Being Inclusive Who are you inviting? Who aren’t you inviting?

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Text of Being Inclusive Who are you inviting? Who aren’t you inviting?

Ethical Ads/Recruitment

Being Inclusive Who are you inviting? Who arent you inviting?What are we covering today?Whats the problem? (who isnt coming to our meetings and events?)Whats the Solution? (Think about people, and think about logistics)Whats this have to do with me?Seeing a new PerspectiveYou say you really want to attract more people or more diversity but what are you doing to achieve this.2Whats the Problem? Or Who arent we inviting?!?Your advertisements send a message, whether you realize it or not.

What messages did this video convey? Who is it attracting? Who is it turning away?

Attracts men, squirrels, turns away women, other animals3Think About It!As we go forward today, think about your group. Are you having trouble attracting new people?

Who have you historically attracted? Is this intentional or does it just happen?There is no such thing as neutral Marketing (Solution)The name, subtitles, images and descriptions used to promote your event will need to be extra conscious of the elements of cultural inclusivity that you hope to promote.

What does this poster communicate to you?

Logistics Matters (Solution)An event at CFJ may carry a stigma of being only for those active in a particular faith, when if publicly stated everyone welcome the message would be different. Pictures portraying a single racial grouping, or only very richly dressed people, or only American flag waivers, might be read as exclusive invitations.

Logistics Matterstill (Solution)The placement of publicity materials can also carry a culturally inclusive or exclusive message. Is your only banner ad on a website that only one social group might visit? Have you flyered only certain areas of the community? Are you being thoughtful about reaching the audience you said you really want?

Think about the People!Do you consider all these factors when recruiting and advertising?RaceGenderSexualityClassReligionAbility

The event is when ?! (Solution)Timing of the event can keep people away from events and out of groupsIf events keep falling on certain groups days of observance, it will come off as inconsiderate at bestoutright discriminating at worseExample; The meetings times are at 10am every Sunday Accessibility of event- Elevators?

Types of Food (Solution)Vegan, VegetarianInternational dishesOrganic, LocalIs it appropriate for Ski Club to celebrate Black History Month with a fried chicken and watermelon program?Allergies??

What does this have to do with you?Break up into groups- Discuss who you attract to your org and who you dont attract but would like to

I thought I was being inclusive, why you mad tho?

Activity-Make it happen Group 1- Your male soccer club is becoming co-edGroup 2- You are having a Valentines Day dance and want to invite as many people as possibleGroup 3- Your videogame club only has men, you know gaming transcends genderGroup 4- BSA doesnt have any white people coming to the meetingsGroup 5- Walk-A-Mile seems to only cater to seniors, how do we get younger students involvedGroup 6- The concert series has very little diversity attending, the ads feature primarily white men and country musicGroup 7- Make an inclusive for SOL, inviting everyone to their week-end eventGroup 8- Your Monday Night Football Program only has white males attending, make an inclusive posterGroup 9- Make an inclusive poster for Gospel ChoirGroup 10- Make an inclusive poster for Alternative Breaks, they rarely have first generation college students Activity- Is this Ok?Exchange posters between groups, have them point out what may be perceived as non-inclusive, have them suggest changesIdentify strengths of the posters as well.Seeing a New PerspectiveTake some time and reflect on what you learned during this session.See what you can do to be more inclusive going forward. Learn from mistakes.Your groups matter, and the more people who get involved the more likely they are to graduate. Attract as many people as you can!