Nisrina Qurratu Aini Nayla Husnul Hayati Fikroh Zakiyah Citra Sekar Maulidia

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• Nisrina Qurratu Aini• Nayla Husnul Hayati• Fikroh Zakiyah• Citra Sekar Maulidia

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Giving Suggestion Expression

An expression to suggest or propose something

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Giving Suggestion• You'd better....• You could (might)....• I suggest that you....• I recommend that you• You really should....• I strongly advise you to....• Why don’t you….• How about….

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ExampleYou could (might) join the speech contest. If I were you, I would take care this cat.Why don't you go to the doctor?Why don't you come to my house and

borrow my umbrela?What/How about going to the veterinarian? I suggest that you should tell your mother

about this. I recommend you to ask your apology to


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Asking Suggestion Expression

An expression to ask someone to give their

suggestion about something

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Asking SuggestionAny idea?

Do you have any suggestion for me?

Will you give me some suggestion, please?

Shall I come back laterPlease tell me what should I do?

Where do you think I can get something nice?

Can you tell me what happened?

Do you have any advice for me?

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Discussion Text

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Discussion is a process of finding common ground between two thoughts, ideas or different opinions. Discussion and Text can be defined as a text which contains about a problematic discourse. This problematic discourse is discourse that has two camps between Pro (supports) and Contra (opponents).

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General Structure

1. Issue (masalah)2. Arguments (Pendapat) a. Supporting Points (Pendapat Yang Mendukung) b. Contrasting Points (Pendapat Yang Bertentangan)3. Conclusion / Recommendation (Kesimpulan / Saran)