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    Behind the Scenes

    OUR READERSMany thanks to the travellers who used the last edition and wrote to us with helpful hints, useful advice and interesting anecdotes: Caroline Amukusana, Filippo Aroffo, Sylvia Campbell, Liesbeth Cobbaut, Tom Drinkwater, Shailendra Singh, Chris Watts, Guy Winker

    AUTHOR THANKSRegis St LouisIm grateful to the many friends and acquaint-ances who provided guidance and tips along the way. Biggest thanks go to coauthor Sal Davies for her hard work, Manel Casanovas for gourmet insight at Barcelona Turisme, Sol Polo and friends, Margherita Bergamo, Carine Ferry, Gonzalo Salaya, Anna Aurich, Nria Rocamora, Manel Baena, Maln Gual and Bernardo Laniado-Romero. Thanks also to Alan Waterman for making the trip down from London. Finally, big hugs to my family for all their support.

    Sally DaviesThose without whom in Barcelona include Nora Vos Lizari, Julie Prat Ded, Ada Rodrguez, Zphyr Hervelin, Mia Planas, Esther Torres and Mireia Coll. In Melbourne and London they

    include Dora Whitaker and Kristin Odijk, but special thanks for endless patience and guid-ance on the technical side of things go to Jo Cooke and Regis St Louis. Extra special thanks go to Tess, for her unstinting enthusiasm as a research assistant.

    Andy SymingtonI owe gratitude to many people in tourist offices, on streets, in cabs. Particular thanks to the Lonely Planet team, Regis St Louis, my coauthors and to my family for their constant support. I also owe thanks for various favours to Jos Eliseo Vzquez Gonzlez, Javier De Celis Snchez, Richard Prowse and Mike Burren.

    ACKNOWLEDGMENTSTransports Metropolitans de Barcelona map Ferrocarril Metropolit de Barcelona, SA 2011.Illustrations pp126-7, pp182-3 by Javier Zarracina.Cover photograph: La Pedrera, Gregory Wrona/Alamy.

    Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

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    THIS BOOKThis 9th edition of Lonely Planets Barcelona guide-book was researched and written by Regis St Louis, Sally Davies and Andy Sym-ington. The 8th edition was written by Regis St Louis, Anna Kaminski and Vesna Maric, and the previous edi-tion was written by Damien Simonis. This guidebook was commissioned in Lonely

    Planets London office, and produced by the following:Commissioning Editor Dora WhitakerDestination Editor Jo CookeCoordinating Editors Carolyn Boicos, Kristin OdijkSenior Cartographer David KempBook Designer Katherine Marsh

    Assisting Editors Justin Flynn, Anne MulvaneySenior Editor Karyn NobleCover Researcher Naomi ParkerIllustrator Javier ZarracinaThanks to Penny Cordner, Ryan Evans, Larissa Frost, Genesys India, Jouve India, Virginia Moreno, Wayne Murphy, Claire Naylor, Martine Power




  • Index22@ 223, 234

    AAbellan, Carles 9, 13, 33-4,

    40, 87, 105, 137absinthe 42, 88accommodation 15, 209-20,

    257, see also individual neighbourhoods

    activities, see individual activities, neighbourhoods, Sports & Activities subindex

    Adri, Albert 13, 33, 191-2Adri, Ferran 191-2air travel 248-9Ajuntament 64Albniz, Isaac 245Amaya, Carmen 246ambulance 252Amfiteatre Rom

    (Tarragona) 206amusement parks 115-16, 172Antic Hospital de la Santa

    Creu 84Arc de Triomf 100-1architecture 7, 21, 146-53,

    223, 237-41, see also individual architects, Modernisme

    area codes 255art galleries, see museums

    & galleriesarts 21, 85, 242-3, see also

    individual artists, arts Arxiu Fotogrfic de

    Barcelona 101ATMs 17, 253

    BBanys rabs (Girona) 197Barcelona Head 114

    Barceloneta & the Waterfront 55, 109-21, 286-7, 288-9

    accommodation 211, 215-16

    cycling tours 114, 114drinking & nightlife 110,

    118-19entertainment 119-20food 110, 116-18highlights 109, 111, 112shopping 120-1sights 111-16sports & activities 121transport 110

    Barri Gtic, see La Rambla & Barri Gtic

    bars, see drinking & nightlife Baslica de Sant Feliu

    (Girona) 197Baslica de Santa Maria del

    Mar 97, 97beach bars 40-1beaches 112, 113, 133, 204Bellesguard 13, 169Biblioteca de Catalunya 84bicycle travel, see cyclingboat tours 32, 121Bonet, Maria del Mar 244books 222, 233, 236Born Centre Cultural 13, 99budget 14bus tours 32bus travel 249-50business hours 253-4

