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Bhopal Gas Tragedy Ppt

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8PCAL CAS 18ACLu? WC8Lu'S WC8S1 LvL8 lnuuS18lALulSAS1L8 llow of Lhe presenLaLlon lnLroducLlon CurrenL Scenarlo1he laLeful nlahL A 1lmellne uCC's 1ake Cn 1he 1raaedv 1he SaboLaae 1heorv SafeLv Measures SeLLlemenL Made 8v uCC 1he 1raaedv ConLlnues 1he CorporaLe Crlme 1wo uecades And A Palf LaLer Lessons 1o 8e Learned 8hopa| Gas 1ragedy8evlslLed AfLer 1wenLvllve ?earslnLroducLlonuecember 32009marked Lhe 23Lhannlversarv of Lhe world's worsL ever lndusLrlal dlsasLerLhe aas leak LhaL occurred aL uClL pesLlclde planL ln 8hopal 1he Lraaedv LhaL lnsLanLlv kllled more Lhan 3000 people (offlclal) or 10000 people (unofflclal) and lefL almosL 6 lakhs ln[ured and affecLed for llfe occurred when waLer enLered MeLhvl lsocvanaLe (MlC) Lank no610 on uecember 3 1984Jarren Anderson 1he 1hen CLC of uCCuSAWhaL compounded Lhe Lraaedv was LhaL Lhe vlcLlms falled Lo aeL adequaLe compensaLlon and Lhe aeneraLlon LhaL followed conLlnued Lo suffer from healLh compllcaLlons CurrenL ScenarloPowever Lhe uSbased uCC Lhe parenL companv of uClL sLlll conLlnued Lo evade responslblllLv 1he facL LhaL uCC and Lhen uCW had been able Lo evade Lhe real cosLs of compensaLlon and cleanup was vlewed bv crlLlcs as an example of Lhe power and lmpunlLv en[oved bv MnCs 1he vlcLlms' sLruaale aaalnsL uCC and Lhen uCW were recoanlzed as Lhe world's laraesL runnlna sLruaale aaalnsL corporaLe excesses 1he case covers lmporLanLlssues relaLlna Lo people's rlahL aovernmenL responslblllLv and corporaLe accounLablllLv ln Lhe monLhs vears and decades afLer LhaL dlsasLerLhousands of survlvors and Lhelr nexL aeneraLlons suffered from lll healLh and mulLlple svmpLoms whlle llvellhood and fuLure were severelv affecLed 8v Lhe end of 2009 lL was esLlmaLed LhaL 30000 had dled and around 700000 people were affecLed due Lo aasrelaLed dlsorders 1houah Lhe planL was shuL down soon afLer Lhe lncldenL Lhe Loxlc lefL aL Lhe facLorv Lo creaLe even more havoc wlLh each passlna dav Several meLal boxes labeled 'SLvln' conLalnlna nlLraLe resldues also remalned aL Lhe planL Some sources esLlmaLed LhaL nearlv 23000 Lons of conLamlnaLed maLerlal were presenL aL Lhe planL A/C Lo AmnesLv lnLernaLlonal 8hopal ls noL [usL a human rlahLs Lraaedv from Lhe lasL cenLurv lL ls a human rlahLs LravesLv Lodav 1he leaacv of 8hopal perslsLs because Lhe people of 8hopal have never been able Lo clalm Lhelr rlahLs Moreover Lhe neaaLlve lmpacLs of Lhe leak are affecLlna new aeneraLlonsnew vlcLlms are born evervdav Lven as Lhe vlcLlms are conLlnued Lo suffer buslness eLhlclsLs and Lhe people around Lhe world were dlsausLed Lo see LhaL Lhe companv responslble for Lhe dlsasLer refused Lo be held accounLable Slnce Lhe aas dlsasLer of 1984 uCC (now Lhe parL of uCW CPLMlCALS) has plaved a caLandmouseaame of corporaLe resLrucLurlna ln a bld Lo conceal llablllLv from lndlan courLs" 1he caLasLrophlc evenL had also conLamlnaLed Lhe soll and made Lhe land lnferLlle as was clear from Lhe facL LhaL Lhere was no arass arowlna on Lhe land 1he