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    Kelompok 2 :

    1. Anton Tri Raharjo, M.Pd. SMP 1 Weleri2. Achmasepti Kumala, S.Pd. SMP Pati

    . !ra. "ai#ah SMP 1 Kudus$. Aniek Putriasih, S.Pd. SMP %atan&'. Sulikhatun, S.Pd. SMP 1 Wiradesa(. )hoirotul *urul Musta+imah, S.Pd. SMP 2 reman&


    LPMP Prop Jateng Maret 2011

    -ndikator : Menentukan &amaran umum

    1. "rom the notice aoe /e kno/ that0.

    A. The students must &o to school motor ehiclesB. The motor ehicles must not enter the school area reelC. The students should limit their time durin& the school sessionD. We should slo/ do/n the speed at certain time at school area

    2. 3ou mi&ht see the si&n aoe in the 0.A. lirarB. caeteriaC. classroomD. laorator

    This text is for questions numbers 3 and 4.

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    . out o $ doctors /ould recommendlora proactie mini drink. The underlined /ord

    can e replaced /ith 0.

    A. hoped

    %. oered

    ). asked

    !. su&&ested

    $. What is the purpose o the te4t5

    A. To promote heral drink.

    %. To inorm aout heral drink.

    ). To e4plain aout the composition o heral drink.

    !. To &ie inormation aout the adanta&e o heral drink.

    '. Whom is the drink or5

    A. The /ei&ht looser

    %. The sick person

    ). The oer /ei&ht person

    !. The oer sleeper

    This text is for no 6-7.

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    6eatin& Pads

    "7R 67M8 9S8


    - 2 channels, $ pads outputs- 1'; minute treatment timer- Adjustale re+uenc control- 8ach channel has independent po/er controls- 7perates on atter < = >olts ? or adaptor


    6eatin& pad stimulates the od@s metaolism in speciic

    areas so that tar&eted at cells are urnt. % increasin& the

    od temperature proides chemical ener& that stimulates

    the metaolism, it also stren&thens a irm tissue. 6eatin&

    pad can e used or pain relie.


    Works on 2; olts

    -t@s le4ile, eas to use at home

    -t@s ull sae

    (. What is the te4t aout5

    A. A health deice

    %. A cleanin& deice

    ). A household deice

    !. A cosmetic product

    B. C 0 , it also stren&thens a irm tissue.D

    What does the underlined /ord reer to5

    A. 6eatin& pad

    %. The metaolism

    ). )hemical ener&

    !. The od temperature

    S#ort $e%%age no &'

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    E.Whom is the short messa&e or5 -t is or0.A. %ella%. >Andre). !enn!. Mother

    =.Wh does !enn /rite the messa&e5A. To inorm his mother@s location to %ella%. To tell aout his school project discussion). To tell his riend to cancel their project discussion

    !. To inorm his comin& late or his project discussion

    !et *or n+$,er% 10' 12.

    1;. What is the letter aout 5

    A. And@s actiit in Sdne.

    %. Ria@s actiit in Sdne

    To : Bella

    Sorry for being late to come to your house to discuss our

    school project My mother needs me to pick up her and

    Andre my little brother at her o!ce "rst. # $ill be at your

    house in thirty minutes.

    March %nd %&''

    Dear (ia

    # am in Sidney no$. #t is a fantastic city. # ha)en*t started $orking inthe o!ce yet so # am a tourist # $ant to see e)erything that Sidney o+ers.

    The transport system here is great cheap and fast. # ha)e only been here

    for a fe$ days and # ha)e seen the ,pera -ouse. #t is just amaing and the

    guided tour $as terri"c. Manly Beach is glorious $ith lots of clean golden

    sand and has good $a)es to play in # stayed there for hours

    The ferries on Sidney -arbour are real treat and thought/ 0hat a

    great $ay to go to $ork e)eryday./

    Tomorro$ # am going to see the ,lympic Stadium and the ne1t day

    # am going to climb up the Sidney -arbour Bridge That $ill surely be




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    ). And@s holida

    !. Ria@s holida


    11. The third para&raph tells us aout 0.

    A. And@s plannin& or the ne4t da

    %. RiaFs plannin& or tomorro/ in Sidne). the situation o the Sidne 6arour %rid&e

    !. AndFs e4citin& e4perience in the 7lmpic Stadium

    12. What does Andi actuall &o to Sidne or5

    6e &oes to Sidne or 0.

