Beyond Man: Volume Three

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The Evolution Issue. 88 pages featuring futuristic, oceanic and alien inspired menswear from the graduate collections of the Belfast School of Art. As well as Incorporating punk eras, contemporary streetwear, sports luxe trends and the odd bit of new age tailoring. "Evolution isn't just a story about where we came from. It's an epic at the centre of life itself." - Kenneth R. Miller

Text of Beyond Man: Volume Three



    SEPTEMBER 201 4.


    Evolution is defined as a process of growth, formation or development. In

    biology it refers to the change in the gene pool of a population from

    generation to generation by natural selection or mutation. In fashion terms

    however, evolution means something else entirely.

    Designers create life in their work and with it they hope to advance and

    progress the efforts of their previous collections, constructing something

    further or additional. Something fresh, unique and somethingmore. None of

    this can be achieved without looking back at what has come before, in both

    historical sense and the designer s integral world of imagination.

    In our opening editorial ATLANTIS LANDING, we look to the future of design

    with the selected works of local graduate collections. Incorporating

    elements of alien and oceanic life forms, textural peculiar fabrics and

    other-worldly, avant garde styling as visual creative Jamie Russell pushes

    the boundaries of the age old question of life on other planets and how

    water is the crucial factor in securing an answer.

    Like I said, we can t always simply look to what the future may hold.

    Teaming up with the newly opened DR. MARTENS store right here in Belfast we

    showcase the history and evolution of the punk movement in STAND FOR

    SOMETHING. Street style goers, fashinistas, bloggers and photographers alike

    are all partial to a pair of Docs these days. Just one example of how a

    trend can move and develop over time from social economics right onto the


    We ve also teamed up with Instagram fashion illustrator Jake Ofrasio who has

    taken six of our own statement editorial images from our first two issues

    and created mixed media alternatives in the form of his own exciting and

    colourful fashion drawings.

    There s also more throwbacks to the punk era, found in the Derry based RoCo

    Man 2015 shoot, shot by prestigious London fashion photographer David Vail.

    Taking on blunt cuts and the odd bit of silver hair to capture RoCo s unique

    styles for the year ahead.

  • Of course one crucial aspect of the aesthetics of evolution is the

    survival of the fittest concept. Found in MOMENTUM. An athletic,

    sports luxe inspired editorial featuring fifteen year old CMPR signing

    Cameron Kelly and new kid on the block Marc Neill who likes to colour

    his hair and take selfies. A lot.

    I can t talk about evolution in the world of fashion and not mention

    tailoring, suiting and all things formalwear. It wouldn t be right.

    Enter Dublin based fashion photographer Aaron Hurley s lookbook for the

    then unfinished works of the National Tailoring Academy and the

    students cutting edge designs. All from the Diploma of Bespoke Fashion

    Tailoring. Basically the next generation of Savile Row.

    Finally we close with POLYCHROMASIA in which the multicoloured, acid

    trip hair from hair stylist Jonathan McKelvey of Uber Hair Belfast,

    breathes new life into the world of eccentric and statement streetwear.

    Backed by a trio of models, confined to a terraced house, shot by

    Mitchell Cahoon, PC displays menswear in a brand new light and that

    light is most definitely not black and white.

    So go ahead guys. What are you waiting for? Enjoy Beyond Man: Vol. 3 and

    I will now leave you with a simple quote from Richard Dawkins. You

    can' t even begin to understand biology, you can' t understand life,

    unless you understand what it' s all there for, how it arose - and that

    means evolution.

    Lewis Cameron

    Beyond Man Editor & Fashion Stylist



    Photography: Sarah Martin (Little Green)

    Styling & Creative Direction: Jamie Russell & Lewis Cameron

    Model: Stephen Edgar (Distinct)

    Hair: Jonathan McKelvey (Uber Hair)

    Designs featured by Fawn Miskelly, Jenna Harrison, Karen

    Coyle, Sarah Graham, Karen Murphy & Jamie Russell


    Photography: Simon Crawford

    Styling & Creative Direciton: Lewis Cameron

    Model: Scott Wilson

    Clothing supplied by The Dr. Martens Store,



    Illustrations by Jake Ofrasio

    @wheresthefittingroom (Instagram) .

    Featuring mixed media and textural drawings

    from six statement images from our previous two

    issues .


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    Photography: Mitchell Cahoon

    Styling & Creative Direction: Lewis Cameron

    Models: Cameron Kelly (CMPR) & Marc Neill

    Hair: Jonathan McKelvey (Uber Hair)

  • RoCo Man 201 5

    Photography: David Vail

    Photography Assistant: Harry Burner

    Styling: Jamie Russell & Lewis Cameron

    Models: Stephen Edgar, Cahill Doherty, Joe Fahy,

    Matthew Gillespie & Ultan Tully

    Hair: RoCo Hair


    Photography: Aaron J. Hurley

    Models: Distinct Models

    Designs by the National Tailoring Academy' s

    Diploma in Bespoke Fashion Tailoring 2014.


    Photography: Mitchell Cahoon

    Styling & Creative Direction: Lewis Cameron

    Models: Stephen Edgar, Phelan Hardy & Scott Wilson

    Hair: Maggs McLaughlin & Jonathan McKelvey (Uber Hair)

    Colouring: Jonathan McKelvey


    Beyond Man Editor & Fashion Director:

    Lewis Cameron

    Fashion Stylist:

    Jamie Russell

    Fashion Designers:

    Fawn Miskelly, Jenna Harrison, Karen Coyle, Sarah Graham,

    Karen Murphy, Senan O' Neill, Philip Normal & graduates of

    the National Tailoring Academy in Dublin.

    Fashion Photographers:

    Sarah Martin (Little Green) , Simon Crawford, Mitchell

    Cahoon, Aaron J. Hurley & David Vail.

    Fashion Illustrator:

    Jake Ofrasio

    Hair Stylists:

    Maggs McLaughlin & Jonathan McKelvey of Uber Hair.

    Ronan Stewart & Michael Deery of RoCo.

    Published September 2014. All rights reserved. The

    material found within these pages may not be reproduced

    or distributed, in whole or in part, without prior

    written permission from Beyond Man.

    To submit or contribute, please visit www. beyondman. co. uk

    or email beyondmantv@gmail. com

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    Twitter: @BeyondManMag

    Instagram: @beyondmanmag

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