conLamlnaLlon level of Lhe soll near and waLer near Lhe planL ls far exceeded permlsslble llmlLs lL was reporLed LhaL afLer a heavv ralnfall Lhe heavv meLals and solvenLs had seeped ln LoLhe around waLer resources conLamlnaLlna Lhem 1he resldenLs used Lhls waLer for drlnklna cooklna and washlna and Lhls has lead Lo phvslcal dlsablllLles and sLunLed arowLh ln chlldren8hopal aas Lraaedv A 1lmellne1934uClL ls formed 1930suClL expands ln Lo chemlcals 1969Aarl producL dlvlslon ls launched 1978uClL obLalns llcense Lo produce MlC ln lndla 1979uClL planL aL 8hopal ls lnauauraLedMav 19801he 8hopal planL produces lLs 1sLaallon of MlC 19811984CuLbacks aL uClL 0930pm2 uecember 1984A larae quanLlLv of waLer enLered Lank 610 conLalned more Lhan 40 Lons of MlC 1230am 03 uecember 1984When waLer mlxed wlLh MlC lL Lrlaaered an exoLhermlc reacLlon produclna a loL of heaL 1hls led Lo sudden lncrease ln pressure and LemperaLure ln Lhe Lank As a resulL Lhe safeLv valve of Lhe Lank bursL wlLh a bana uecember 3 1984MlC aas leaked aL uClL planL uec 4 19841he dlsasLer ls reporLed Lo Lhe ulCL planL locaLed aL ConnecLlcuL Anderson ls placed under house arresL uCC oraanlzes a Leam of lnLernaLlonal medlcal experLs ln addlLlon Lo provldlna equlpmenL and supplles Lo work wlLh Lhe local medlcal communlLv ln 8hopal1he Lechnlcal Leam aL uCC assesses Lhe cause of Lhe aas leak uec 14 1984Anderson commlLs hlmself Lo acLlon and assures Lhe uS Conaress LhaL such accldenL wlll noL happen aaalnleb 1983uCC offers lnLerlm rellef and esLabllshes 8ellef lund Mar 1983 Col enacLs Lhe 8hopal Cas Leak ulsasLer AcLAprll 1983uCC offers uS $7mn lnLerlm rellef ouL of whlch uS $3mn ls for Lhe rellef of vlcLlms Col 8L!LC1S 1PL CllL8!une1983 uCC funds parLlclpaLlon of lndlan medlcal experLs !ulv 1983Some samples conflrm LhaL waLer Lrlaaered Lhe reacLlon leadlna Lo leakaae of aas !an 1986uCC offers uS $10mn Lo fund a hosplLal Lo LreaL Lhe vlcLlms Mar 1986uCC proposes uS $330mn compensaLlonMav 19861he 8hopal llLlaaLlon ls Lransferred Lo lnulA from Lhe uS ulsLrlcL CourL An appeal for declslon ls made bv Lhe vlcLlmsMar 19871he Col closes Lhe 8hopal Lechnlcal and vocaLlonal cenLerAua 1987uCC offers an addlLlonal uS $46mn ln humanlLarlan lnLerlm rellef1988LhrouahouL Lhe vear llLlaaLlon Lakes place before Lhe lndlan courLs reaardlna compensaLlon for Lhe vlcLlmsMav 1988An lndependenL" lnvesLlaaLlon bv ArLher u LlLLle concludes LhaL saboLaae ls Lhe reason for aas leaknov 19881he Supreme courL of lndla asks uCC and Col Lo reach a seLLlemenLnov 1989nov 1991revlew of peLlLlons bv SClAprll1992 uCC announces LhaL lL wlll sell lLs 309 sLake ln uClLnov 1994SCl permlLs uCC Lo lLs sLake Lo McLeod 8ussel (lndla) LLdCcL 1993PosplLal charlLable LrusL bealns consLrucLlon wlLh a fund of uS $100mnSafeLv Measures ln uCC planLs ln Lhe uS and lndla PealLh LffecLs of kev Chemlcals lound ln WaLer ln Lhe vlclnlLv of Lhe lanL8odles of vlcLlms lle up AfLer 1he 1raaedv8hopal Memorlal for 1hose kllled ulsabled 8v 1he 1984 1oxlc aas 8eleaseA hoLoaraph 8v 8aahu 8al 1haL Pas Come 1o Svmbollze 1he 1raaedv;uLS1lCnSAnSWL8SAdlLva kumar8oll no 331PAnkS