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Diana Mae Mendoza

Gloria Jean Watkins also known as Bell Hooks was born on September 25, 1952 at Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Her parents are Veodis Watkins and Rosa Bell Watkins who had six children including her. She had 4 sisters and one brother. Her AfricanAmerican heritage brought her to so many circumstances. Bell Hooks' family was poor but she managed to become a Distinguished Professor of English at City College located in New York. When she was a young girl, she went to an all-black school where it was describe as "sheer joy". She loved being a student and also loves to expand her mind. She wanted to become a writer and teacher when she grows up. In the year 1960s, school integrated. Bell Hooks transferred to a school which is completely opposite from her school. In this integrated school, she had all white teachers who werent interested in transforming minds but transferring them into irrelevant bodies of knowledge. She definitely didnt give up learning. She received a scholarship to Stanford University where she got her Bachelor of Arts in 1973. She got a Master of Arts degree in the year 1976 from University of Wisconsin. The University of California, Santa Cruz awarded her PH.D in the year 1983.She finally reached her dreams to be a teacher and writer, but before she got well-known at the age of nineteen she took the job of being a telephone operator. She was also offered a job as a community working-class. Bell Hooks stood up about feminism. Few women experienced the awareness which knowledge brings out. Bell Hooks stated: I began to feel estranged and alienated from the group of white women who were celebrating the power of sisterhood. I did not understand why they did not notice the absences or care. She then wrote a book about it which is called, "Feminism is for everybody: Passionate Politics. Bell Hooks is well-known for her braveness to stand up for us women who do have the rights among things.

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- Bell Hooks has taken the stand of being a foundational feminist where she promoted the education about feminism and as a fundamental part of self-actualization and to practice freedom. Bell Hooks contained an overview targeted to readers who are new to interdisciplinary feminism. A strong reason Bell Hooks argues is a strong opposition to the anti-feminist public voice in our present culture. In the other hand, she also speaks to young female readers who know little about feminism, many of us falsely assume that sexism is no longer a problem or is "no longer correspondent since women now have equality. Bell Hooks also gave a statement to male readers, assuring them that we women too can play a positive role in feminism. The bottom line is that "feminism is a movement to end sexist oppression". Bell Hooks knows that if people adopt her definition, and know more about feminism and feminist history, then they would no longer fear it the word feminism.

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Bell HooksLiving simply makes loving simple. Love is a combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust. For me, forgiveness and compassion are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed? as females in a patriarchal culture, we were not slaves of love; most of us were and are slaves of longing--yearning for a master who will set us free and claim us because we cannot claim ourselves Justice demands integrity. Its to have a moral universe not only know what is right or wrong but to put things in perspective, weigh things. Justice is different from violence and retribution; it requires complex accounting.


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While reading all the amusing things about Bell Hooks, I come to realize that she did so much to most of the women out there. Even though most jobs out there are for men, women can also make a change. Men and women should be treated equally. Let us ladies try something new, everything is not only for men its for men and women. During her childhood, she dreamed of being a teacher and a writer and for every step she achieved her goal. This is a great role model to never give up on who you want to be. No matter how hard her life was, she managed to be an amazing person in the end. She had negative and positive experiences but she never gave up on womens rights. She learned to talk back on what right. I admired her for standing up for all the black women out there and for being against racism and sexism. She stood up for all women rights and without her we wont be able to do such things. Bell Hooks deserves the great achievements in life and someday all women will make a change in our world.

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