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Bhopal Gas Tregedy

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  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


    Presentation onPrinciplesof Management

    Pranay Mukherjee(1282065)

    Visharup !charyya

    Presente" #y$%

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


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  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy



    The Bhopal disa

    referre" to as the Bhopal gas tragedy as a gas leak inci"consi"ere" one of the orl"7s orst in"ustrial "isasters 3t occnight of 29: /ecem#er 1;8< at the nion =ar#i"e 3n"ia imitpestici"e plant in &hopal Ma"hya Pra"esh ! leak of methyl i(M3=) gas an" other chemicals from the plant resulte" in the ehun"re"s of thousan"s of people ,he to>ic su#stance ma"e an" aroun" the shantytons locate" near the plant .stimatethe "eath toll ,he [email protected] imme"iate "eath toll as 225; ango?ernment of Ma"hya Pra"esh has conArme" a total of :B8relate" to the gas release thers estimate 8000 "ie" ithin an" another 8000 or more ha?e since "ie" from gas%relate"

    go?ernment [email protected]"a?it in 2006 state" the leak cause" 558125inclu"ing :8

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


    1Key Issues

    Most of the safety systems ere not functioning an"many ?al?es an" lines ere in poor con"ition 3na""ition to this se?eral ?ent gas scru##ers ha" #eenout of ser?ice as ell as the steam #oiler inten"e" toclean the pipes as non%operational

    ,ank .610 containe"

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


    ,he resulting e>othermic reaction increase" the temperatthe tank to o?er 200 C= an" raise" the pressure ,his forc

    emergency ?enting of pressure from the M3= hol"ing tanka large ?olume of to>ic gases

    Plant management "eAciencies ere also i"entiAe" 9 lackoperators re"uction of safety management [email protected] an" ina"eDuate emergency action plans

    ,he Eare toer an" se?eral ?ent gas scru##ers ha" #eenser?ice for A?e months #efore the "isaster nly one gas as operating$ it coul" not treat such a large amount of Mso"ium hy"ro>i"e hich oul" ha?e #rought the concen"on to a safe le?el

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


    2If I were a Manager of U

    !t Arst #eing a manager 3 oul" ha?e acte" stfront of my su# or"inates

    3 oul" ha?e tol" them to co%operate ith theprocee"ings

    3 oul" ha?e sen" a scrutiny team at the acciFone to ensure that e?erything is un"er contro

    3 oul" ha?e ensure" jo# security to the empl

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


    3.Responsibility of UCIL towards thei!ti"s of Bhopal #as Tragedy

    Gree me"ical treatment to the ?ictims

    *i?en employment opportunities to the acti?emem#ers of the ?ictims

    ,aken up responsi#ilities to clean up thechemical aste that has #een generate"

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


    $.Long Ter" %&e!tson

    UCIL4egati?e eHect on the goo"ill of thecompany

    ong ,erm me"ical facilities to the ?ictims

    Gall in the market share of the company #oth

    nationally an" internationally Prolonge" legal procee"ings

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy



    ,he trage"y as cause" #y the synergy of the ?erorst of !merican an" 3n"ian cultures !n !mericacorporation cynically use" a thir" orl" country tescape from the increasingly strict safety stan"ar"impose" at home +afety proce"ures ere minimaan" neither the !merican oners nor the locamanagement seeme" to regar" them as necessaryhen the "isaster struck there as no "isaster plathat coul" #e set into action Prompt action #y thlocal authorities coul" ha?e sa?e" many if not mosof the ?ictims

  • 7/23/2019 Bhopal Gas Tregedy


    Than' (ou) *ae a #ood +