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<ul><li><p>best apps for android</p><p>Microsoft Is Back (IOS</p><p>Google finished 2014 with tens of millions of Android functions on its Google Play retailer, and everyapp, ranging from games to productivity instruments, made nice additions to the Play Store. Of theseapps, the year 2014 additionally noticed a notable set of high-quality Android apps, from way of lifeand entertainment apps by to productivity tools, and these apps gained sufficient admiration thatthey might be sustained for years.</p><p>You have to have seen that a lot of the utility that you launch on Android cellphone stay alive even ifyou move out of them. There isn't a exit menu or button for many of the apps. These apps staying inmemory of the cellphone hold occupying the precious memory of your cellphone thereby slowingdown the performance of your phone. A few of these apps try to use network connectivity, GPS anddifferent hardware capabilities of your telephone and that may drain the battery of your telephonefast. Among the finest options to all these problems is Advanced Job Killer (ATK).</p><p>Final 12 months, we lined Should-Have Free Apps From AZ! This is the companion article,wrapping up the most effective non-game apps for Android smartphones and tablets of the yr. In thisarticle, we've got listed some applications that had been introduced because the best stuff of theyear' on Google Play for 2014 and different award winning apps from the Play Store and otherAndroid marketplaces that are necessities in your Android Telephones. As in the previous piece,every app's title has a download link.</p><p>Since cell network began to serve high speed data and wi-fi networks readily available round us, itbecomes simpler to do issues on the phone what we used to do on the desktop. Back in occasions weused to obtain music on the pc then transfer best iOS games them to telephone. However now wecan obtain songs from web on to the phone and to make this activity simpler there are appspermitting seek for songs and download them. Prime 5 Free Android Apps to Search anddownload free music on android.</p><p>This is seventh of the most effective apps for Android from the collection of ten that I'm overlayingright here. You must have read and tried earlier six apps that I described in the series. In case youare visiting this submit instantly and have not read about earlier six apps then too there is no wantto fret, you possibly can examine final six greatest apps for Android from weblog archive. At presentI'm going to speak about one of the fantastic apps that can enhance your Android telephones batterylife and can improve the efficiency of your cellphone. Today's finest app for Android is Advanced JobKiller.</p><p></p></li></ul>