Best Practices Is Your Share Point Really Healthy

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In many organizations SharePoint is a critical enterprise platform. As an organization matures the platform must mature and grow along with it to ensure it can continue to meet/exceed the needs of the business. If the SharePoint implementation is unhealthy or has problems these will compound overtime and may lead to solution, project and potentially even platform failure. This talk is about how to ensure that never happens.


  • 1. Is Your Sharepointreallyhealthy?
    Whats the rightprescription?
    Presented By: Richard Harbridge

2. Who am I?
3. Whydoes this topic matter?
We find the issues in SharePoint typically when SharePoint upgrades, new third party components, new solutions and significant changes are made to SharePoint.
This results in high costs and greater delays than if many of those issues had been discovered earlier.
4. What we will be talking about
What is a SharePoint Prescription?
SharePoint Preventative Care
SharePoint Palliative Care
SharePoint CurativeCare
SharePoint Incident Reporting
SharePoint Health Assessments
5.Our Goal Today
From Here To Here
6. What is a SharePoint Prescription?
7. Why do you need a Prescription?
8. What is a Prescription?

  • Its a health-care program implemented by a physician that governs the plan of care for a patient.

9. It typically contains orders to be performed by patients, caretakers, nurses, pharmacists or othertherapists. 10. It indicates that the prescriber takes responsibility for the clinical care of the patient and in particular for monitoring efficacy and safety.