    A. hain& a picnic

    %. /orkin& in the oice

    ). &oin& to the 7lmpic Stadium

    !. climin& up the 6arour %rid&e

    This text is for numbers 13 14.

    1. What is this &reetin& card sent or5

    A. To can&ratulate Miss Maria or her &raduatin& rom Post Graduate pro&ram in


    %. To inite the pupils o class E! to a &raduation part o an 8n&lish teacher.

    ). To &ie moral support to Miss Maria in takin& her thesis e4amination.

    !. To thanks to an 8n&lish teacher or her dedication to education .


    We the i& amil o )lass E ! o SMP ' 3o&akarta /ould like to can&ratulate our

    eloed 8n&lish teacher,


    or completin& our PostGraduate stud in 8n&lish Teachin& at 9**8S in 2;1;.

    Ma the Almi&ht God less ou in dedicatin& oursel to education.

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    1$. Where does Miss Maria *irmala Putri, M.Pd. teach5

    A. At an elementar school.

    %. At a junior hi&h school.

    ). At a senior hi&h school.

    !. At 9**8S.

    Anno+ne$ent 1'13

    1'.What is o the purpose the announcement aoe5 -t is or inormin& a0.

    A. )eleration o a )ompan AnniersarB. Special Achieement A/ard PartC. *ational Haour !a )eremonD. !ance and Music Perormance

    1(. Which statement is not correct ased on the announcement aoe5

    A. The part /ill last or our hoursB. The part /ill e held on ' March,2;11C. There are more than t/o a&endas in the partD. Mr.6endra Praja is in char&e to or&anise the part.


    To : All supervisors of PT Permai.

    In the framework of Company Anniversary on March 5, 2!!, the "irector of thecompany will carry out a party on :

    "ay#$ate : %un$ay, & March,2!!

    Time : '. ( !!. p.m.

    Place : PT Permai Meetin) *all

    There will +e lots of music an$ $ance performances, $oor pries an$ special

    achievement awar$s for )oo$ employees.

    *opefully, you will atten$ the party on time.

    Personnel Mana)er,

    Hendra Praja

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    1BC The !irector o the )ompan /ill carr out a partD. The underlined /ord has the

    same meanin& as 0.

    A. announceB. initeC. attendD. hold

    This text is for numbers 18-20.

    1E. When /ill the host hold the part5

    A. -n the mornin&

    %. -n the aternoon

    ). -n the eenin&

    !. At ni&ht

    1=. 6o/ old is the /riter5

    A. 12


    ). 2;

    !. 22

    2;. Who is Rina5

    A. The host

    %. The &uest

    ). The /riter

    !. The contact person

    To (ina my close friend

    3lease come to my t$elfth birthday

    party on

    Sunday March '4th %&''

    '5.&& p.m. 6 '7.&& p.m.

    At S8DA3 (esto 9ogya.



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    The text for questions numbers 21 23.

    21. 6o/ old /as Sherina /hen she perormed a son& colaoratiel /ith /est Hie5

    A. = ears old

    %. E ears old

    ). B ears old

    !. 1; ears old

    22. Para&raph 1 tells us aout 0.

    A. Sherina@s amil

    %. Sherina@s silin&s

    ). Sherina@s parents

    !. Sherina@s hometo/n

    2. The purpose o the te4t is 0.

    A. To retell aout Sherina@s actiities

    irania !earain, and little sister is Ma#ura Restalia. 6er ather@s name is Tria/an

    Muna, /orkin& as ads desi&ner and e4musician. 6er mother@s name is Huki Ariani.

