Bedtime By Lindsay Braun. At bedtime I take a bath

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Text of Bedtime By Lindsay Braun. At bedtime I take a bath


BedtimeBy Lindsay Braun

At bedtime I take a bath.

At bedtime I put on my pajamas.

At bedtime I brush my hair.

At bedtime I brush my teeth.

At bedtime I read a story.

At bedtime I go to sleep. Goodnight.


Reading A to Z- www.readinga-z.comWhen is Nighttime? By Cheryl Ryan

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise BrownActivities provided at

Time for Bed by Mem Fox

Nighty-Night by Sesame Workshop

My Day Board Books, Bedtime by Ottenheimer Publishers

ExtensionActivitiesVisual Performance/Match To Sample- Matching identical picture to picture, similar pictures and picture to word

Fine Motor/Visual Performance- Coloring pages related to the story (Bedtime Bear, pajamas, the moon and stars and beds)

Imitation Skills- brushing teeth (using finger), brushing hair (using hand), sleeping (sign for signing students and imitation for others)

Promethean board activity- Matching similar and identical picture to picture by drawing a line, cloze format sentences, matching word to picture, tracing words from the story and writing words from the story given a sample.