw more its It to local and foreigntourists this state. had achieved airn as Village,Kota Bharu to of thousapds visitorshadflclckecl The Craft dishes. to tastescruinPtious

Food Why did the Kota Bharu Municipal Council organise The Kelantau I'air''l A B (' t) -fo to encouragcKelantarlese eitt healthily' -fo prontotetraditiollalfood itt Kelautalt. 'To s e r v ed e l i c i o u sf b o d t o t h c t o u r i s t s . 'fo irttractvisitors ttl Kelantatr.

t2ll2 B l\(i(;tiRls I PN{R 0ll





q--*rY-'L'. ,.t'


l-'j-!fi'r'. ', --Tr--.'i'\-$' i'' .}

} \ fff/='l




15'..*r$-.{*-. --q-+---,!+


L-,Sabah Sarawak


r. .{.\E_. i


'' vra n *

'..-.' ,-!.. , .a

Pcninsula Morning I solatedthunderstorms in Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu. Cloudy in Johor.Elscrvhcrc fair. Isolated rain in Pahang, Tercngganu Johor. and Isoiatcci thuncicrstonns in Kelantan.Elsewhere fair. Fair in all statcs

Isolatcdthunderstonrrs Cloudyin Sibu,Mukah in Sandakan, Lahad and Bintulu.lsolated Datu and Tawau. i s h o w c r sn S a r i k c i . Elsewhere fair. Elsewhere fair. F a i ri n a l l d i v i s i o n s . Isolated rain in Kuching and Santubong. Isolated thundcrstomls Kapir in and Belaga. Elsewhere fair. Fair in all divisions.



Isolated showers in Labuanand Lahad Datu.Elsewherc fair.

Fromthe Weather Forecast, understand peopleliving in we that A Terengganu shouldorganise outdoor activities the moming. in Sandakan Labuanshouldtakein their clothesin the aftemoon. and Peninsula Sarawak and neednot carryalongtheirumbrellas night. at Kelantan and Santubong encouraged go out to the seaat 12.00 are to p.m.

tsC D

NO ENTRY WITHOUT PERMISS]ON FHOM AREASUPEHVISOtrThe abclvesisn rneansthat A ts (' D tlre supervisortreeds get the permissionin order to enter this area. to p u b l i c c a n e t t t e rt h i s p l a c er v i t h t h e s u p e r v i s o r ' s e r l r i s s i o n . the p the public are allor,l'ecl entcr this area at any tirne. to t h e s u p e r v i s o r s f b r b i c i d e no c n t c r t h i s p l a c e . i t -5

t2lll l I N C C ; l r R l ISP M R 2 0 1 2

SULITILihat sebelah



LASER IN DENTAL TREATMENTno as Lasercan be used in dental treattneut it causes to light is r-rsed beantclf irttetrse bleeding. An int,i.sihle cut tissueswitl'rPtc'cisiotr.

(QUEST, O(TOBER 1993)The word invisible can best be replacedr,vith A ullcomlnon uncover unseen unsure


BA^T,ADHAN'PEqIAt PBOI*OTION lllDllllsc0TT nOTDt6 P B O O K I N G E R I O D :J U N E 8 J U N E2 0 1 2 - 15 JULY2012 : PERIOD 1 JULY STAYING

FRoM 68 ** RMper room night* cBofr onfi t frroug .r+'ww,p re cttt t hot e[.cttm e s fi o [a1, 'lermsanf con[itionsdppb. per "fimitef to 10 rooms



above, about the aclvertisetlent Choosethe incorrect staternent A tl (' D 'The c o s t o f z tr o o t l i s f i x e d a t R M 6 8 . 0 0 f b r a n i - { h t . oti canttotbe tl-tacle 2ttclJuly 2012. Rescn'atiotr R e s e r v a t i c tc a n b e d o t t ev i a t h e l t t t e r t l c t . tt fitr The otTcris mc'atrt tett roottrstlaily.6

t2llI f ] I N C ( ; E R I S P M R] O I ]


SI.ILIT Questions ll - 20 are baseclort the /bllov'irtg tett.