    CCaball, Montserrat 245cable cars 12, 113, 189, 251cafes 41, see also Drinking &

    Nightlife subindexCaixaForum 185Cambril de la Mare de Du

    (Montserrat) 203Cam del Mar 185Camp de la Bota 115Camp Nou 12, 167, 176, 12

    Camp Nou, Pedralbes & La Zona Alta 55, 165-76, 298-9, 300

    accommodation 211, 219-20

    drinking & nightlife 166, 174-5

    entertainment 175food 166, 170-4highlights 12, 165, 167-8,

    170shopping 175-6sights 167-70sports & activities 176transport 166

    Capella de Santa Llcia 63Capella den Marcs 99Capella Macba 82Capella Reial de Santa

    gata 66car travel 251Carnaval (Sitges) 205Carrer de Montcada 99Casa Amatller 129, 150Casa Batll 130, 148, 149Casa Calvet 132Casa Centelles 64Casa Comalatis 132Casa de lArdiaca 63Casa de les Punxes 134Casa Enric Batll 132Casa Golferichs 133Casa Lle Morera 129Casa Llopis i Bofill 132Casa Llotja de Mar 101-2Casa Macaya 132Casa Mart 150Casa Museu Dal

    (Portlligat) 201Casa Serra 132Casa Thomas 132Casa Vicens 158Casals, Pau 245Casa-Museu Gaud 157Castell de Montjuc 185Castell de Pbol (La Pera)


    Castell de Sant Ferran (Figueres) 200

    Castell dels Tres Dragons 100

    Catalan culture 235-6, 235castells 208, 236, 25cuisine 9, 33, 35, 37 language 17, 235-6, 257,

    259Modernisme 239music 244-5sardana 29, 45, 236, 246

    Catalan independence 222-3, 234

    Catedral (Girona) 196Catedral (Tarragona) 208cava bars 39-40cell phones 14, 255Cementiri del Poblenou 112Cementiri del Sud-Oest 189Centre dArt Santa

    Mnica 59Centre de Convencions

    Internacional de Barcelona 115

    Centre de Cultura Contempornia de Barcelona 84

    Centre de la Imatge 59Centre dInterpretaci del

    Call 68chemists 253children, travel with 26-7chiringuitos 40-1chocolate 22, 38, 176cinemas 46Cistercian Route

    (Tarragona) 207classical music 45, 245-6climate 15, 23, 24clubs 21-2, 41, see also

    Drinking & Nightlife, Entertainment subindexes

    Collecci de Carrosses Fnebres 189

    Collegi de Arquitectes 68Collegi de les Teresianes 170

    Sights 000Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

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  • Colnia Gell 186cooking courses 176CosmoCaixa 170costs 14, 34, 40, 84, 210,

    252, 254-5credit cards 17, 253cruises 121culture, see Catalan

    culturecurrency 14cycle-taxi tours 32cycling 46, 251

    tours 32, 114, 114, 31

    DDal, Salvador 200, 201,

    243dance 29, 45, 236, 246

    classes 145dangers, see safetydisabilities, travellers with

    209, 255-6Domus de Sant Honorat 70Dona i Ocell 190drinking & nightlife

    21-2, 39-42, 41, see also individual neighbourhoods, Drinking & Nightlife subindex

    drinks 40, 260, see also absinthe, vermouth, wine

    driving 251

    EEatWith program 13economy 222-3, 234Edifici Frum 115El Born 104-5El Call 70, 228El Frum 115-16El Fossar de les

    Moreres 100El Raval 54-5, 79-91, 280-1

    accommodation 211, 213-14

    drinking & nightlife 80, 87-9

    entertainment 89-90food 80, 84-7highlights 8, 79, 81-3shopping 80, 90-1sights 81-4transport 80walks 86, 86

    electricity 252Els Quatre Gats 150emergencies 252-3, 261

    entertainment 45-7, see also individual neighbourhoods, Entertainment subindex

    Esglsia de Betlem 58Esglsia de la Merc 70Esglsia de la Purssima

    Concepci I Assumpci de Nostra Senyora 134

    Esglsia de les Saleses 134Esglsia de Sant Bartomeu

    i Santa Tecla (Sitges) 204

    Esglsia de Sant Miquel del Port 113

    Esglsia de Sant Pau del Camp 84

    Esglsia de Sant Pere de les Puelles 101

    Esglsia de Santa Maria del Pi 66

    Esglsia de Sants Just i Pastor 67-8

    Espai Audiovisual (Montserrat) 203

    Espai Santa Caterina 100Estadi Olmpic Llus

    Companys 187etiquette 17events, see festivals &


    Ffashion 22, 48-9, 51, see

    also Shopping subindexFbrica del Sol 113FC Barcelona 29, 46, 78,

    167, 176, 236Festa Major de Grcia

    24, 25Festes de la Merc 25, 3,

    25, 235Festes de Santa Eullia 23Festival de Santa Tecla

    (Tarragona) 208Festival del Grec 24Festival Pedralbes 24festivals & events 23-5, 29,

    30, 43, 205, 236Figueres 199-202films 222, 232fire services 252flamenco 45, 246Font de Canaletes 58Font Mgica 186food 28, 33-8, 36, 3,

    see also individual neighbourhoods,