    Sherina is a sin&er. She has a loel oice. She e&an to sin& /hen she /as still a

    child. 7ne o her amous son& is JPetualan&an SherinaJ. Sherina san& colaoratiel

    /ith Westlie in 1==E.

    Sherina oten chan&es her appearance. Sometimes she comes /ith her lon& hair and

    sometimes /ith her short hair. %ut she@s still cute enou&h or eerthin& she does.
  • 8/9/2019 Bedah SKL 9 Group 2.doc


    %. To inorm aout Sherina@s career

    ). To descrie aout Sherina@s lie

    !. To e4plain aout Sherina@s ho

    Read this text to answer numbers 24-27.

    A &an& o Roers stole a truck loaded /ith 2B,B ton o ra/ paper earl on Sunda

    /hen the truck drier, Sumiaji /as do#in& at a rest area alon& the )ikampek toll road in


    Sumiaji told %ekasi Police that the toll road /as er +uiet at around 1 a.m. on

    Sunda. Sumiaji and his assistant /ere sleepin& /hen suddenl a &an& o men approached

    them and threatened to kill them. The &an& memers ound and &a&&ed the drier and his

    assistant eore takin& them to Seran&, %anten.

    The ictims /ere then thro/n out o the truck on the side o the toll road. The

    /ere helped passin& motorists and later reported the case to the %ekasi Police.

    6o/eer, the could not identit the suspected roers, ecause the claimed it

    /as er dark.

    The case is ein& inesti&ated %ekasi Police.

    2'. What happened alon& the )ikampek toll road at 1 a.m on Sunda5

    A. a murder ). do#in& at a rest area

    %. a roer !. loadin& ra/ paper in a truck

    2(. C0 , /as o4.ngat a rest area alon& the )ikampek toll road in %ekasi5< para&raph: 1 ?

    What is the similar /ord o the underlined /ord 5

    A. eatin& ). drinkin&

    %. chattin& !. Sleepin&

    2B. C The &an& memers ound and &a&&ed the drier and his assistant eore takin& themto Seran&,%anten.

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    The kin& o a amous kin&dom in )ipanas, West Iaa, /as er /ise man. 6ehad a eautiul dau&hter. The kin& and +ueen loed their dau&hter so much.

    %ut all their loe /as not enou&h or the princess. 8enthou&h the &ae hereerthin&, she /as not happ. All the je/elries that the had /ere not eou&h or

    her. She /as not satisied /ith her &or&eous look either.

    The princess then had an idea. She planned to put all the je/elries thatthe had in eer sin&le hair in her head. She /anted to e the most eautiul &irlin the /orld.

    So the princess /ent to see her mother and ather and told them aout herplan. She /as er sure the /ould not sa no.

    The kin& /as surprised to hear aout his dau&hter plan. 6e tried to coninceher that her plan /as not proper.

    JM !au&hter, the eaut o a princess is not measured her clothes or the je/elr she is /earin&, ut her attitude. -ts not that /e dont loe ou, ut/hat /ill people think i ou &o throu&h /ith our plan5J said the kin&.

    The princess /as shocked to hear that. So she ran to her room to &et her je/elro4. Then she returned to her parents.

    She screamed: J3ou are so miserel. 6ere, - am returnin& the eer sin&le je/elrou eer &ae me.J She thre/ her je/elr o4 to her ather.

    The /ise kin& /as outra&ed seein& his dau&hter did.

    J3ou are un&rateul dau&hterLJ

    Suddenl, the loor o the palace erupted and /ater poured out rom thecrack. -n a matter o second the palace looded, dro/nin& the un&rateul princessand her je/elr. The palace then turned into a lake.

    The lake al/as relects multiple colors to its surroundin&. Some sa thecolors come rom the princesss je/elr. The lake is kno/n as Tela&a Warna that

    means colorul lake.

