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Benson, Martin Taylor, Tuck Andress) ¯an acoustic guitar specialist - jazz, classical and bluegrass (influences: Earl Klugh, John Williams, Chet Atkins) ¯he combines various finger-style

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Text of Benson, Martin Taylor, Tuck Andress) ¯an acoustic guitar specialist - jazz, classical and...

  • N Chant

    NChant is a band of very versatile and extremely talented musicians...all of whom have honed their skills on the “live” stage over many decades.

    The hallmark of this very entertaining outfit is the superb vocals..with Cherri out front providing an amazing range and no less than 3 backing harmonies from the guys.

    In addition, each of the other musicians sing lead vocals as well, giving the group a varied and interesting sound.

  • NChant has a versatility that plays well in the corporate events market. Not only can the band present a sophisticated and upmarket sense of style, the band’s professional and flexible approach to all aspects of such diverse events as weddings, product launches, awards evenings, and gala balls guarantees the right mood is created.

    Cherri has a wide pallet to draw on in terms of artistic presentation, creating interest and visual flare. The backdrop of the four supporting male musicians makes a perfect canvas for her to mix it up and contrast her leading role in the group with the guys individual self expression.

    Major corporate events require a range of skills from professional entertainers and they must be delivered in the appropriate way.

    Nchant’s attention to detail in everything they do ensures you can relax in the knowledge that your guests will be taken on a fantastic musical journey which they will remember for a long time. And when it comes to the logistics of your particular event, we go the extra mile to make sure it unfolds as you expect, with no unwelcome surprises.

    We look forward to working with you every step of the way.

    N Chant Corporate Clients

  • N Chant Member Profiles

    With her first guitar at 12 and first band at 17, Cherri made National Starquest runner up in 1984. She was also runner up on TV’s “Gold” with Bert Newton singing an original song.

    She’s since carved out a career including:

    ¯ Singing jingles in Western Australia and Queensland ¯ Lead singer of band Junkmale in Tasmania where their song “Time” was used to support a

    national charity

    ¯ The band’s album sold Australia wide and they supported major acts such as Black Sorrows, Mark Seymour, Chocolate Starfish

    ¯ Junkmale performed in the world wide “Bandaid Concert” before 15,000 people ¯ Performed for and with Daryl Braithwaite, Bert Newton, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd ¯ Currently writing and recording 2 albums

    Cherri loves to give her all on stage and her amazing range provides a great edge to the band

    Cherri Lead singer

  • N Chant Member Profiles

    John is our multi-talented main male vocalist who also plays keyboards, guitar, and does the vocal structure and other arrangements for the band. A few tidbits about him:

    ¯ he’s a graduate of the WA Conservatorium of Music's jazz guitar program (influences: George Benson, Martin Taylor, Tuck Andress)

    ¯ an acoustic guitar specialist - jazz, classical and bluegrass (influences: Earl Klugh, John Williams, Chet Atkins)

    ¯ he combines various finger-style picking techniques with the jazz and contemporary harmonic structures

    ¯ he’s very much at home in jazz, folk and top 40

    John has a fun cheeky streak which is evident in his street clothes. Lying within however is a warm, gentle and considerate human being.

    John Keys, guitar and vocals

  • N Chant Member Profiles

    A conservatory taught guitarist and singer, full-time professional musician Priam is dynamic on stage.

    Has played in Perth bands The Night After, Off The Record, Booty Jooce to name just a few. Although a jazz graduate from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts he is comfortable with diverse musical styles and can sing up a storm.

    He’s worked with Ignatius Jones (Jimmy and the Boys), James Morrison, and American Grammy award winning artist Phil Driscoll. He’s recorded with many Australia artists and released his first solo album “Burn” in 2005. He is currently working on his second solo album “A sense of Place” which is predominately made up of his instrumental compositions for solo guitar.

    From Funk to Rock, Priam can lay down a steady groove and takes any opportunity to do a screeching, shredding, and wailing guitar solo, and that's when he's not playing it with his teeth or using his amp as a psychedelic feedback machine!

    Priam Lead guitar and vocals

  • N Chant Member Profiles

    Lou is the quietest member of the band but he is an outstanding groove merchant playing a very sophisticated rhythm line. He’s done the lot really...

    ¯ played in big bands from Glenn Miller styles to latin ¯ played in Aussie tribute bands ¯ is in demand as a fill-in player for bands such as New Romantics, Dr Bogus, NRG, Resound

    Lou has a keen sense of humour and often sees the funny side of things which is good when you’re the tallest player at the back of the stage. He can always be seen!

    Lou Bass guitar

  • N Chant Member Profiles

    Trained as a classical pianist from the age of 5 the career of a child prodigy was forever altered when he abandoned the instrument he loved due to an overly strict teacher, who fed him Bartok relentlessly.

    He crossed over to drums and was playing professionally at 16, honing his skills on the competitive Sydney club circuit. Add in backing vocals and he’s enjoyed a varied career, some highlights include:

    ¯ playing with the members of Icehouse ¯ backing a range of artists and touring unusual places ¯ singing with the Perth Bach Choir and WASO at the concert hall ¯ recording and hosting a TV forum with George Duke and Stanley Clarke

    Ian is the technician of the band and has a range of skills in mixing, lighting, recording and production. He has a quirky sense of humour but the other members of the band keep him reigned in!

    Ian Drums and vocals

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