Benthic Communities

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Benthic Communities. living along the bottom of the ocean. Benthic Communities. Coral Reefs. Coral Reefs. Corals Are animals (Cnidarians) Small (ant-sized) polyps live in large colonies Hermatypic corals secret a calcium carbonate skeleton…the reef. Coral Reefs. Zooxanthellae - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Benthic Communities

  • Benthic Communitiesliving along the bottom of the ocean

  • Benthic CommunitiesCoral Reefs

  • Coral ReefsCoralsAre animals (Cnidarians)Small (ant-sized) polyps live in large coloniesHermatypic corals secret a calcium carbonate skeletonthe reef

  • Coral ReefsZooxanthellaeDinoflagellate that lives within the coral polypA mutualismAlgae provide food, speeds up calcium carbonate deposition & get nutrients in return

  • Coral ReefsHermatypic Corals ideal habitat is 5-10 m (16-33 ft) depth & temperatures warmer than 18-21oC (64-70oF)

  • Fig. 14-12, p. 294

  • Coral ReefsReefs support a large diversity of other organismsHome to 25% of the worlds marine species

    *Figure 14.12: Distribution of coral reefs and their relationship to sea-surface temperature. The 21C (70F) isotherm connects ocean areas with a surface temperature of 70F. The ocean surface toward the equator becomes progressively warmer.