It nowadays. can be divicledinto P t l l l u t i o ni s a t o p i c t h a t c o n c e r n smanypeople (ll)water. ones a r e l a n d ,a i r many types attclthe most colnn-tolt Noise pollution is anotlter major

(12) which is botliering many

(13) people, thoseliving in the cities.It is faced not only especially trafficand factories, The noiseof rnachines, also many othercountries. Malaysiabr-rt ( l4). Sometirnes, blaringof the the even people's voices can often be ( I 5) is trying to restor study. televisionor the radio can disturb someone( 16) becauseof the constantflow living in the city find 1t People ( l7). Doctorsrecommend having a holiday for a few days away of 19) fiom the hustleand ---( (18) the countryside. can escape You This can give a chancefor the of the noisy, busy city to soothe your tired nerves. rest (20) to havecomplete and relaxation. ll A

or B yet C and L) a l s o A B C D A problern solution illness areaoll


A B C D A B C D A B C DA B (-

nolsy noise disturb pollution car traffic people machine towards from to in bustle tussle rustle noisy sickness bones bodyolte





uC D

byto in disturb disturbs disturbed disturbing"r'hich u lter-t that u,lto

t4A B


c'Dl5A U (l)

D 20A B C D

l2llU I \ ( l ( ; t : R l S I l ' \ 1 Rl 0 l 2

ST]LITI L i h a ts e b e l a h



Questions2l -23 undet'lined. the c:hoose best nreaning./brthe phru,ses beloty ctncl Rettd the c'ont,ersution

their clctss. the ancl S i t u u t i r t u Rctiesh Hcrlimare rtrgunising unnual clinner.fbr Rajesh dinnerthis year.Last I hopeall our friendswill comefor our annual Only yearwas a disappointment. half turned up (21) Don't worry. This yearI'm going to look for a hotel which offers rate.We will be able to cut down (22) our the most reasonable wantsto comeif they pay less. I expenses.am sureeverybody [email protected](23)youtomakethis eventa success.




turned upA B C D paid joined attended registered


cut dolvn


cl D23

reduce extend expand increase

counton A trust suggest in believe depend on

tsC D

t2llI B I \ C C F , R I S P M R] O I ]


SULTT 24 Questions - 26


underlined. Read the converscttionbelov,und choosethe best meaning.for the expre.ssions

n Situcttict : Azu ancl Kim ure talking at the canteen.


I am getting cold feet (24) as the Public SpeakingCompetition approaches. Don't worry you havebeendoingwell all this while. Youjust needto practise bit more. a Idon'[email protected](25)ifwelose.Myparentsandthe will be disappointed. teacher Be positive.I'rn sureyou will do well. After all, you've got the gift of the gab (261.





cold feet A B C D embarrassed excited scared cold


face the music A B C D sufferthe consequences get a scolding becomeangry listento music


sift of the gab A B C D good at singing goodat drawing goodat cooking good at speakin-e

t2llI T ] I N G G E R I S P M R2 O I 2

SULIT sebelah ILihat

SI]LIT Questions 27 - 32 ure baseclon the follov,ing ctdvertisentent.


LegendaryLangkawi Dufv Free Shopping . Island Tour- places interest of and shopping areas . Lovely sandybeaches a good for suntan . trsland hopping 3 days2 nights : RM649.00

Tasik Kenyir Anglers' Delight . A haven for fishingenthusiasts! . Experience beautyof TasikKenyir the on a boathouse! . Barbecuedinneron boardSunset Cruise 3 days2 nights: RM399.00

Pulau Pinang Shop Till You Drop! . Islandtour with stops centres at main shopping . Havehawkerfood galoreat GurneyDrive . Penang ride Hill cable-car . Botanical Ercursion Gardens 3 davs2 niqhts: RM449.00

Pulau Pangkor Fun [n The Sun . An islandvacation o Away from the hecticlife in the city . Pristine beaches . Purerelaxation . Breakfast, lunchand dinnerincluded 3 days2 nights: RM 599.00


that provides nteals, all If you want to sign up for a holidaypackage go you should to A B C D TasikKenyir. PulauPinang. PulauPangkor. PulauLangkawi.


onewho enjoys r,vho to A person chooses go to TasikKenyir is mostprobably A Ll C' D sailing. fishing. shoppin-e. s ui n r n r i n g .

t2llI I ] I \ C C J E R I S P M R] O I 2



SULIT Whiclr of the fbllowins attractions 29 cannotbe fbund in Pulau Pinane'?



