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BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indielabels, artists and publishers, BFMdistributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, Rhapsody, eMusic, MediaNet, Beatport, Pandora, LastFM, Rdio, 7 Digital, and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of theircatalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners. At BFM Digital, we listen, so you can be heard.


<ul><li> 1. THE MUSIC:THE MARKET:Designing how to sell, position, Knowing what people are market, and deliver the music.looking for and how they find music is the key. OUR CLIENTS:DIGITAL STORES:Working together as partners Taking advantage of available promotionalcreates proven results.opportunities is just the first step; creating exciting new opportunities is</li></ul> <p> 2. BFM Digital is a distribution,More than 500 label partners frommarketing and promotions companyaround the worldfor select music, film and eBookcontent. BFM distributes its diversecatalogue on all of the leading digital 250+ digital and cellular musicand mobile platforms throughoutthe world.stores worldwideWe work with clients one on one to250,000+ tracks and growingdevelop a release, pricing andmarketing strategy to increaserevenue and maximize exposure ofDedicated commitment to customerour clients content. BFM also worksserviceclosely with the leading digitalservices to promote our content ontheir storefronts through featuredGlobal reach to all digital musicplacements, reviews andpromotions. markets 3. We operate on a revenue share model, creating true partnershipswith our content providers. We are invested in your success, whichcreates an open-ended revenue opportunity (as opposed to a fixed,flat-fee revenue model).Helps develop digital strategiesCreates new revenue streamsIdentifies target marketsCoordinates social media and marketing campaigns 4. CREATE WIN-WIN SCENARIOS: We are partners with our clients,not merely vendors. We win when only when they win.ADAPTABILITY AND EARLY ADOPTION: We are early adopters ofnew opportunities, and are trusted by our clients to adapt to thechanging landscape of the music business.MUSIC COMES FIRST: We are very selective about the types ofclients and music that we represent. This ensures a higher level ofquality and marketability for our catalog.PERSONAL SERVICE IS THE RULE, NOT THE EXCEPTION: Our goalhas always been to make our clients feel like a big fish in a smallpond. Accessibility is key to understanding and meeting the needsof our clients. 5. DIGITAL COMPILATIONSONLINE ADVERTISINGPUBLICITY SERVICESONLINE RADIO PROMOTIONSOCIAL MEDIA DEVELOPMENTGRAPHIC DESIGNMOBILE APPSAnd many others! 6. HUNDREDS MORE! 7. SPEED TO MARKET: No onePRODUCT AWARENESS: BFMcan get your content live on are experts in creating digitalthe important digital servicesfaster than BFM. retail product compilations for online music services. We know how to adapt metadata to obtain optimal search results from the digital stores.INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: BFMsteam has years of experiencedealing with music librarycatalogs and how to adapt them COMMITMENT TOfor the online retail marketplace. PERSONALIZED SERVICE: OurAdditionally, BFMs co-founderscompany was founded on thehave extensive background in guiding principal that everythe production music industry. one should feel like they are the big fish in a small pond. 8. Streams AdsDownloadsYouTubeCompilations Ringtones Label Services Synch Marketing Services CONTENTPARTNERSBFM JazzNot Us Music FilmsSound Exchange Set Up Fees 9. WE COLLABORATE WE ANTICIPATE WE LISTENWE LISTEN&amp; CUSTOMIZE&amp; ADAPT TO THE MUSIC TO OUR CLIENTS BFMs input and With their A&amp;R team,A distributor that With so many digital expertise have been we have created very actually listens to our aggregator companies toinvaluable in helping us successful retail product music and believes thatchoose from in theto create new andthat has proven to be a our music is worthy of market, BFM Digital is ansuccessful retail profitable revenuerepresenting! It truly obvious choice for the products. If you are stream for us.motivated me more toindie label and artist, as thinking about placingput in the hard work. it provides the customeryour content with BFM,service, marketingrest assured that you Adam Taylorassistance and creative will be in good hands.PRESIDENT, Chantal Graysonbrainstorming that theAPM MUSIC THEothers fail miserably at. ROCTURNALS Brian NimensPRESIDENT &amp; Tanvi PatelCEO, SOUND VP/MANAGING IDEASDIRECTOR,POINT CLASSICS 10. Its been almost 6 years since we shook handswith BFM for a digital presence in the musicmarket. The collaboration started in a friendlyfashion and I cant remember ever feeling theneed to have a second look at our contract termssince we have signed it in 2004.Its a real blessing having a partner beingprofessionally responsible and transparent but atthe same acting as a friend and companioninstead of just a business associate. Throughoutthe past 6 years many tempting offers knockedby but we always felt that BFM is our one andonly digital home and we will stay loyal to it.F O U N D E R &amp; P R E S I D E N T , H E R M E S R E C O R D S 11. BFM Digital http://www.bfmdigital.comBFM Jazz RSS PR Feed Artist Blog http://www.thehookblog.comSteven Corns Blog 12. CEO &amp; CO-FOUNDERscorn@bfmdigital.comPRESIDENT &amp; CO-FOUNDER sweber@bfmdigital.com12650 Riverside Drive #203 Valley Village, CA 91607(818) 762-0191(818) 475-5357 fax </p>