    2E.What is the purpose o the te4t5

    A. To entertain the readers.

    %. To descrie Tela&a Warna.

    ). To retell the princess@ lie.

    !. To tell ho/ Tela&a Warna /as ormed.

    2=.What is the main idea o para&raph 25

    A. The loe o the Kin& o West Iaa to his dau&hter%. The ad character o the princess to her parents

  • 8/9/2019 Bedah SKL 9 Group 2.doc


    ). The princess@ idea to make her &or&eous

    !. The chan&e o The je/elries into Tela&a Warna

    ;. The .kin& is surprised to hear aout his dau&hter plan. 6e tries to conince her that

    her plan is not proper

    The underlined /ord means

    A. comortale

    %. appropriate

    ). enjoale

    !. acceptale

    Read this text to answer numbers 31-32.

    '.6o/ lon& do /e simmer the o4tail soup5A. 7ne hour%. T/o hours). Three hours!. "our hours

    %.What do ou do ater remoin& ones careull and let the soup cold5

    A. Remoe an solidiied at.%. Add the diced e&etales.). %lend the soup and season /ell

    How to Cook Oxtail Soup

    Ingredients:1 oxtail2 carrots1 turnip1 onion4 tablespoons dripping or oil1 tablespoons seasoned flour3 tablespoons parsley chopped finely1 bay leaf4 pints water

    Method:1. Cut the tail into small joints and roll in the seasoned

    flour.2. Heat the oil and fry the flouredwater, salt and parsley and bay leaf.4. immer for about 2 hours.!. "ea#e to go cold and remo#e any solidified fat.$. %dd the diced #egetables, bring to the boil, and

    simmer for another 2 hours.&. 'emo#e bones carefully and let the soup cold.(. )lend the soup and season well.*. er#e hot

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    !. Simmer or aout 2 hours

    Read this text to answer questions 33-3.

    "ruits are a source o nourishin& sustances that keep us alie and health. "or

    e4ample, the contain man itamins, especiall itamins A and ), and man minerals,such as calcium, potassium, and #inc. The also proide ier or a health di&estiesstem and carohdrates that the od needs to make ener&. The don@t hae a lot ocalories to make us at.

    People use ruits or man thin&s. We make juices rom them. We cook read andpie /ith them. We make jams and jellies and s/eets. We ree#e them to eat later. Weeen make alcohol rom ruit. %eer comes rom &rains, /ine comes rom &rapes, and somerandies are made rom plums, apricots, or other ruits.

    %ut most o the time, /e don@t do anthin& special /ith ruits. We eat them resh,

    just as the areL

    . What is the te4t aout5A. >itamins.B. 8ner&.C. "ruits.D. Minerals.

    $. What is the main idea o the second para&raph5A. We make juice rom ruits.B. People use ruits or man thin&s.

    C. Some eer and randies are made o ruits.D. We ree#e ruits to eat /heneer /e need later.

    '. Which sustance do /e need to hae a health di&estie sstem5A. >itamins.B. )alories.C. "ier.D. )arohdrate.

    Read this text to answer numbers 36 3!.

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    This picture is Tukul Ar/ana. 6e is one o amous -ndonesian

    comedians. 6e is also a presenter o talk sho/ CWarun& Pojok Sho/D

    on Trans B. *o/, he ecomes more amous ecause o C%ukan 8mpat

    MataD on Trans B.

    6is perormance is unn. 6e is ull o lau&hter, /arm and riendl.

    6e is so humle althou&h he is er amous. 8erod likes him.

    Tukul is so pleased as his perormance can e accepted the audience. 6e reali#es

    that his amil supports his success, ecause o that he loes his amil er much. 6e

    neer i&nores them.

    (. What pro&ram is presented Tukul Ar/ana on Trans B5

    A. A talk in Warun& Pojok.

    %. A talk sho/ pro&ram.

    ). A comed pro&ram.

    !. %ukan 8mpat Mata.