Hawkerfood Cablecar ride Botanical Gardens Duty-free shopping


with Thesepromotions held in conjunction are A B C D LabourDay. MerdekaDay. Day. Christmas Chinese New Year.


goods. would Which destination for wantsto go shopping tax-exernpted Carolyne placefor her? be the most suitable A B C D Pulaut-ungtu*i PulauPangkor PulauPinang Pulau Kenvir


The word 'haven'means A heavenI '

L5 paraorse C a safe place D a beautifulplace

t2lrB . I N G C F , R I I P M R] O I ] S


ST] I,ITs It-ihat ebelah

ST]LIT Questions 33 - 40 are hased on thejollcnring pct.ssoge.


It u,asa lovely evening. Amir and I decided follow our fiiendsto a river to 'uvas nearbyfbr a switn. I already13 yearsold at that tirne.Amir, however, was barely9. When we reached bridge.everybody the plungedinto the r,vater except Amir. We hada goodtime swimmingin the river while Amir just saton the bridge r,vatching I triedto persuade tojurnp into the river,buthe refused. us. him After a while, I saw Arnir standingup. "Corne on, Amir, don't be afraid," I shouted. Trying to be brave,Arnir plungedin, obliviousof the drifting wood in tlre river.Unfortunately, was too later,vhen realized Amir knockedhis head it I it. against wood andwent into a coma.He laterunderwent the several operations, but he wasstillunconscious. I felt terriblyguilty as my conscience over\rhehned me. I couldneverface lifb if anythingworse happened rny only brother.I didn't lneallto hur-t to hirn. I him having.My parents .justr,vanted to sharethe fun that rny fi iendsand I \^/ere were horrifiedat first, but soon,they took pi4, on me. They realized that I was in ncl betterconditionthan rny brotherwas in. They consoled by sayingthat it rne was.iust accident thatI couldnot foresee fate.I rnissed brother lot an and his rny a andfelt very muchalone. spent I mostof rny daystalkingor reading hirn at the to hospital. hopingthatl-re would get better. Orreday,while I lvastellinghim what I did at sclrool, ntovedhis fingers. he I u'asso happythat I irnrnediately calledall the nurses and doctors. They assured tttethatAmir r,r,ould it'nprove. fortnightlater', r,vas A he ableto u'alk and we talked like the ,{oodold days.Thatwasthe happiest in my life. day


Whatdid the boysdo at the river? A They swant. They hada rest. Theywerejust crossing river. the They rvatched solneotherboysswimrning.

tsC D3rl

\\/hv didn't Ar-r.rir srvinr'JA He r,vas shy. Flc vu'as lazy. [-{cr,vas tired. IJc w,asafiaicl.





U . l \ ( i ( l l : l t l S I P \ , 1 R0 l l l

SI]LIT to 35 What happened Arnir afterthe accident'l A B Cl D F{edied. [{e was in a coma. paralysed. [-ler,vas IIe disliked swimmine.



l{clw many siblingsdid the writer have? A ts C D One Two Three Four


'took pity on' mean'l What doesthe expression A B C D Feltashamed of with Felt unhappy Felt differentbut horrified to Felt sorryfor and decided help


we From the passage!, know that A B C D the writer hatedhis brother. the writer lovedhis brother. person. the writer was a self-centred the parents blamedthe writer for the accident.


How long did the writer's brother take to recover after he had gained consciousness? A B C D Nine days Forty days Thirteendays Fourteen davs


Whatis the besttitle for the story? A tl C D A CaringSociety A Dangerous River An Unforgettable Incident The Happiest Day In My [.ife

r2tlI f ] I N C C E R I S P M R] O I 2


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