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RE Technology PortalBest Car Apps for Real Estate Agents: Everlance vs.MileIQBy Kristi Kennelly on the Results blog Move Inc.Submitted: 03/05/2017Submitted by: RET StaffAside from Uber drivers and bus drivers, real estate agents may put in more road time thanany other profession. And while you're always focused on getting from one place to the next inrecord time, you may not be handling your drive time as efficiently as possible. This week, we'lltalk about two of the best mobile apps for real estate agents on the go.Check out our first posts, where we looked at theWaze GPS app, and theStitcher app forpodcasts.Mileage app: MileIQ is the true original In some real estate circles, it could be considered blasphemy to say that there's a bettermileage tracking app than MileIQ. And it's true that MileIQ does an exceptional job of trackingyour total mileage. The app offers automated detection and the ability to easily classify yourtrips in one swipe.In short, if you're a MileIQ devotee, you may not see the point of changing apps now. Andthat's okay; we know the company has been an ally in the real estate industry for years.Everlance tracks mileage + expenses As the team that brings you tech advice, though, we do feel obligated to tell you aboutEverlance, the new kid on the block. Everlance has the same mileage tracking features asMileIQ, but the app also has the option for users to connect a credit card or bank account that'srelated to their business.That means users can easily review and classify their purchases as business expenses. Theend result? Everlance will track the majority of your deductions in one easy, semi-automated 1 / 2/index.php?option=com_rsttarticles&hid=9&more=8&Itemid=148&uid=83620#tabsagent/articles/how-real-estate-agents-can-use-waze-to-keep-their-clients-and-family-happy?layout=onepage Technology Portalexperience.MileIQ and Everlance pricing While MileIQ has a free option that you can use forever (if you want to track fewer than 40rides per month), Everlance's users must pay after they conclude their free trial period.The pricing for the premium version of each is the same; both Everlance and MileIQ cost$59.99 annually, for unlimited use.Download MileIQ Download Everlance To view the original article, visit Results blog.Tags: Mobile Applications More Agent Articles 2 / 2