    B. The main idea o para&raph 2 is ... .

    A. Tukul Ar/ana@s responsiilities

    %. the dail hait o Tukul Ar/ana

    ). the occupation o Tukul Ar/ana

    !. Tukul Ar/ana@s personalit

    E. The te4t aoe is aout Tukul Ar/ana@s ...

    A. ori&in

    %. io&raph

    ). description

    !. curriculum itae

    =. 6e is so humle althou&h he is er amous. The underlined /ord has closest meanin&

    to 0.

    A. arro&ant

    %. stin&

    ). &enerous

    !. modest

    Read this text to answer questions 40 -41.

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    Iohn slumped in the eana& his arms crossed and his ace /ith a &loom ro/n.

    6e /as a ne/ kid in to/n ut noone kne/ he /as een there. Iohn /asn@t the tpe o

    person ou could hae un /ith. 6e didn@t like anod and the didn@t like him. All da

    he sat hunched in the eana& starin& lankl out the /indo/ .

    Throu&h the /indo/ he cau&ht &limpse o a &i&antic hollo/ tree in a acant lot.The tree seemed to eckon him. 6e stood slo/l up as i he /as in trance, then started to

    /alk to/ards the tree. -ts ranches /ere scra&&l and tou&h, its roots du& into the &round

    like cla/s. The tree had thoms all oer it and ines hun& around it. Iohn tried to turn a

    /a ut he couldn@t. A msterious orce /as pullin& him into the hollo/.

    Iohn neer reappeared 0 ut noone noticed or cared.

    $;. -ts ranches /ere scra&&l and tou&h, its roots du& into the &round like cla/s.The

    underlined /ord means 0.

    A. /indo/%. eana&

    ). hollo/

    !. tree

    $1. "rom the stor , /e can learn that 0.

    A. We hae to lie alone

    %. We must eliee in our o/n ision

    ). We need to &et sociali#ed /ith others

    !. The hollo/ o the tree is er msterious

    Read this text to answer questions 42-43.

    $2. What should /e do to &et the est result in installin& )!R7M5A. )onnect our deice to the secondar -!8 port

    HOW TO INSTALL CD!OM1. +urn off your computer and unplug power cord

    from power outlet.2. Carefully remo#e the computer co#er.3. et the aster-la#e jumper on the rear panel

    of dri#e. +o get best results, we stronglysuggest that you connect your de#ice to theecondary /0 port as the %+' de#ice.

    4. Connect the /0 cable to the dri"e.

    !. Connect the 4pole power cable to the dri#e.$. Connect the audio cable if applicable.&. Carefully slide the dri#e into the empty #a$ and

    mount it. +hen replace the computer co#er.(. lug your computer bac5 to power outlet and

    then turn the power on. Taken from: Lite-On CD-ROM

  • 8/9/2019 Bedah SKL 9 Group 2.doc


    %. )onnect the -!8 cale to the drie). )onnect the $pole po/er cale to the drie!. )onnect the audio cale

    $. What is the similar meanin& o the /ord outletin the te4t aoe5

    a. Pluck. Plu&

    c. Plo/

    d. Plum

    REPOR! 77 '7

    The $o8 %tra9,err:or JGurirJ, Potentilla indica

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    %. economical). social!. urnished

    "or number 46-48 fi## in the b#an$s with the %orre%t words .

    7ne o the rarest animals in the /orld is rhinoceros. -t is a ....$(? and i& animal.

    The rhinoceros /e last sa/ /as the one in 9jun& Kulon /ild resere. -t is aout .'

    meters lon& and it ... $B? aout ';; kilo&rams.

    The rhinoceros has onl one horn aoe its nose. -t is used to ... $E? itsel rom an

    dan&er or enem.

    $(. A. ierce%. unn

    ). tou&h

    !. /ild

    $B. A. /ei&hs

    %. costs

    ). lies

    !. &oes

    $E. A. attack

    %. protect

    ). aoid

    !. prepare

    7/a doctor O consult O i O persist O irritation O ee 1 2 ; 7